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Character Art

Search For A Star + Sumo Digital Rising Star 2020

Development Project

Students are asked to create an original game-ready character model for use in UE4. Students will need to show evidence of their full development process, from pre-production, production and post-production, through to the final presentation.

Full project briefs, supporting documents & access to the base project are released to participating students through

This project is designed to emulate the aspects of a studio development process, including documenting and following a production pipeline.

Please note this jam is only open to students who have registered to take part in Search For A Star / Sumo Digital Rising Star 2020 - further details on the challenge series can be found over at Grads In Games.

For support or enquiries, please contact Join the Grads In Games Discord for live support, project tips and advice (and to get to know all the other participants)

Grads In Games & the Search For A Star challenges are run by Grads In Games / Aardvark Swift with the support of Sumo Digital, Boss Alien, nDreams, Red Kite Games, TT Games, d3t, Kwalee, Firesprite, Guerrilla Games & Furious Bee


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Game-ready character created for Search for a Star 2020
A witch character made for search for a star : character art
'As I Remember' protagonist
Search For A Star 2020 - Character Art
SFAS 2020 Character Art Entry - Emma Piper
Stylised 3D Character including Assets
it's all about the gold
Overwatch Style character
A 3D game ready character model made for a competition.
She's a money driven bounty hunter in the 1800s, specialising in pest removal
Game character designed and produced for Rising Star 2020
Character Art entry for the Sumo Digital Rising Star challenge.
This was a game ready character for the rising star challenge
USA infantry Soldier 3D Model
A chibi version of the Tigrex from the Monster Hunter games.
Two characters created for the Search for a Star character art challenge.
My character for the Search for a Star project.
This is my character model entry for the Grads in Games search for a star 2020.
A quirky thief character for a quirky heist game! - SearchforaStar SFASX 2020
Search for a Star entry 2020
Stylised female character with props
A soldier from future, who is doing guard duty
SFASX Challenge
Character Art entry for Sumo Digital Rising Star based on the Aclla.
Real-time character made for the Search for a Star Character Art Challenge 2020.
Search For A Star 2020
Combination of my 2 favourite fantasy universes, star wars and the witcher
Search For A Star 2020 Submission
Dragon Character for SFASX Character Art
“I am your god! Long may I reign!” - Mollymauk Tealeaf, Blood Hunter
University Character Brief
Charater Art submission for SFAS
An insect wizard character I made for the 'Rising Star' competition! Enjoy! :D x
A designed character made in ZBrush
Search For A Star 2020 - Project Submission
She is beauty, she is grace, she will prolly cut your face.