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They're just a gift atm, but in un update I will implement them as a mean to get another ending (that I had to cut due to the time restraint of the Jam) ;w;
As for the fire, you can't put it down but there's another exit in the mirror room, try to escape through that one!
And thank you again for playing x3 many told me they killed Gareth on the first run, I guess he deserved it lol

In the piano room there are two bookcases\libraries, check the one on the left and the timer should stop, then you will be brought back to the piano and get the old record

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Hello! The walkthrough is in the downloads, but there's one included in the game too. 
At which section of the piano are you stuck at? So I can help you :)

EDIT: just saw the other comment, I replied there also but if you get stuck on any other part of the game feel write to write here\to me, don't worry! I'm here to help (and learn)

I'm glad it worked and you had fun ;w;
But that is weird, I'll be double checking the last stage and update the game so it shouldn't happen again, thank you for the feedback!

Hi CandyT! Thank you for playing the game, I'm so happy to hear that you liked it! >\\\<
And no, you're not dumb! The endings meet requirements to show up. To get the option to leave Gareth to his destiny you must find the portrait of his lover before you enter the servants' room where he's hiding. To stab him instead you have to retrieve the knife from the corpse in the hidden room, it will do it automatically no matter the choice if you interact with it before leaving the room... let me know if it works :)

Ooh non pensavo che il gioco arrivasse anche nelle mani di un italiano >\\\< grazie infinite per averlo giocato!
Sono davvero contenta che ti sia piaciuto! Per quanto riguarda la scena dell'inseguimento temo proprio sia così, in questo periodo sto rifacendo alcune delle mappe per allargare le stanze, ne approfitto per testarla di nuovo e renderla meno frustrante!

I'm sorry, I still don't know how to ;__;
For the moment I can only translate the menu, I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help:

Nuova Partita = New Game
Continua = Resume
Opzioni = Options
Oggetti = Items
Salva = Save
Termina = Quit

Hi Bluekiddo! Thank you for playing the game, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
And thank you for the suggestions too: I'm still learning, so every feedback is precious :) 
What would you consider a good hint? (I mean a hint that is sufficient without feeding everything to the player)

It's the room closest to the stairs, let me know if it works :)

Awww >\\\< thank you, I'm hugging you too!
If you're stuck in other parts of the game don't hesitate to ask btw :)

yes! But to descend you need a rope, you can find it on the 2nd floor :)

Hi! Have you already unlocked the trapdoor in the warehouse? 

Oh >\\\< I think that too, that's why I preferred that to be the true ending, I'm glad it shows! Thank you again for the feedback and for playing it >\\\<

As for the bug... no, I didn't catch it ;w; definetly going back to fix that, thank you for pointing it out!

I just saw the message, but I'm glad you found it eventually :) let me know if other problems occurr!
(By the way thank you for pinpointing the problem in the tearoom, I'm checking and fixing it x3)

I'm sorry for the problem ;w; I can trace where Z's spawn points are in each map, would that help? Btw to reach the escape you should go to the balcony of Gareth's room on the 1st floor

You finished it quick! But I'm so glad to hear that you liked it even if it had bugs, especially for the fact that you liked the story >\\\< thank you for playing it! And sorry about Zakhari's bloody face popping up too many times lol x° 
May I ask what ending did you get first and which one you preferred? It's just my curiosity, it's rare somebody tells me they completed all the three endings

You were right! Thank you for the advice ;w;
Since today I was releasing an update with other small fixes I included that!
But in the version you currently have to avoid triggering it you should stay in front of the tank and not on the side, I'm sorry I couldn't help more ;w;

I'm sorry for the inconvenience ;__; 
I tried to trigger this but it didn't to me, though I remember it being a bug in the older versions.
Does the picture vanish if you click the Z or X button in your case? 

Thank you Cicada! I visited the page and it's really cool *w*
If I used a page could I participate or join yours?

Nice game! I loved the aesthetics too!

I'm glad to hear that >\\\< thank you so much!
And I hope you recover soon, take care!

Don't worry! You're not bothering at all, I'm glad you're playing the game :)
You're welcome!

It should be all good! You should interact with one of the holes I circled to put on the wooden plank:

Mh that's odd ;__; were you able to enter that room btw? Could you send me a screen of the room?
(Meanwhile, I'm checking it)

It's in the room on the 2nd floor that has two holes in front of it :)
To access it talk to Sasha in the kitchen then grab the axe hanging on the wall, cut the wood near the warehouse and interact with the holes

You're welcome, let me know if it worked!
Btw I updated a new version, I removed a plugin that may have caused that JS error, I hope it helps ;w;

It's a javascript error ;w; I'm sorry for that inconvenience!
Have you tried to upload java? Meanwhile I'm testing it but it still doesn't trigger, but hopefully I'll upload the fixes tomorrow 

Hi Gianmher, thank you for playing the game! I'm making a new update  for small fixes, I'll take the suggestion gladly :) thank you for the advice! 

Thank you! I didn't know that, it's cool!

Hi again, Cicada! Thank you so much for playing the game, I'm glad you liked the story >w<
(And got the true ending first try too)
As for the errors thank you for pointing those out, I'll be back to work to fix them! 
I didn't know the "\!" thing though, it will be useful a lot!

Thank you! x3
About the piano: check the left library in the same room once the countdown starts, it has the music sheet about love

Thank you! I'm glad you find it interesting :)

Np! And enjoy :)

Hi Rosemary, thank you! I'm glad you like it!
Anyway, did you listen to the old record or do you still need the winding key for it? The latter is in the bedroom of the 2nd Floor, if you already listened to the tape instead, go to the warehouse in the garden with the Rope and descend the Trapdoor ;) 

Thank you! I definetly will x3

Thank you so much, Cicada! I read throughout the google doc before replying here and I'm back to work to fix those bugs!
Your feedback is incredibly valuable to me, it's exactly what I wanted  ;w;
Those things slipped through the testing and I'm quite embarassed but also (after reading your doc) motivated to fix them!

The door picture is fine! I agree with you, it will work a lot better like that :) also other things will be a quick fix I think...
As for the portraits\sprites, they were made by a talented artist names Ghoulless (I did the animations and the CGs though, like the red eyes), I'm glad you like them! 

PS: meanwhile I fix those, as for the piano room I think I got what triggered the instakill: you said you exited the room during the timer, so once is set to zero and you get back to the room it activates the instakill (I definetly have to fix this) @w@ to stop it you have to check the left bookshelf in that room during the countdown

Awww ;\\\\\; of course! Thank you so much!
Btw are you participating in the RPG Horror Celebration Jam?

Np! Thank you for pointing it out :)

I just released a Horror Rpg Game and... I didn't notice the jam before ;___; it would have been perfect!
Either way, I'll be strolling here to play your entries, good luck to everybody! x3

You're right, I'm sorry! I fixed it btw, now it has the Linux support too :)