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Hi Animenymous! I'm sorry about this problem ;w; 
It triggers on some Mac Yosemites, I don't know why. Usually it's fixed in one of these ways, it hope it helps ;w; let me know!

1. Download the Windows deploy of the project.
2. Download & install Wine + WineBottler \ Or download nw.js and run that instead
3. Run Game.exe and library files through WineBottler, produce

Run these commands on OS to restore the permissions:
chmod +x chmod +x\\ Helper chmod +x\ Helper\\ Helper\ EH chmod +x\ Helper\\ Helper\ NP

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Oh cool! First get the axe from the wall on 2nd floor and go in the garden to cut the tree trunk, obtain the planks and put them to cross the floor on floor 2nd. In that room you'll get a rope. So, if you got the third note too, go back to the warehouse. There will be a hidden trapdoor (it depends on the winds puzzle, but you can stumble against it by walking tbh) and you can descend to the cellar to retrieve the lamp :)

Let me know how it goes!

LMAO I got surprised by the names\characters x°°
It was a fun little game btw, I liked it!

PS: thank you again for your feedback! Thanks to it, I went back and fixed the little box error >w<

I fixed it! I apologize for the bug... now it should be working, I tested it again! Thank you for pointing it out the bug, if you didn't I'd probably wouldn't notice it until months ;__;

I managed to trigger the bug and oh my, that's so embarassing D: thank you for pointing it out ;\\\\; I'll fix it immediatly!

Hi Kou! I'm glad you like the game so far ;\\\\; and of course I can help you when\if you're stuck, just tell me where you are \ which items you have! About the runtime it's quite odd... I never triggered that, but I'll research so I can fix it ;w;" 
(The game is definetly not 8 hrs of runtime... I wish it was xD)

Hi Leiland! I'm glad to hear you liked my game this much, thank you for going through the teatimes too ;w; it's not something everybody would do, and I appreciate it a lot ;\\\;
About the bugs though I'm sorry they occurred ;w; may I ask what part did you get the bug? So I can fix it for the next build

Hi Bestestcam! I apologize for the late reply ;w; 
First of all, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you liked the game so much! 
As for the little box I think I know why it didn't open, if you want I can tell you how (meanwhile I'll fix that for next update, definetly ;w;)

You're welcome! And yes, I'd love to >\\\< I hope you'll like it!

I wasn't able to replicate the crash but I did some research and I think it's caused by memory storage on the PC >< more info here:

Hello Senpai! The Spanish version is finally available :)

Hi Boopb! I'm sorry this happened to you ;w; it's the first time for me before.
May I ask if an error message popped up? Which version (PC, Mac, Linux) are you playing? 
So I can try and fix this ;w; thank you for your patience

Thank you for your kind comment, Bipiipii! I'm glad that you liked my game >w<

And thank you for playing it >\\\< it makes me really happy to hear you liked it so much, Ash!

You're welcome! I think this would be helpful to VN makers!
(And given how many assets you gathered, you must have taken hours to do this for the sake of content creators)

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Hi! Thank you for including my sprites in the bundle too!
I did a devlog, I hope it spreads the bundle!

It's really peculiar! And I find the image-communication both fun and clever!

The presentation of the game is stellar!
To me the evented menu, the movie cutscene that reveals the title and in general the amount of care and personalization of the tileset alone is a great thing alone. The story is easy to grasp if you pay attention to the details scattered through the house, so the ending wasn't a suprise for me, but not in a bad sense: it was rewarding to see I was right.
As for the characters, I liked building a connection with Fio (my poor boi, what did you do to him ;w;) and Crow in the bad ending was enjoyable too. Good game, I'd reccomend giving it a shot guys!

Don't worry! I'll download the game then >w<

I got the error "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'set Dimensions') and I can't progress on night 2 ;w;
(I'm loving the game so far btw, it's amazing the care you poured onto it!)

Of course it is, I would be honored if you do >\\\<
Let me know if you need anything to translate them!

Hey, this wardrobe can be harsh! (Yeah, both pairs of shoes, I'm talking to you) But I loved the game and the message, thank you for making it! It was fun to play!

Thank you for your kind words, Andrew >\\\< I'm happy to hear you liked my game! (And the plot twist too)
I'm still making games, I'm currently developing another RPG horror :) though I don't know how to make blog posts here, so I'm updating news on twitter @BanyaLaplace

Thank you, Naroshinozaki >\\\< I'm glad you liked it!
I think I would after I finish my current project :) so I'm collecting impressions: what would you like to see in an extended version?

