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Perhaps it's because I love cosy vibes, or maybe it's because I find Evelyn to be very pretty, but I really like this VN you put out! It has just the right amount of mystery and interaction for me. Plus the GUI and the text boxes and speech bubbles bring to mind a delicately told psychological josei manga. Really great job, Gaming Variety Potato!

Thank you for giving our VN a try! I'm really happy you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for your feedback, Sultrygamer! I'm a sucker for sad endings myself, but I understand the appeal and joy upon reaching a happy end. 

I will admit, I played this while it was very late, but I need a lot of help in finding the medal. However! The premise is extremely interesting. When I was searching for 'Dog' on Level 2 my husband thought it could have been a Mars Rover. 😅 Eventually I did find the 'Dog'. 

One more final push after some rest, or maybe a helpful hint will help me reach the ending. Even with only a single save function it works really well. Like repeated sessions or visits, almost. 

Thank you so much! I would like to replenish my creative energy to see if I can take this project further. Comments like these help me to keep going!

Sus indeed...

Thank you! It was a large team and a very intense month! I'm glad I was able to get everything done, but it feels like I'm still going through the recovery period! 

Thank you so much! 

I really appreciate your videos as well. No need to apologize for no commentary or facecam, I'm honoured that someone would go and stream or make a video series of my game. 

I was very much considering if a follow-up of the game would be of interest, so I'm pleased to hear your feedback! I'd love to tackle it when I feel like I am more adept at writing. 

And I passed your praises onto Conner Howard, he very much appreciates your kind words! Believe me, I was also blushing when I was listening to his voice lines...

Follow your heart!

For the game dev team, we're quite enamoured with Anari, but Eisleigh's cute appealed to us all!

Thank you very much! I'm pleased you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much for your kind feedback!

I took a bit of a vacation from this project just to recharge myself, so apologies for the long delay in replying. I really enjoy kinetic novels myself! I do agree that I get a different kind of immersion, like reading a book or watching a movie. 

And it's okay if you cried or didn't cry! As long as you had a good time!

This is really fun! The concept is really good even if the stage is unfinished. 

Some of the animals were challenging to photograph so it was a good difficulty for someone who doesn't consider themselves to be good at platformers.

I do have some ideas or feedback if you're willing to listen to suggestions. Great work!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

I too would like to expand on this more! I would have to think about logistics first, but what you brought up is also what I have been pondering about. We'll try to keep fans updated on what we're doing.

As for Ilona using she/they pronouns: Good catch! For consistency in reading, we stuck with 'she'.  Even though Ilona is feminine-presenting, she is figuring out her gender identity and feels comfortable being referred to as 'they'.  

In dialogue, Ilona has either more angry or annoyed expressions when Anari consistently refers to Ilona as 'woman' or 'sister'. It's perhaps a bit too subtle, especially with Anari's typically hostile interactions!

Thank you so much TinySamm! I had a lot of time on my hands and many friends willing to help out, hahaha!

I adored Scary Gourmet as well for doing a charming story just by using a single background and a core cast of characters!

Thank you very much! I was astounded you included this entry into your recommendations on VN Game Den. I appreciate it!

Thank goodness! 

I will also add I was so worried about the spider when I was not feeding him, so I even looked up how long spiders last without food. The average is 30-60 days from the first result Google showed me. I have never fretted so much for the well-being of a protagonist, hahaha! 

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I was familiar with Orlon's work, and their ability to write unsettling, oppressively tense scenes. Now in visual novel form, Orlon's writing power, combined with Chani's artwork and the cuteness of Lily, grew immensely strong.

Let me tell you, I was screaming into my husband's ear, covering my eyes, and sometimes I was saying "damn you, Orlon!" whenever things got too much for me LOL.

I really enjoyed playing this game. Thank you Lily for being a ray of sunshine even in the bleakest of scenarios, and I'm definitely looking forward to what the two of you create in the future!

As an Australian and a spider apologist, this game was very touching and one of my favourite stories in what I've read so far in the Spooktober entries this year! The atmospheric art and whimsical, fairy-tale story really drew me in.

All of the endings are really interesting and left me feeling satisfied with their conclusions.  


The spider and spider ending route... does he eventually get eaten if she's also a spider? :( I am worried for him. Please survive my friend

I was anticipating playing this game because the art looks so fantastic. The CGs are amazingly polished! I was absolutely not disappointed and the story has a lot to offer. It's very gentle in guiding you through Elle and Lucia's grief, in a really realistic way. Really well done!

I like this game a lot! I was surprised that it featured lots of accessibility options and even German Language. That's super cool that you managed to do it in time for Spooktober! I will probably go through the game again to check out the other choices, and to play it in German to test and improve my German. 

I really like the characters' banter with each other as a tight-knit group, and it really makes me want to go exploring to go on an adventure. To me, it feels very nostalgic when I play this game like I'm reading young adult fiction again. I'm definitely curious to check out Lovewood now, and I hope to follow more of your work!

