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A forsaken nun must prove a monster's innocence. He is offered no voice, but she will lend hers.
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Log Line
A forsaken nun must prove a monster's innocence. He is offered no voice, but she will lend hers.

Content Warnings
depictions of blood, disturbing imagery, alcohol references, violence, mild language, suggestive themes

Team Members
Tamafry: Creative Director, Lead Artist

Abhishek: Lead Writer

Billie: Editor, Proofreader

Gaming Variety Potato: Programmer, Tester

Vygan: Programmer

Jason "Helrouis" Cheng: Background Artist

Kaya: GUI design and promotional assets

Puchi: Logo designer

Luis "RunnerGuitar" Guerrero: Music Composer, Arranger, Mixer

Octavio Savinelli: Music Composer

Luke Ford: Music Composer, Sound Designer

Maxi Molina (SandraMJ): Casting and Voice Direction, Script Editing

Jordan K. Brown, Amemarteau, ObsidianWasp, J-Der, Andrew Rella, RunnerGuitar: Voice Editing Team

Lasli Tran: Voice of Ilona

Conner Howard: Voice of Edwin

Elissa Park: Voice of Anari

Shakyra Dunn: Voice of Eisleigh

Daniel Walton: Voice of Kellac

Trent Martin: Voice of Uldin

Lisa-Marie Lee: Voice of Salome

Bindy Coda: Voice of Fleur

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A thrilling read with wistful relationships among the characters. Although I started out wanting to sate a need for a monster boyfriend tale, Wolfskin's Curse delivered a heavier bite, packing intrigue, tragedy, and disquietude in its elegant art (the persistently changing and varied character expressions are opulent),  reproachful story, and fluorescent audio. A splendid experience, showcasing what skill and passion can forge even in the timed boundary of a single month.


Thank you so much for the kind words! I truly appreciate your thrilling feedback.


What a beautiful work - from the art to the story! The backgrounds are breathtaking. I especially love the work you did with the shadows.

Great job! Good luck for the jam!


Thank you Button!


The artwork in this project is beautiful! The setting/atmosphere gave me Dragon's Dogma vibes, which is super cool. Writing and music were both 10/10 :) Also particularly enjoyed the voice acting of Anari, really fit her character.


Glad to hear you liked it Tidal!


Well, what can I say, the art in this is absolutely stunning :3 A real visual feast for the eyes! The sprite art sort of gives me Fire Emblem vibes, which I love. Eisleigh's design was my favourite. That hair + glasses combo is awesome :D Oh, and I always love to hear English voice acting in VNs ^-^

I haven't managed to play anything from the O2A2 jam yet because I was trying to finish an alternate version of my Otome Jam game before Spooktober began >.< but I did browse the O2A2 page and The Penitent definitely caught my eye! I guess I'll have to go check it out once I've eventually finished going through all the Spooktober stuff :3

I'm generally not that keen on kinetic VNs just because I've played so many VNs now that they somehow feel like they're missing something compared to ones that do have choices, but some of the games in this jam that I've played so far have really surprised me in that regard, this one included :3 I'm starting to think maybe I should give kinetic VNs more of a chance again. I used to enjoy them years ago, and I guess I got somewhat spoiled by the sheer number of releases as time went on >.< Plus I do tend to be a self-inserter type. But there are times when I get tired of self-inserting and I just want to sit back and watch someone else's story unfold, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing here!

And now for...


It's not a huge spoiler I guess, but just to be on the safe side, hehe. I wanted to say that I adore any after-credits stuff, and I thought it was a very nice way to finish things off what you did there :3


That's great to hear! Thank you for letting us know how you felt and what you thought, it means a lot.


I love this, even if you can't make choices or change the outcome this was beautiful to watch 


Thank you very much! I wanted to make this a kinetic novel to save time on having one specific story to tell, but to make it as beautiful as possible.


(Tim) The Penitent was one of my favorite O2A2 titles, so I was happy to see a sequel of sorts. The art is as good as in the first time around, and the feel of the entire experience was clean. The line-by-line writing felt quite different, though that is to be expected when given more than a thousand words as a limit.

The resolution of the mystery was unsatisfying to me in its current form, but I await some sort of expansion on this jam game to tighten everything up. The world that Tamafry created is ripe for further exploration, so I hope she revisits it again and again in the future.


Thank you for your kind comment and honest feedback!

I can’t speak for the resolution being expanded upon or not, as everything is tentative at the moment, but thank you so much for your kind words and I hope you have a wonderful day!


I love Edwin so much. In fact everything was done superbly


Thank you for the kind words! I love Edwin, too! He’s so cool!