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A wordless and spooky visual novel
Submitted by Katy133 (@JKaty133) — 3 days, 5 hours before the deadline
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Log Line
Ghost Switch is a visual novel game about a con artist and a ghost who work together to swindle money out of clients who call to have their homes "exorcised." Things have been going swimmingly so far, but the two may have gotten more than they bargained for with their next gig.

Content Warnings
For Everyone

Team Members
Story, Art, Programming, & Voice Acting: Katy133
Music: Orpheo Fenn & Dmitry Trofimov (trufata)
Voice Acting: Mike Young
Voice Acting: Chintarmanya Vivian

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This was so well done.
I'm amazed at how a visual novel with no text could work so well.


This was such a clever game, it still leaves me so impressed! The animations, camera usage, sound effects and visual direction is really strong. It has a lot of charm and a lot of polish. Really excellent stuff!


Clever idea! I loved the last ending!


Really good art and a cool story. Animations are just perfect!


Short and sweet. A really cool idea executed beautifully. Almost like a house built of many different elements but all of them placed in the right places.

Stupid little thing: I loved the animation of when the plates dropped in the background.

This was fantastic. Well done to you all!


omg i absolutely loved this. so creative and well done!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very original and charming! It's like a puzzle game where I try to parse the story through the emojis. Cute art style for the characters and eye-catching psychedelic backgrounds. You're doing really cool stuff too with the animation and perfect timing. The highlight for me is when the camera zoomed to the protagonists and then transitioned to show them from above.


What an interesting concept for a VN. I think what really elevated this was the fact that you didn't just use standard emoji but these cute ones that fit the rest of the art style. Also the fact that they don't just always appear the way regular text appears, but sometimes have special animations.

This was a cute little story and it was understandable without using any words. The art is so adorable :3

Oh, and the character's "voices" reminded me of lylat wars and undertale!

I checked out all three endings. Luckily, the last one I read was wholesome, so I ended it on a good note :)


Well, I thought that was really cute and I've never seen a VN quite like it before, so definitely unique! Although, it reminds me of the time I was told I wasn't allowed to make a post about one of my games on a subreddit because it wasn't a visual novel in their eyes (well, they said it was the technical definition, but I mean, come on, if you're doing something a bit differently, you still need a familiar category to put your game into so that people might actually find it >.<) Anyways, they said to me that because my game only featured dialogue and no narrator or thoughts (I was making like an audio drama/VN hybrid) it wasn't a VN at all... so I would really love to see that person's reaction to this because this is shaking up the genre in a whole different way! :D

I'm trying to play a bit of all the games, so with some, I'm only getting 1 ending and moving on, but since it seemed fairly simple to get 3 here and I saved in a handy place, I figured I might as well, and they were all adorable :3 The first one I got was probably the saddest of the 3, oops, haha.

Really cool concept anyhow and I loved the animation!


Thank you so much! Yes, I love pushing and playing around with the medium in different ways. It's fun to play around and experiment, it allows visual novels to grow and evolve. ^w^

(PS - I think that person is Wrong and that your VN counts as a visual novel. I don't really like gatekeeping using definitions like that, I prefer just using qualia--If it feels like a VN, it's a VN.)


Well, you certainly did an epic job of that! I wish I knew how to animate stuff like that as well because it was so effective! I have no clue where to even begin though, and I'm not an artist, so I likely wouldn't stand a chance anyways >.< haha.

And I'm glad you think so :3 I think it was just one moody person >.< Stuff like that used to make me wonder if I'd done something wrong, but I've come to learn that there are just random people out there who think their opinion is law when that isn't the case, haha. I mean, I would say it definitely felt like a VN. It had backgrounds, sprites, choices, and a text box displaying all of the dialogue. It was just that I chose to present it as though it were a sorta roleplay scenario so no narrator was required.


I love how creative your approach was with this game, the wordless concept is such a big leap in a narrative-medium and it truly pays off!


Thank you so much! <3


It's really peculiar! And I find the image-communication both fun and clever!


Brutal! I loved the three endings, their relationship is super cute!


Art is gorgeous, but I am definitely not fluent in emoji, as I had a lot of trouble figuring out exactly what was going on. Also, disappointed there weren't more choice opportunities to affect the ultimate outcome.


Really cool concept, and great visuals - the 3D effects are super well done!


(Tim) I really enjoyed this one! The art design reminds me a lot of what I liked about The Heart of Tales from the same developer. Among non-anime-style English visual novels, Katy133/Jasmine is a pioneer among pioneers.

I'd love to see more VNs use a similar approach to dialogue!


The art is so cuuute! Loved the use of icons to tell the story. Amazing job!

Show post...



(Madeleine) I'm blown away by the polish of this game!!!

Did you use Akakryoryu's 3D camera for the parallax / depth effects?


Thank you! After experimenting with Akakryoryu's 3D camera, I ended up not using it and instead using the 3D stage that was added in a Ren'Py update.


Cute story, cute art, cute presentation, cute characters, cute cute cute cute CUTE!

I would pair this spooktober entry with a shot of Candy Cotton infused vodka, and a cream soda chaser!


So cool and creative! Love the idea and the art style!


Thank you! ^u^