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Hi Ecko! I finished watching the VOD, thank you again for playing and streaming my game ;\\\\;
I'm really happy to hear that you liked it and found it intriguing! (Also, that you found the red path room good!)
It was a pleasure chatting in the stream, thank youuuu

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Hello Cryptid!
I gasped when I saw the comment and I just finished watching the video ;\\\\;
First of all, I wanted to thank you for playing and recording the game, I enjoyed watching you play it a lot! And also I wish I had more mastery of the English language to convey emotion more than a simple thank you, but I watched it all and all the enthusiasm, the reactions and the kind words mean a lot to me! I'm really glad that you liked the game so much and it makes me happy to see that you were so invested ;\\\\;
(And in this case... even though it's unsettling stuff, there are some things you missed I can hint you in DMs if you want to)
Dev-wise I can say I feel understood in the little choices and directions I made for the game, even though there are needed fixes (the BRIDGE)! And yes, I will be making another long RPG maker horror, but I'm at the early stages still, stay tuned!
Again, thank you so much! ;\\\\;

PS if you want you can rate the game, it'd help with visibility!

It's MV! But I have a specific plugin that clashes with many popular ones, so the ones I tried didn't work properly ;w;
(It's the plugin of the maps so I can't remove it)

Hi Kanna! Thank you so much for playing Deep Inside too >\\\<
Your comment made my day, and I hope you'll like the next game I'm preparing, your support (and the support of others) encourages me to go one step beyond! Just out of curiosity, did you predict the twist in this one? 
Thank you again for your kind words >\\\<

Hi Hytrain!
Thank you again for playing and streaming my game!
I'm really happy to hear you found it enjoyable even if you don't like wasps, and that it was effective! I went through a lot of weird ASMR videos about hornets, wasps and bees on youtube before settling to that SFX so I'm definetly glad it was worth it!

I saw other players having problems with that map specifically, so I'll probably redo it from scratch. I think the problem is it's way bigger than it looks like and the game counts the red stripes as one tile and a half, so it's not clear visibly... as for the second one I'll watch the VOD to note them, so I can improve on that! Most of the exploration and actions in the game are entirely optional, so sometimes it's too dispersive maybe...

Anyway thank you again, I really appreciate the detailed comment!
And if you play more I'd love to know what you think about it (and if you discover the secrets ehe) >\\\<

Hi Scorpio! Thank you for playing my game!
I'm really glad you liked it so far >\\\< gotta say, I didn't think about the stock SFX, I'll go through them and see if I find suitable swaps!
I've never put 8 directional movement though,  I saw you are a RPGMaker dev too, can I ask you how to do it? 
(PS of course I'm playing your game too ehe)

¡HOLA Leirachan!
¡Gracias por tus hermosas palabras! Me alegra saber que disfrutaste el juego. ¡Gracias por jugarlo! Si quieres puedes dejar una valoración, ayudaría mucho a hacerlo visible.
(Estoy usando un traductor, ¡espero que el mensaje se traduzca bien!)

Hi Vmeezo! So, I found your playthrough in the VOD and, minus the opening movie, it was one minute long for real...
I appreciate you tried it even if clearly it was not your cup of tea, but I'm not sure that ticking games fast off a list is in the spirit of this jam. 
By the way I wanted to thank you for trying to find positives (I really do appreciate it), especially art-wise! Unfortunately the movement is the one built in the engine, but I'll study a solution to make it more responsive!

Thank you again for the review >w<

Hi Mayshing, thank you for the review ;\\\\;
I watched the VOD before commenting and I had lots of fun seeing you play, react and talk to the chat! The comments in the chat were lots of fun too, I wish I was there to participate too. Also I'm really happy to hear that you liked it so far, even if the lockpicking was difficult at first! If you need hints to progress I can help (like for the third elevator part), I'd really like to see your reactions to the other characters' appearence!
Thank you again >\\\<

Hi Goatboy! Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you liked the game >\\\<
And also that the twist caught you by surprise ehe! 
(If you want to could you rate the game? It would help a lot with visibility)

Hi Lien! I remember you from the team!
I'm so glad you gave my game a chance and that you enjoyed playing it too, thank you again >\\\< 
I feel motivated to start on the next big project after this ehe

Hi Hiro! This was such a good way to celebrate the anniversary, thank you! >\\\<

I'm really happy to read that you liked both the setting since it was a personal one for me and the characters ;\\\\;
And since you found the teddy bear you must have read most the teatime events, thank you so much! As for the mistery I'm glad the clues weren't that obvious, but I wanted the game to be fair for a player that paid attention to them (The library especially, it wasn't casual at all)

I guess we can say they are together (forever) now even if it's not a happy ending...
Thank you so much for your kind words Hiro, it means a lot >\\\< 

yes! Thank you ;///;

Hi again! I submitted the project, I hope I did it right! (The jam page still says submit your project) Did it arrive?

