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Hi Double King, thank you for your comment!

LOL I didn't think it might have that effect, but written like that made me laugh x° should I remove the male protagonist tag btw? I used it because of the requirements of one of the Jams at the time... and then I forgot it there 

Not a bother at all, I'd be honored if you do >\\\< I sent you an email!

Hi Demi! Thank you so much for your kind words ;\\\\; I'm so happy to hear that the game resonated emotionally with you! This is so important to me, so thank you so much for playing and dedicating time to my little game!

Of course! The portraits were drawn by an artist called Gholless\Cozarks, their contacts are in the credits file but I'll share them here too. I highly suggest browing their gallery, their work is stellar!

This is INSANELY good! Can't wait for the whole game to come out!

¡Hola Martìn! Perdón por la demora ;w;

Estoy tratando de corregir todos los errores y... ¿por casualidad recuerdas qué artículos tenías en el inventario cuando llegaste al final? Creo que sé lo que bloqueó la elección de traer a Gareth; w;

Gracias de nuevo por jugar mi juego, ¡estoy tan contenta de que te haya gustado!

(Estoy usando un traductor, espero que se entienda el mensaje)

Thank you for playing my game Cremebrule!
I'm happy to hear you liked it >\\\< I hope you'll like my next one too!

Hi Solbg! Thank you for playing my game and notifying me of the bugs, I could only trigger the last one but I'll fix all of them hopefully!
I'm glad youi liked it even if it's somewhat buggy though and having it compared to the Witch House is one of the greatest compliments I ever had ;\\\\;

Hi Kazura! Thank you for letting me know ;w;
I fixed it, it should work now!

Muchas gracias Leira >\\\< I'd love to see fanarts!

Thank you Kawaii Panda >\\\<

thank you, Wyaovo >\\\<

Questo gioco è davvero commovente ;\\\;
Best story\setting davvero meritato, credo che tutti noi giocatori ci siamo affezionati alla nonnina di Ofelia. O abbiamo pensato alla nostra nonna... 

Thank you for sharing your story.
I come from a quite different experience and throughout the game I wish I could give your little sprite a hug for all you've been through. I mean, the graphics convey it really well and some surprise choices, but I felt the pain while playing. Especially when the deadname came up... I don't know how to explain, it felt like a stab, even if there were also other highly triggering topics. 
And also, for what the words of a stranger on the internet may count, I wanted to tell you it's NOT your fault. It's the people who exploited you in such a vulnerable moment of your life that should feel guilty and ashamed, not you. I hope you're doing better now, please continue devving also, you have talent!

Hello! It's the fourth file to download in the list (Deep Inside Espanol) and on the bottom of the list there's also the walkthrough (Guia), to extract the file from the rar folder you need a program like Winrar (that is fortunately free)

Let me now if you could download them or if you need any help x3


Hi LazyToom! I'm sorry, I logged in today ;w;
By the way to extract the Rar file you need a program like WinRar or 7-Zip. I use WinRar, it's free and safe. Let me know if you need anything else

I had the feeling from the start that the one in danger was Chase and not John, as soon as I saw him as the MC xD oh boy, now I want a third entry with this crazy fudanshi! I loved his interactions and the comments about BL and webcomics! 
(I didn't want to give the Omega book to the tree, I thought it would impale me on the spot for that lol)
By the way this game is so polished! The graphics, the style, the details of the deaths, the scripted menus (and interactions), it's really impressive! Congratulations, Hatoge >w<

This was so cute! And I loved the art!
Ori is really sweet x3 I'd like to see how their relationship progresses after this

Don't worry, Madmirae! Let me know if you need any help though :) 

Hello MCavanaugh!
I wouldn't reccomend this kind of game to a kid unless you play next to them, since it's a (mild) horror game. By the way are you using Windows? Once you extract the rar file you should get a folder containing the ".exe", opening that one should work, let me know if it does :)

Thank you for your kind words, Foxxy! 
I'm really happy to hear you liked my game, even with its flaws >\\\<
(And since I did the sprites and the CGs I'm definetly happy)
By the way you're in luck because in occurrence of the FlareBlitzed Jam I posted a little after story. It's 10 minutes long, nothing extraordinary, but I hope you'll like it! 

Thank you! In the end I managed to do it!
I marked the entry in the name, although I used the same page as the old game to publish it, I hope it's ok!

