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I love this game a lot just one of the only things I didn't enjoy- (Spoilers!)

 was specifically in the human route you can explicitly reject Akane if you don't view her romantically but until you lock in you're still stuck with her being jealous of interactions with other characters so it feels weird.

Oh my god I remember playing this game back when it JUST came out and typing a comment, then another one in the next update, and here I am for the final update. It feels surreal but this game rewires my brain chemistry in the best way. The emotional moments Artemis pull at my heartstrings, and I'm able to relate to Artemis on a deep emotional level. This is such a sweet VN and I would recommend it to anymore who enjoy tooth rotting fluff or just a good romance in general. 

So excited for the future !!


I played this entire game in one day and I obsoletely loved it!!! The ending after completing all their routes made me so happy! :3

Amos was definitely my favorite route, and I can't wait for any possible future games!  

OFC! I literally had the same issue and watched a long playthrough only to realize it was that one choice- I'm glad I saved you from that lolz

If you're having trouble getting the good ending it all comes down to one choice you make- which is the option to say "I love you" (I believe) Instead of staying silent- But you want to stay silent for all the other ones! Every other choice is to not get punched and you should get the good end! 

Ugh this looks so cool and I loved Keldran from the last game but I can't do female MC's ToT -  Still excited for it tho

*sighs in male but also game is cool* 

THIS IS ACTUALLY SO SICK- So excited to see where this goes!!

It may be 12 am but I am very eager to play- YIPPEE

The creator released the last DLC for the first game just 2 days ago, so it is expected that this game will get more attention from here on out. If it's anything like the first game I believe that it'll be released in steps after the prologue is completed. That or she'll update whenever there's enough progress made to even show.

In short, though, the full release is far from now.

glad i'm not alone at least

I have no idea what to do 

I don't see that- I just see it saying what I'm going to receive, nothing else 

I get to the window pop up and I don't know what to do from there, anyone able to help me?

I think waiting for the full game would be best in my opinion- I played this game earlier this year and enjoyed it a lot and was a little sad there were no updates. But I am aware that I'd likely enjoy the game more seeing it fully finished. 

It's only been 30 days since the chapter 5 release, you are both quick and skilled with your writing and I admire that. I loved chapter 5 with the introduction of both the new love interest and MC's mother. Thank you for making this and hope it's smooth sailing. :))

I love the extended demo but my brain is too smooth for this thinking it's making me do T0T


Okay! I'll be sure to check it out when I get the time, I'm just very used to an automatic female player so had to ask. Thanks for answering. :)

Is this game playable by any gender? Because I do find this game neat and I'm considering playing it, but I likely won't if it's just a female player.

I bought the game yesterday and I am so glad I did. Had been waiting for the right moment to do so and had a blast playing all the masculine-aligned routes. (I'm gay) 

My only complaint was how lackluster Kalei's ending was but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Can't wait to see the future of this game!

Just played this on Steam all I gotta say is this; We don't stan Stan

This story is really good, very dark and dramatic. Also, the MC has got to be the most intelligent 6-year-old ever- 

I went to replay this even though I had just played this when the new chapter came out and now I lost all my saves :,)

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Me when I realize there's probably no baby cause I'm a dude- 

(I still loved the game tho)

The best kind of addiction 

There really are- I think I played all the ones I could find multiple times lol

I just finished up the demo of "The Bastard of Camelot"- I am so excited for this

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The most recent development log states it will be costing 6.99 US dollars.

Hm possibly,  I just find it interesting as dialogue from an NSFW option talked about bearing another child (if yknow from which then yknow)
thanks for answering tho 

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Curious and this is (mainly) worded as a non-serious question, but I played as cis-male and at the end they have children. Is m-preg cannon in this universe, because it is implied that they didn't use a surrogate. Also I don't know if the child of Mauve and Okti are adopted. Can same sex couples just have children? I just find it interesting.

I LOVE BLACK AAAA!!! Anyways so excited for more of this, your writing is very admirable and your idea is just very creative. Keep up the great work!

Romancing Chris (as a guy): Finally getting over the struggles since s1
Romancing Zillah: Sighs in frustration and love 
Romancing Rahim: Sighs in (even more)  frustration and love

These men have me in a chokehold I swear

I adore this game for everything that it is. The characters, designs, and voice acting are so well done. The new additions were amazing to witness as well, and I think Kinerett's color alteration gives a good pop in the design. 

Keep up the good work!!

XAER AND I ARE BDAY BUDDIESS!!! :)) (also loved the game aaaaa)

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I adore this game for everything it is from the wide variety of LGBTQ representation to its genuinely interesting story. Though I'm curious, is there a feature or button I can press to change my MC's name, gender, and pronouns?

Because I noticed that after I entered mine that there is no feature in the game to change this. I'm merely asking because I want to experience all the routes and I hadn't chosen a female mc to romance Rosita. Wondering if I'm just missing something, if this hasn't been added yet, or simply not a planned feature. 

I'm not 100% sure that's true.  I think the pronouns would be set to They/He, etc. I haven't seen the pronouns interchange once, but thank you for answering.

I'm curious, so it states that Chris uses He/him or They/Them pronouns, does this mean that there's some sort of setting to switch their pronouns? I do prefer men but generally have no qualms romancing someone who uses they/them pronouns. I'm simply just curious because I would have no idea how to switch pronouns.