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¿Existe algún juego mejor que este?

Me da igual si os caen bien o mal los 127 desarrolladores de El punto, pero acaban de dar una masterclass de metodologías agile, kaizen y relaciones públicas. Ignorad los personajes, mirad los actos. Son unos cracks. La jugada es arriesgada, espero que salga bien.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Holy shit, this was beautiful.

This was incredible and so wholesome, bruh. Good job.

Had the same issue Gwen mentions below, but it did not detract from any of the enjoyment.

Also... Minecraft 👀

I will not repeat the swearing from when I was playing this, but great job. You are so good at elliciting (pun intended) feelings in a split second. Absolutely fantastic.

Hi! Yes, the jam is over. So regrettably you cannot submit to the jam anymore.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask them in the FAQ thread. And if you want to ask about specific things, please describe what you want answers to. Thank you!

Hey. Yeah, the use of RPGMaker is banned in general, as stated in the general rules, because our understanding is that to have any VN sections, you need to have some sort of overworld that uses the tile system. This would clash with the rule set about the number of assets.

Now, if by using this plug-in you can completely bypass having to use an overworld, we’ll allow this, but we would’ve appreciated you had read the rules and come to us earlier.

Hey! This is fine :)

Hello! Sorry it’s taken  so long but we were unsure what to do about this one. So we were scouring the rule set to see if there’d be something there that would allow for this… We hate saying “no”, but regrettable this is one of those cases. 

We’re super sorry, but we believe this would go against the rules and the spirit of the jam. However, you make definitely use it as promo material or an attachment outside of the game.

Hello! Yes, that’d be fine as long as that’s the only asset you’ll be using as the background!

I stared back at the screen for almost a minute when given the choice. 

I loved this, it was beautiful, even if painful. Really well written, the descriptions were very evocative.

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Actually, let me rephrase this because I'm not sure I've been clear. We ask you to refrain from overdoing this. But when you do it, each "real word" counts as one (so CamelWordSentence is 3 words).

And also, we appreciate you asking :)

Hi! This is something we introduced for the Queer Edition earlier this year, and we've kinda kept around in case people wanted to monetize their games (with donations, etc.). If you do not plan to monetize it, please feel free to use -NC!!!

Hello, it'd be cool if you were able to do this styling using variables. I know this is possible to do with Ink, and I've been told that with Ren'Py this should be possible. I don't know what you're using though. So please do try first.

However, if you can't achieve it that way then we would allow this as an exception, as it's the same text.

Hi, sorry for the delay.

Normally we tell people to work with flat assets and any 3d they do to then render as a png. What are you trying to achieve using a skybox?

Hi, this is explained in the main post under ONE BACKGROUND.

Honestly, Google docs may count those as separate words but you know they are several ones out together. Cut down on them as much as possible, please.

If you're trying to use TTS to voice several characters, that would be a no. TTS is meant to be used for accessibility purposes and not to bypass the VA limit. We ask people as well to use the TTS in-engine if possible.

But I'd like to remind you  that you can have 1 VA, but the VA can technically do several voices. They're not limited to just the one, you know?

For the sake of accessibility, this is fine.

1. The names of the endings would could towards the 1k words when they are displayed in the playthrough but not in the menu.

2. That's probably fine, but don't overdo it.

Hello to you!

  1.  Would count as expressions :)
  2. Yes, as it would be counted in a word processor, so use them wisely!
  3. Yes, there is no limit on UI. You can have as many screens or display the text as you want to (specially if it's all done in code).

You can have as many endings as you want as long as all of the text in the game follows the 1k word rule.

Also, if you have any more questions, please ask them in the FAQ post. Do not create new ones. Let's keep it tidy. Thanks.

That should be alright but please no more than that. Don’t overwork yourself.

Hi! What are you trying to achieve with this?

Text-to-speech is meant to be used for accessibility purposes.

Hi, let me clarify this! The rules are about the overall content of the game (specifically, what’s in the files).

You can’t have 3 items, even if only one is shown. It’s not about how what appears in each playthrough, it’s about how much work you put into the game.

Hi! We had to think a bit  about this, but here are our answers:

1. We think this is too much, but you may have a static icon if it's cropped from the video caller via code!

2. This is okay.

Thank you so much for letting me know. Gotta fix that bug.

And thank you for playing the game!!

Personally, I think this would be a good idea and it'd be in the spirit of the jam. So yeah, go ahead with this!

We just want people to make a simple game, you see. So we're hesitant about animations with many frames, etc. 

Hey! The rule for the one item only was implemented so people don't overwork themselves. We're inclined to say no to this, especially if the item would be a separate drawing from the one in the BG. I'd want more clarification about this, because if  it'd be the case of having the 3 items floating in the BG and then one of them disappearing from the BG and appearing on the character, that'd be an absolute "not allowed".

Hello. If you are using transforms for this, it's absolutely fine and encouraged.

Hi! Assuming the bars would be some sort of HUD, instead of actual objects in the game, you'd be fine having 3. They'd count as UI, not as an object.

Hey,  normally a VN has a "flat" background so the rules account for this only. We've had this question in the past, so full answer is here: Post by Gubbles in !READ THIS! Rules, Interpretations, & FAQ

If you have any more questions, please ask them in this year's !READ THIS! Rules, Interpretations, & FAQ post. We'd like to keep them all in the same place so people don't have to check several different pages! Thank you.

This was very sweet. I joined the bitscord in its twilight years, so I never experienced the bustling one you remember. However, it’s very nice to see how much it meant to other people. Makes me wish I’d discovered bitsy earlier.

Hey! What sort of mask did you have in mind? Like a full-face? Half-face? A surgical one?

There are no rules! They’re not an “asset”, so no limitations.

And that sounds very cool! 💖