Hi Yurisaki! No problem, it happens! I think I should move up the file, since it's not very visible...
But thank you for your interest in my game! Let me know if you need any help x3

Hi Galleta! Thank you for your kind words >\\\<
I read your comment on the rating, but itchio doesn't allow to reply to ratings, that's why I couldn't before.
I'm really happy to hear you liked the game and read through the bonus room >\\\< also I'll try to fix the bug asap, that's on me because I didn't think somebody would go back into the room before the cutscene (it's that that triggered it, probably)
And yes, I do have it! It's >\\\< I'd be honored to see the fanart, please, tag me!

I apologize for the late reply!
But I'm really happy to hear you liked the game ;\\\\; (regardless of the bug)
The real mansion was really beautiful, I wish I could share the old pics!

Sorry for the late reply!
Then it should be what I proposed above, I think I got where you are. Try this and let me know x3
Go to the Third Floor (upstairs), get to the room on the left.
Check the barrels for a Tiny Key and the shelves for the Ground Floor Map. Check the map then, in the room on the right, check the chest for a Hammer. Then you'd be on your way to the endings!

Hi Jazzy! I'm glad you're interested in my game!
There are mentions of arson, internalized homophobia (in one character) and depictions of murder and blood. 
It's not very graphic, but I wouldn't reccomend playing to younger players. Also, being a LGBTQ+ creator myself I know very well that mentions of homophobia, though sadly frequent in the past (where the game is set), are triggering material to most of us ><

Hi Cicada! I hope I can make it into the deadline of the deadline of the jam!
Before I start I have a question: would a "second chapter" of a game count as a jam entry?
I wanted to make a sequel to "Roar" and post it to the same page as "Roar", would it count?

Email sent! Thank you again >w<

Uuuh, thank you Multi-Story >\\\<
I'm really glad to hear you liked the game ! (Even though you ran into that pesky bug)
And thank you for rating it too!

I'm sorry you ran into the same bug ;__; but I wanted to thank you for the insight, I've been struggling for days trying to replicate the bug (I'm literally watching every gameplay I can) but with your comment I have an idea. I hope I'll be able to patch it soon! 

Of course you can, I'd be honored if you translated Koi o\\\\o thank you so much!
Let me know if you need anything (like the assets, the file, email address, etc)

I can't understand Chinese, but I trust what you say ;w;
If I can really ask for a hand... can I ask you to check the chinese walkthrough? I just copypasted something from a site but I received feedback that it's missing a lot of info...  ;w;

Hi Ranmaruku! Thank you so much for your comment >\\\<
I'm really happy to hear you liked the game! 
As for IG yes, it's 
If you have IG too feel free to link it so I can follow you!

(1 edit)

Hi Midnighting! I apologize for the late reply ;w; 
So... at which point of the game are you on?
If it's the first day you need to talk to Sasha and Hilda, then go to bed. 
If it's after the scene of the shadow and the paintings try this:

Go to the Third Floor (upstairs), get to the room on the left.
Check the barrels for a Tiny Key and the shelves for the Ground Floor Map. Check the map then, in the room on the right, check the chest for a Hammer. Then you'd be on your way to the endings!
I hope it helps! Let me know if you need anything :)

PS: Zakhari is in the party because you have an invitation for teatime, you just need to invite him using the ticket from the inventory :) 

Hi again Sabrina! I'm sorry for the late reply ;w;
I was unable again to trigger the error, but I scavenged the internet for gameplays and I saw it popping in a specific sequence of gameplay... I'm working on that, I hope I'll be able to fix it! Thank you again for your patience ;w;

Hi Zen! Unfortunately it's not possible to fullscreen the game unless it's coded in ;w; but I'm learning how to do it, so I can implement it in the next update hopefully! (I apologize the feature isn't there yet, I never thought of somebody wanting to use it ;w;) 
As for the screen, does it freeze after an event in particular? I mean, in the same point of the game or in random points? (The latter might be a CPU usage issue)
Thank you for your patience!

Thank you, Lenfrey! I hope you'll like the updated version too!
In case you need it, I found a Chinese walkthrough too! I shared it today on the page :)

Hi Sabririna! I'm happy to hear you liked the game, it means a lot to me >\\\<
Another played reported the same issue, it's a bug unfortunately! I'm with the game open trying to solve it but I'm not able to replicate it, may I ask what you did right before reading the text? Did you speak to Gareth on floor 3? Thank you for your patience ;w;

Thank you for your kind words, Haruhi! I'm really hapopy to hear you liked the game >\\\<
But it seems you ran into a bug, Zakhari wasn't supposed to chase you when you opened the chest...! I'm trying to fix it but I'm not able to replicate it, did you talk to Gareth on the 3rd floor before opening the chest by any chance? 
Thank you for your patience ;w; 

PS: I'm close to release a new game, I hope you will like that one aswell!