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Submitted by JRMorley — 1 hour, 2 minutes before the deadline
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Research + Development#451.2501.250

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  • Very nice clean character! Nice topology density, nice texturing and it seems quite a nice sculpt. I would look at perhaps doing some anatomy studies in zbrush to really up those skills a bit more. Unfortunate there was no documentation, so I could only mark it on what was handed in.
  • This character could use a bit more time in the oven, but you've got a decent start. Posing the character for presentation would help, as well as giving him a bit of a background or at least something to stand on. Anatomy - When designing creatures from scratch, especially mashups of species, it's a good idea to reference real world animals move and behave. A lizards anatomy is very different than a human, so how their muscles connect is different due to being quadrupeds. When converting a quadruped to a bipedal stance, the muscles and skeleton underneath would have to undergo significant changes to support the vertical structure, so it would have been nice to see more of that put into the anatomy and silhouette of the character. Currently, it feels like a man wearing a lizard outfit. I would also recommend building a mouthbag and the interior of the mouth. