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Thanks!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!  That's very kind of you to say!  I have another project in progress that should hopefully be up at a decent state this fall!

Thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!

This is built in Ren'py, a visual novel engine based on Python.

Love the ps1 aesthetics!  Nice pace, visual effects are top notch.

I would pair this VN with jungle juice.

This VN is a MOOD.  Melancholic and introspective, sorting through the protagonists feelings is a difficult experience, and this is probably the first VN I've finished in a while that feels more fulfilling than rewarding.

I would pair this VN with a hot toddy on a cold autumn morning.

SUPER polished VN entry!  Tons of great original art, and every character was a joy!  This is some serious Visual Novel comfort food.

I would pair this with a warm mug of hot cocoa with a splash of mint schnapps.

Really interesting story structure!  Takes you on some real narrative and gameplay twists and turns!  It's worth tackling this without the walkthrough, but before you stop playing, it's worth referencing it to make sure you get EVERYTHING.

I would pair this VN with a Grenache - Syrah.

Nice, steady pace of creepy!

I would pair this VN with a Skinny Girl margarita.

Fun little snack of a Visual Novel!  Great art, fun little arc!

I would pair it with an apple pie shot!  But, uh, double check the cinnamon.

I was working at a retail store, then I started playing a game about working at a retail store, and then I started playing a game inside the game about working at a retail store, but then it broke my perception of space and time, and now I can't remember if I'm in the retail store, the retail store, or the retail store.

I would pair this game with a #1 Grandpa mug filled with Everclear.

This is the most adorable spooky fable I've read in a while!  Sweet story, cute artstyle that befits the subject matter, and the choices add a fun little wrinkle to the story!

I would pair this entry with a thimbleful of aquavit!

Weird, surrealist, eclectic, and a wild trip!

I would pair this this spooktober entry with cinnamon whiskey on the rocks!

Cute story, cute art, cute presentation, cute characters, cute cute cute cute CUTE!

I would pair this spooktober entry with a shot of Candy Cotton infused vodka, and a cream soda chaser!

Super chill story, FANTASTIC illustrations, cute gameplay - I can't wait to read Chapter two!

I would pair this Spooktober entry with an Apple & Ginger Wine Spritzer!

Spooky and squicky!  The routine normality of the 1950's setting contrast well with the steady decay of a corpse.

I would pair this Spooktober Jam piece with a Hot Spiked Mulled Apple Cider.

Thanks!  No plans for the future to do anything other than joke about this with friends.

it is canon

I wish more games were like this.

This looks fantastic!  I'll leave more notes when I get out of work, but for now, I'm really excited to try this out!

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1) Not the 'r' word, probably the 'm' word (MURDER).  It has the r-word flavor because...

2) My friend just started using dating apps after breaking up with her college boyfriend/fiance, and the culture shock hit her kind of hard.  She's been telling me horror stories about the guys that have been messaging her, and some of them are PRETTY BAD, and PRETTY SCARY.  Terry is my hate letter to those creepy boys who scared my friend.

Thanks!  Great job on the voices!

Lots of care went into this, and it shows!

Thanks, dude!  The other project I was working on that summer is also getting recycled into something this november :).

Gonna write that one down as well, but I think I know what the problem is - I had to create a really hacky solution to fix another problem the cropped up late in development, and long story short, there are now large invisible buttons that persistently stay on the screen whenever I forgot to manually dismiss them. 

Again, thanks for giving me the heads up on these bugs! 

Hm - I've been using an emulator on my computer for the android build.  Let me get the apk, and test it on my phone.

Thanks for letting me know!  I'll try to fix it as fast as possible!

Yup!  Finished the art for the last chapter just a couple days ago.  Fingers crossed, I should have an Open Beta release by mid-August.

Super cute and chill - great way to spend a few minutes!  It's got a real "Florence" vibe!


I'm glad you liked it!  I gave the video a watch and a like!

Gave it a watch and a like for ya boi!

OMG you found a bug I thought I squashed this morning!  Sorry!!!  Great vid though, gave it a like!

Love it!  Gave it a like and subscribed!

Thanks!  I watched and liked the vid, and I'm going through the rest of your channel now too.  FYI, your "weenis" is the flap of skin on your elbow, but it's a word that sounds like something more obscene, so kids love saying it once they learn it, until they're old enough to do adult swears.

Thanks, Dude!

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This is an interactive story/comic that I've been working on for over a year now, and I'm releasing the demo for it now! 

It's about a girl named Karah who challenges the other kids on her street to be the KING of the Cul-De-Sac.  In this demo, she fights Giant Spiders, Frankensteins, evil clowns, or more, depending on the choices that you make along the way!

Download it here:

Thank you!