This was such a clever game, it still leaves me so impressed! The animations, camera usage, sound effects and visual direction is really strong. It has a lot of charm and a lot of polish. Really excellent stuff!

What a tantalizing game! I sat down to play this with a glass of wine, unsure what to expect. Each twist and turn left me hitting the play button again and again. The choices in the game are all so intriguing. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a secret ending, but I will try to play through this again to see it. 

The QTE were a little fast, but my reflexes tend to not be so great. I would say they added a great deal of tension to the story, and they appeared in just the right moments.

I am so pleased someone recognized the sound design for Wolfskin's Curse! I love my sound effects, and the team made sure that the voice acting, mastering and line cutting was as close as perfect to possible. All music tracks have also been mixed and mastered, too. 

After art direction, I think the audio direction was the other component that was given the most priority. Thank you very much for noticing that! 

I understand that the open-ended nature of the mystery story may be dissatisfying but thank you for letting me know. I'd like to release a more complete version of this at some point!

I must say I was rather surprised with the direction that Project: Halloween took and that was rather shocking. Though I suppose at this point, that was your whole intention for the story. 😅

 Rebecca’s stellar voice acting adds a lot of whimsy to the concept of this kinetic novel. I’m also very impressed with the recording of the song and the details to the effects. A shame it wasn’t added to the game, but thank you for sharing it with your audience. A job well done!

Thank you very much for your thoughts and comments! I'm really glad to hear that this was one of your favourite kinetic novels that you've played and that it was still engaging despite no branching paths or choices!

Hi Fall Right!

I was worried about not releasing this as a .apk, so we've also uploaded the .apk version to address this issue! It should be available the downloads.

Hope you get to enjoy the game soon! 

Thank you very much for your wonderful comment! I'm really touched by your thoughts about the music, voice acting and plot! 

Thanks so much for your comment! And yes, that bod is a team effort!! Quite literally!

Eisleigh is adored within our dev team as well! Thanks for playing and for your kind comment!

Wow, this really blew me away! I was invested in every second of it and your writing really is captivating: the plot, the dialogue, it's all very polished! The voice acting really lends a whole lot of charm, and the soundtrack really complements the tone of the game really well! 

Tava was my favourite character by far, but I was also invested in Nine's story and progression at SSL. My friend was also really interested in this project and said that the dialogue really felt true to life like you were actually at a call center. 

I'd like to go through this again to try and get all the chibi art, because it's so cute and a really nice incentive to see more of the game.

Looking at some of the comments, I'm astounded you didn't have a proofreader or tester because everything seemed to play so well! 

A very big and heartfelt congratulations to you and your team!

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Great job on the game and getting full voice acting in! I really loved Velma, Patches' and Ravishing's performance! The backgrounds are really beautiful and polished. 

I'm also happy / surprised that the Narrator was Australian!


Ravishing is beautiful and she is the best character, I wished Velma and Ravishing got together at the end. 

Lovely backgrounds and wonderful music! Would have loved to hear Mistress in full voice acting and have the rest of the cast remastered. I hope you'll be able to release a complete fully voiced version in the future!

Thank you very much! I wanted to make this a kinetic novel to save time on having one specific story to tell, but to make it as beautiful as possible.

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I do most of the general twitter marketing on my main account @tamafries, so you can expect most of the news to come from here!

I still intend to do a long long twitter thread thanking everyone on the team (still physically and emotionally battered from September lol). Please do give them a follow - Jason / Helrouis worked hard to make sure the BGs were consistent, so his work deserves appreciation, for example. Potato was an excellent programmer with good habits, etc. There were a lot of talented people on the team. 

We're also looking into setting up email marketing and other strategies for fans to keep up to date on the game if there will be continuations or future projects!

Thank you very much for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

We received some feedback on some awkward transitions in act 1, it would help the dev team very much if you pointed out which ones in particular. We are hoping to address those issues in an updated patch / release! 

Otherwise, if you don't mind us contacting you again after the game jam to sort out these details, please let us know! Have a happy Spooktober!

Thank you very much! I intentionally left some things open-ended due to the scope of this project and the inclusion of full voice acting. Thanks for understanding!

Our first dataminer!!

There's a few more secrets hidden in the files, and one in the code if you plan on digging further. We're very excited in our discord server, hehe. 

Thank you very much! I'm very pleased that you checked it out!

I've also been following the development of Colorful Mirai: Spooky Edition and I've been watching ParaMas' stream of it! 

Hope to see more of it of myself and play through it once my wrist recovers!

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Thank you for your comments 😅 

I'm glad you were able to enjoy it, somehow!

I was also wondering how the ending would resonate with people.  

If it's any consolation, I still have plans for some kind of continuation of this story — though of course I'm still incubating ideas for it. Not to mention there is now a larger cast that has also drawn the interest of the team in where or how we could continue with it. There's much to consider.

Thank you very much for your wonderful comment! I’m very glad the game resonated with you!