Hello Kanna and thank you for playing Emerald Wasp! 
Your comment made me really happy, thank you for your kind words ;\\\\; I'm glad you had fun playing it! 
The game is still very niche but I hope the same, so that more people can see it and play >\\\<

Thank you for your reply, Indiequesting!
Then I'll definetly submit a game of my own and send the jam link to my friends aswell!

Hello! What are the limits of NSFW for horror games? 
I mean, I have a game tagged 18+ for sensitive content (like torture scenes if you get wrong paths) but no sexual content at all. Am I still able to participate? 
Also, I wanted to share this jam with my friends. They made a game all together and I gave a little contribution, would this break the "1 game per team" rule? 

Thank you Rafinhacapetao! I hope you'll enjoy the game x3

Hi Hiro! I didn't expect this and it was such a nice surprise ;\\\\;
I apologize for the late reply, but it took me a while to compose myself again aha! Your comment made me very happy and it came at the right moment too, it made my day for real.

I wish I had the same clarity in writing English as I would have in my mothertongue to reply the way I wish to, but between knowing that you're a history enthusiast (like me) and that the story touched you and will stay with you even after the game ended I'm on cloud nine ;\\\\; and also I'm glad you liked the behind the scenes too! Sometimes I go and update them with more stuff through devlogs (here) or updates (in game). And yes, there are some secrets *ominous music* too but I think you'll catch up to them pretty soon x3

Thank you again, Hiro! ;\\\\;

Hi Cherynuma! First of all, thank you so much for playing Emerald Wasp! 
Your comment and your kind words put a smile on my face, I'm so happy that you liked it! For the translation you don't have to thank me though, it's thank to Ashiri we have the PT-BR version... I love Brasil too and this is so good to hear T\\\T 
If you want to you can rate the game too, it'd help to make it more visible for other players too!

Thank you Itchio!

I'm a horror dev, and if you want to give a shot to a fairly unsettling scenario please check out my game:

OI Gigi! Estou usando um tradutor, espero que você entenda a mensagem! Primeiro, queria agradecer a você por jogar KOI! Fico muito feliz em saber que você gostou tanto! O que você gostaria de ver em uma sequência ou história paralela? Eu tomo nota! >w<

Hi Mike! Thank you for your kind words >\\\<
I love inserting history trivia in my games and I'm happy when I see players enjoying it! As for the music I haven't played Matsuro Death Palette yet but I'm planning too, if the music is good I'm definetly more willing to!

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So bittersweet and sad! But I loved this game and I read you made it in ten days, it's really good especially considering the time limit! 
Loved the art and the story, keep up the good work!

Thank you for understanding, Ashtar! 💖

Hello G.C. Katz! 
Hearing that Eliot has the vibes of the best criminal characters makes me so happy ;\\\\; it's a huge compliment!
Even if the music didn't match the atmosphere I'm really glad to hear that you liked my game and didn't ruin the vibe, thank you for playing it!

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Saw this in a letsplay and went to try it for myself! And... Raku how could you do this to meeee ;___; I trusted you!!! (Guess which ending I got first lol)
Btw this is really a good game! Keep up the good work!

Hi Taumi! Thank you for playing my game, I'm glad that you liked it and also that the vibe worked as intended >\\\<
Definetly extreme, but that's why he's going to prison for, even though I'm glad you liked Eliot too!

By the way I know that musical and I love the Cell Block Tango, I didn't think about that but it sounds so satisfying ahah!

Hi Meeka! First of all, thank you for recording and playing my game >\\\< I'm happy to hear that you liked it, timer and all!
Ahaha after that events that tree won't be remembered just because of crows and ravens, definetly!

Hi Chiiaki! Thank you for playing and recording my game >\\\< 
This jam is really a challenge because of the text limitations but if I manage to make an extended version I'll add more about the victim and his motivation!(For the main menu, the "locked" options is about CGs... I didn't have any CGs to show, that's why it stayed like that... ;w;)

We're hyping each other up xD when you reprise Renpy and make a game let me know, I'll play it gladly!

Thank you Schiraki! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it >\\\< I'm having a coffee myself while reading your comment! It made me want to try to make an extended interrogation game outside of the jam!

Thank you for your kind words, Tymedust! 
I'm really happy to hear that you liked the game, especially the timer and the sprite! I wanted to add a little spice to the interrogation ahah!

I didn't see the plot twist coming! It was really a good game!
And I agree with G.C.Katz, I didn't notice at first but bisexual afterlife looks very cool xD 

I like the idea of this game! And I was impressed how you could show so much storytelling and characters within the limitations of the jam!(Sorry for the deleted post, I accidentally double posted this!)

Told you I found this interesting and it didn't disappoint! I'd like to see more about the lore of the game, consider expanding it once the JAM is over

It's really impressive in all its aspects!
And with the little time you had it wasn't easy at all to deliver a game, albeit a good one, and here you are! I really liked your entry Hatoge!

This is so sweet! I took a little to understand who (or well, what) the MC was at first and it was such a nice surprise! Also, it shows how much dedication you gave to the game!

I haven't played Quaint (yet) but I think this game serves as a good introduction to No. 82! I loved the POV mechanic, it's a very good game!