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Necesitamos encontrar el Extended Mix de "Un Mimo Por Favor". Tiene que estar en algún disco duro abandonado en un garaje o algo.

Really cool concept, aside from the fact I can't envision a CEO getting "into the weeds" at the same level we do here LOL

Message is loud and clear here. I loved how unlocking ultra processed food was practically printing money.

LMAO, se había entendido pero se agradece la aclaración xD

Taylor Swift.

tiene una pinta muy chula por lo que he visto en streams, pero desgraciadamente no lo he podido jugar porque mi ordenador no es Windows 😞

My favourite one so far.

I really liked the concept, especially given that the Holiday Property """Market""" is hugely problematic and relevant at the moment in many different countries. 

Very cool you did it in your local language too.

I'm super happy it reminded you of this dialogue in DE, because it was one of the inspirations behind the game! Thanks for playing and reflecting on it.

Real como la vida misma.

"Damn bro, science is crazy." literally me once the edibles hit.

¿Es descargarme esto un videojuego?

Fantastic and absolutely heartbreaking.

Ay un bipsi, que ilusióoooon <3 

Me ha gustado mucho.

this is all too relatable: big projects are such a huge task that I technically want to work on but I never want to get to.

Another banger

¡Gracias por el manual! El juego está muy chulo y me gustan los dibujitos.


Totally do it. I know lots of people would enjoy a sprite with so many customisation options 💖

You are so real for this.

Qué cucada, por favooor.

Thank you for the extension, it's really helped me not crunch towards the end :)

This was gorgeous. The art, the music, the story you tell...

Absolute masterpiece that should not hurt any sensibilities at all.

100% apolitical. 100% magical girl.

Y gracias por la versión web para los que no tenemos Windows :)

El final es increíble.

Tremenda fumada. Literal.

Muchas gracias!!

These are lovely!!

Thank you both! Much appreciated :)

So cool, so creepy.

Hey! Thanks for your kind words.

The rooms are actually the same size as any other regular bitsies: 16 tiles per side. Maybe it feels different as it uses a first person view. I don’t know!

Hi! Honestly, that is very interesting. You can possibly do some sort of animation if you attach several images as fields to an event and then run a script that displays them using some sort of delay (we did that in Matter for an actual cutscene). 

However as binksi/bipsi is based on javascript, it's single-threaded. So the animation will play once, you'll have to add each manually, and everything will stop until that animation is done. So a looping animation like the ones you'd see in Ren'Py is impossible.

I love the idea but it's probably not worth the hassle. Binksi wasn't originally meant to be a VN engine but I still made this, so I get why you wanted to try LOL

Honestly, this rules. Can’t wait to make a tiny game with this.

“That was very heteronormative of you” ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Well, you can get it here! Far From Home | Synth Kid (

Hey, sorry you feel this way. 

The manner in which the dialogue works in this game is the standard way bitsy (the tool this game was made with) behaves. So if you found playing this game frustrating, I’d recommend you to approach any other bitsy games carefully in the future - as 99% of the time they’ll have a small dialogue box just like this one. It’s just a tiny tool (not even a game engine) so adding extra functionality is actually very hacky and not easy.

Also, this “stream of scrolled messages” mirroring a stream of consciousness is actually a staple of the genre, I’m afraid. They are games to play slowly, explore and (hopefully) reflect on what they are telling you. They are not games to speedrun.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy the game once you come back to it. Take care of yourself and have a lovely day.