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I'm glad you found the framework useful! Thank you for showing me your game's page, I'll link to it on Disco Framework's page to showcase it.

Thank you, I'm glad to hear that the framework has been useful!

Because the framework is designed for users new to programming, the character's names are written within the dialogue. While it is still possible to use Ren'Py's built-in definitions, extra steps would need to be taken to reformat the nametags so that they are placed correctly, as well as changing the indentation of the dialogue text. While I don't have the script that would make these needed changes, more information on indentation and nametags can be found in Ren'Py's documentation.

Thank you. Yes, it is in theory possible to make any image element in the framework be animated or have a transition, since Ren'Py is python-based. I don't know what the script would be to add this in, but asking in Ren'Py-focused communities on Discord, forums, etc. should help you get info on how to accomplish the transition you want.

Thank you for your feedback. I'll add that to a list for a potential update. In the meantime, an option to make the text more readable whilst playing through the framework is using the Accessibility options (which includes Font Override options, Text Size Scaling, and--if you are using the downloaded version of the framework in Ren'Py's Launcher, instead of the browser version--a High Contrast Text mode as well) in Ren'Py by pressing the hotkey "A" while the framework is running.

No, under the  Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0), you may not use the material for commercial purposes.

Not out of the box, no. For a mobile build, you would need to copy GUI image assets from the "gui" folder (and sub-folders) to the "phone" folder, as well as edit programming in the script files for a mobile version of the GUI.

Thank you very much. At the moment, I currently don't have a clear plan on making (besides through my Patreon, which gives patrons access to an RSS feed for listening on platforms), as these platforms require monthly/yearly subscriptions for episodes to stay up. YouTube also causes issues, as the platform sometimes auto-blocks uploads due to audio clips used (I learnt this while making YouTube video essays back in 2018 and found the process of editing, re-rendering, and re-uploading essays very frustrating). Looking at the media player on both Patreon and Scritch Editor, you're right, neither have a control to change the speed for audio. I apologise for this missing feature. I'll keep my eye on both Patreon and Scritch--hopefully, one or both of them will add a speed control in the future.

A very enjoyable, immersive experience. The little details like the typewriter sounds and animation of the keys really adds to the feeling of being there. Thank you for making this!

I just finished playing this, and wow, the artwork and animation is gorgeous! The dynamic camera angles in various shots of this visual novel, and the amount of hand-painted animation is a breath of fresh air and looks amazing. Excellent work, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming Carrot: Pancakes and Waffles.

Thank you! ^^

Thank you so much for playing Dear Devere! <3

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like Mori (he was fun to write) and that you enjoyed the game. <3

Thank you so much, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. ^^

That's awesome to hear!! I'd love to see it. <3

Thank you so much! Yeah, I took a break and felt right as rain afterwards, I just needed to rest. Thank you again for fixing the sound issue so quickly!

SOUND WARNING for those who decide to play this game. Once the game first loads, a LOUD gong sound plays immediately, peaking your sound system. It caused physical pain in my ears for a few minutes because I was using earbuds (on a low volume level). Have your sound system turned OFF when you first load it, and then turn it on when the first level appears.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! >W<

I've been going back and replaying this game to relax. I really love the art and the different dice rules (hollow dice, etc). Thank you so much for making this! <3

I eventually won the game, and was really happy I was able to make it to the end:

I enjoyed playing through this. I love the artwork. I love the soft, muted colour choice, and the lineart of the characters. Brilliant work. <3

I really enjoyed this. I like that the user interface is so different from Ren'Py default quickmenu, and the artwork looks great! I like the use of shades of blue, with black that makes the bits of red pop. Great work.

I really enjoyed reading this visual novel, thank you for making it! There's a lot of detail in the forest scene in particular, with the snowflakes and the snow resting on the tree branches.

This was a lot of fun! I enjoyed the cute art style, the music, and the animations were great to see! The aurora borealis effect looks amazing! Awesome work. <3

Thank you for making such an amazing visual novel. I had a wonderful time playing it.

VODs of my playthrough with company: Part 1 | Part 2

This is a lot of fun! Thank you for making this. ^^

I love the artwork in this visual novel! The character sprites and backgrounds fit well together, I like the art style, and the way everything is lit with a blue light is a nice touch. Thank you for making this.

This is a beautiful visual novel with a lot of polish in the artwork and interface. I enjoyed reading the story. The camera movements were also a very nice touch. Thank you for making this!

This was a fun time! I really enjoyed the voice acting and the animations throughout were a nice touch. Also, I'm weak to adorable pet ducks, eeeee! >W<

Thank you for making this! <3

I enjoyed playing this visual novel! The artwork's painted style is beautiful and the voice acting by Meredith Nudo and Jeffrey Stanley is lovely to listen to. Thank you for making this!

This is a lovely visual novel! The art and animation is beautiful. I love the sparkle effects when you click the cursor. I played through all the endings and enjoyed the message in each one. Thank you for making this. <3

I had fun playing this! I love the cute art and the Christmas-y music. Thank you for making this.

I love the design in this game! The animations and visual effects and the way the ending happened was really impressive to me. Great work.

I love the art style (it's so cute!) and being able to walk around from scene to scene! Thank you for making this. <3

I really enjoyed this game, thank you so much for making it!

I love the hand drawn art style of this game! It really makes it stand out. I also enjoyed the music. Thank you for making this!

A very cute game. It feels like a short fairytale. Thank you for making it!

This was so cute! Thank you for making it. I also love how you did the credits at the end. <3