Hi Reyva! I apologize for the late reply, I somewhat lost it in the notifications ;__;
But yes, I'm Jane Doe on YT, one of your subscribers! The one with the cat videos xD

You're welcome! It was the least I could do >\\\<
(I also subbed to the channel, I'm Jane Doe on YT)
I watched the video, your comments throughout made my day >\\\<

PS: as for the games, Deep Inside is being translated into Spanish, I hope I'll update it soon x3

Glad to see you again, Allekid! And thank you so much for the letsplay ;\\\\; I'm really happy that you liked the game!
(Atm I'm working on another one, I hope to publish it soon!)

I'm sorry for the late reply! TwT
It should be the file named "Game", but some users reported that it doesn't show up sometimes... aside from downloading it again, the other solution is running the PC version on Linux Wine.
I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help TwT I'm still trying to fix this

Thank you for your kind words, Pooshx! >\\\<
I'm glad you liked the game!

Mil gracias, Reyva! >\\\<
I'm really glad you liked the game! I'm working on another one, I hope I can finish it soon... in the meanwhile I shared your channel on twitter, subs number doesn't matter but I hope you grow and grow! And of course I'll support you >\\\< 
I'm on mobile now but I'll watch the video as soon as I come back home, thank you so much for making it! 

Aww ;\\\\; your message is so heartwarming!
Thank you so much, Houssem! I'll watch the video as soon as I come back home, I can't wait! But I'm glad you liked KOI and especially that you noticed immediatly the pun >\\\<

(Since I read your writings, you do have that skill! At least according to me >\\\< keep up the good work!)

Aww thank you, Aural >\\\<

I didn't plan one but since I'll probably have the characters make a cameo in other games, what would you like to see in a sequel?

You're welcome! >\\\<
And thank you for your kind words! I'm doing my best, I hope that Emerald Wasp comes out a good game too! 
(My contribute to the art in KOI is minimal since I edited the sprite bases of the portraits and the overworld charas, but in the credits you can find all the pages of the artists! >\\\<)

Oh my >\\\< this was such a pleasant surprise!
First of all, thank you for playing Koi, Seto! I'm happy that you liked and that it made you laugh too >\\\< and thank you for the walkthrough video! I put it on display on the game page ehe!

(As for the 24 hrs time, it couldn't be possible without the free assets, but having them at disposal helped me write the story and edit the sprite bases since I could devote all the time to that)

Thank you again >\\\< I'm honored you made a playthrough, really!

KOI comments · Replied to aya in KOI comments

Thank you for your kind words, Aya! I'm so happy to hear you liked Koi, even short as it is! Also, thank you for playing >w<

Thank you for sharing! I needed something like this x3

Hello senpai! A Spanish translation is currently in progress by Bandoringsub, if it's ok I can write to you when it's finished :) 

Hi Luke! Thank you for playing Deep Inside, I'm glad you enjoyed it >\\\< 
Not many make it into the bonus room, thank you for taking your time for that too!
Lately I've been reported crashing issues, it happened only with this late update I think, may I ask if an error message\code showed up when crashing? So I can try and fix this ;w; 

Hi undaembra! I apologize again for the late reply ;w; your comment made me really happy!
Dreamquartz is an old game and I often look back at it only for the mistakes, so reading your comment made me realize (and see again) the good and the effort I put into it >\\\< I'm so glad you liked the story, even short as it is! 
Not to mention I'm so happy to hear that my prose in English is good! It's not my mothertongue and for Dreamquartz I wrote directly in English, I've always feared it wouldn't convey emotions in an effective way compared to my mothertongue (looks like blood and violence are my best shots, but I enjoy writing them to be honest)

Writing characters is my favorite part and yes, Mihal is forgiving but he also doesn't trust to full extent the others, he's from a secluded community and travelled for the first time alone afterall x3 as for Ashur the key was playing as he expected (being disrespectful, cold, proud, etc) so you'd confirm his idea of all human beings, but shocking him with good deeds looked more fun right? xD
If I had more time I would have liked to implement the functionalities of the camera and also fleshing out the final part of the story a little better but I was tight on the Jam's timeline... so for now it remains just a joke to mess with Mihal's naivity xD

Thank you again for playing my little game ;\\\; your comments fill me with lots of confidence too and it's a period I really needed that, so thank you twice >\\\<