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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is possible that more things about this world come out in the future

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Well, that was really fun. I couldn't stop getting bad ends, damn, but I really enjoyed this game, I think it may be my favorite one of the jam. Dialogues were really good, voice acting was perfect  and I felt like I can do a lot of things, there's like, a lot of choices. All characters were interesting and the art is also pretty cool. 

Also, I love Nine, their sense of humor was great, I was just vibing with them.

I did't do all the endings (I got 2  bad endings and the good one) but I wanna access all the files with my new passwords!


Why do I always approach to the wrong characters, oh my God.

Really good art and a cool story. Animations are just perfect!

Thanks, hope you like it! I'm also going through all the entries, there's a lot.

Well, Melanie asked me to not play with the "imnotsorry.txt" file and the first thing I wanted to do was exactly that XD

But I played the whole game first because I thought it was important to know the game before "breaking" it.

Beautiful artwork and dialogues felt natural. I was tense, even though nothing really scary happend. The concept is very interesting, I would love to play a sequel or another game about the same concept.

Thank you so much! We love Izan's poses too, the character designer had fun planning those. Hope you like the other endings, neutral is pretty sad.

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Damn, I almost have a heart attack. I guess that's what happens when you play with the wrong things XD

Anyway, I liked this one, short games are cool too. I'd be really fun if you make a longer game with this kind of premise!

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Thank you!!

Thanks! Glad you liked it


Hi, if the game have the appropiate warnings, it's ok to mention some complicated topics like suicide, as they do in Doki Doki Literature Club?

Really good game, It was fun to play it. Love the aesthetic and the characters, very charismatic.

I love how this game is going through the fourth wall like "Some...BODY ONCE TOLD ME"

No, seriously, that was fun. If it's going to be a sequel, I'm totally playing it

I love all the graphic work of this game! Animations are pretty good and illustrations are beautiful. The story seems interesting and the main character is funny. The whole work is good, I look forward to more of this =D

The idea for this game was pretty interesting and I really had fun playing it!

Thanks! I worked hard on the narrative. The idea was to create a choose-your-own-adventure but I did that drawing to create some ambient. Maybe I'll add some background music or sounds if I am able

Yeah, it's mine. Took me a couple of hours

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, it would be great if I've drawn some more things, but the programme has its limitation... Or maybe its because I learned Twine in a very short time and I'm not able to put the images as I wanted


First, I want to thank Pinlin for making such a good game. I loved the demo so much that I played all it had to offer. I usually don't have too much hope on demos because most of the times, they never releases the whole game, but I really hoped Dark Nights was an exception so, a year later, when I saw the release date I was shocked, like, can I really play the whole game??? Really??? I even donate for the game because I wanted to play it sooo bad... And now, playing it, I see all the hard work and the result is beautiful. Also, I love Heroine's personallity, she is not the cliche main character and this is something pretty important in my opinion.

I was expecting this soooo much! I'm really happy!

This is going to be soooo cool! Good luck and thanks for doing this great game!

This is too cool to be just a demo! I really want to play the full game.  Beautiful art style, cool characters (I think my favourite is Lioji) and supernatural things. Also, heroine personality is great!

I have a problem. Half of the screen turns black, I think it's because of the white stars. When I talk to someone, there's no problem

This game made my day XD

When I saw the coverof the game I thought "So cute, I need to play this". The whole art of the game is so beautiful! I keep watching the game images' while playing and thinking how much work did that take. The style is awesome. 

And the story  was beautifully sad for both characters. I think Polaris' story it's my favourite and I love (SPOILER ALERT) Eather, although he barely apears (END OF SPOILER). And, even though the true end it's kind of sad, It's my favourite. 

So, congratulations, this is a good work and I've enjoyed it a lot!

I really really love this game and its OST.  And the art is so beautiful... All the designs have a hard work behind. I would like to work in a project as great at this.

Muchas gracias Samtronika, nos hemos esforzado mucho :D

Un juego muy curioso, igual que la estética y el diálogo.

Gracias :D

No he nombrado a mis compañeras en la descripción del juego pero sí que está puesto en el Devlog que viene con el juego... Y no se si lo he puesto en algun sitio más. Lo he subido un poco con prisas y no me he dado cuenta de que no lo he puesto. Por cierto, mis compañeras son @Baniser y @Tsukihowl