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I'm blocking you now. If you can't respect a person's boundaries and have decided to continually harass me on different social media platforms (after I tell you not to), then what is my incentive to keep talking to you?

My playthrough of Fishy.

Thank you so much for playing! <3

Thank you so much! <3

Thank you so much! >U<

Eeee! I'm so honoured that my work inspired a fellow developer! >U<

This was a beautiful journey. I love how the artwork evolves and changes as it continues. The writing also pulled me into the story and its mysteries. I love the textbox design, and the colours are so soft and pretty. What a lovely epistolary visual novel.

The worldbuilding was cool and creative, the character sprites have a striking angular style, and the music was very chill and relaxing. Nice work!

This was such a fun experience! There's so much I need to praise here: The animation, the text blips, the cute sprite art, the writing... Mike Young once again does excellent work with his voice acting, and the music bops. The art is so bright and colourful and pretty. What a wonderful visual novel! Thank you so much for making it!

I liked the character sprites in this visual novel. The design of one of the aliens in particular is very creative and striking. This sound effects really helped pull me in, and by the end of the story, I ended up being  emotional invested in the main characters. Great work!

The artwork's crosshatching is so detailed. I watched a playthrough of this visual novel in a livestream and someone there compared this to Doctor Who, and I agree with that in the best possible way. I'm looking forward to seeing where this story will go.

I'm new to programming, so I'm looking for examples, guides, tutorials, and other resources for using custom CSS on Itchio (profile pages specifically--not game pages). Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Resources I've found so far: CSS Guide (Itchio Doc), profile themes by alienmelon, full itch CSS themes (for all of my game pages) by alienmelon.

I really enjoyed this demo! The artwork is beautifully detailed, the writing is superb (I found Hugo's introverted nature relatable and his indecision immediately endearing). The ending left me hooked and I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of this visual novel. Wonderful work!

I really enjoyed this visual novel! The starry GUI and CGs are pretty, I like the polished character sprites, the writing (particularly Ini's snarky dialogue, which made me laugh), and the ending made me go, "Aww."

Also: The penguins are adorable. I cannot stress that enough.

This visual novel was a lovely experience. The use of sound blips for the dialogue was a nice touch, and I liked the little visual details like the cute blush the characters make during certain moments. The writing is something I also want to praise: I didn't expect the story to go to the places it goes. Great job!

I was happily surprised by the amount of animation this visual novel has! From eye blinks to windows you can look through and see moving stars, I really appreciated the amount of detail that was put into the visuals. The story's twists and turns made me try to predict what was going to happens next, and by the end, it left me a lot to mull over. Thank you for creating this!

I really enjoyed this visual novel. I love the art (the limited colour palette is very striking, the character sprites looks cute, and I like the way there are frames around different objects) and the story left me very emotional by the end. Great work!

Great job on this visual novel. I love the backgrounds, particularly with the lighting, the little details and touches with the character sprites (Adria's tag for example), and the ending left me wanting more. I'm looking forward to future additions.

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that Dear Devere and Paul Robins' music helped inspire you.

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)

I love this! It's cute, intuitive, and the sound is beautiful. Thank you for making this.

What are your thoughts on Halcyon Cafe?

What do you think of the visual presentation? The audio quality? Did you have any favourite segments that you liked?

Let me know so I have a better idea on what to do to improve future episodes.


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the stream! I had a lot of fun talking with Mike about Dear Devere.

I just finished playing this and I love it! It's art is beautiful, the writing is beautiful, its message is beautiful, and the way the camera softly moves to your cursor... beautiful! Well done!

Such a cute game! I love chickens, so I was immediately drawn to this visual novel. Thank you for making it.

Thank you so much! I'm really happy to hear you liked playing Dear Devere.

And yes, I'm doing okay, and while I don't know when I'll see my friends, I do know that I'll be happy when I do.

Hi Cho! Thank you again for making this demo! I love it. I love the writing, the art, the mechanics--it's great! I had a lot of fun playing it during the livestream. I've made a VOD recording of my playthrough: Twitch

I'm looking forward to seeing the final game. <3

I really enjoyed this visual novel, thank you for playing it! I played through it several times to see how my choices changed events.

I absolutely love the art in this visual novel. It's what drew me to the game. I loved looking at the painterly art style and the little details in the visuals

 I look forward to seeing what the final game becomes, with the typos fixed (there was a missing CG error I got for one of the events. I'm not sure if the CG art was missing, or if the script had a typo there). Again, thank you for making this visual novel.

I saved a recording of my livestream of the game: Twitch

(Demo spoilers ahead.) I think, after mulling it over in my mind, my suggestion would be making it clearer what causes the alternate timelines to change. I'm still not sure what triggers different events, though I have theories (dialogue choices, narrator setting, randomiser, or a combination). Thanks again for making this demo!

What a brilliant game! I love the beautiful artwork (the colour palettes and the brushwork's so pretty!), the lovely music (fittingly dream-like), and the main characters (the relationship between the two leads is so sweet).

It feels wholesome and comforting, which I really like. I had fun with the game mechanics and the puzzles. The presentation is stunning! Thank you so much for making it!

I also made a VOD recording of my livestream of the game: Twitch

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the twists and turns! The game mechanic is done using "persistent data," which is a type of scripting built into the game's engine, Ren'Py. I wrote a little bit about it in the game's behind-the-scenes document, but you can read about it in more detail in Ren'Py's documentation here. Hope this is what you're looking for, and thank you again for your comment! :)

Thank you for the demo! I played through it several times during a livestream. The game mechanics intrigue me, I really enjoyed the voice acting (it was really great hearing Chintarmanya and Mike in this!), and I had fun playing this.

I made a VOD recording of my playthrough: Twitch

Thank you for making this demo!

I really enjoyed this visual novel! I love the art style, I liked the game mechanics, and I thought the ending I got was very sweet!

Thank you for making this visual novel.

I made a VOD recording of my livestream of it: Twitch

I really enjoyed this visual novel! Thank you so much for making it.

I loved the writing and the characters. The inventory system was a fun game mechanic for solving puzzles. The jokes also made me laugh out loud.

I've created a VOD recording of my playthrough: Twitch video

Thank you for making this visual novel. I like stories with butler main characters, and this did not disappoint. I laughed a few times at the jokes you wrote. The voice acting added to the characters, and the main menu's music is really high-energy. The edited OP and ED videos were also a nice touch. 

I've saved VOD recordings of my playthrough on Twitch: Part 1 | Part 2

Thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful words.

If you're interested in more interactive stories that focus on the subject of dreams (as I'm sure you are), then I'm happy to recommend Ceremony of Innocence. As I wrote in the credits of Dear Devere, the visual novel was inspired by The Griffin and Sabine Trilogy by Nick Bantock. This trilogy of books has received not only a stage play adaptation, but also a video game adaptation: That video game adaptation is Ceremony of Innocence. The game came out back in 1997 (making it difficult to play today), but there are longplay recordings of the game on YouTube (such as this one), and I highly recommend checking it out. The artist Nick Bantock has a way of creating esoteric, dreamlike artwork that the eye can get lost in.

I shall check out your game jam, it sounds intriguing.


Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Your comments have made my day!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it!

Thank you for the update!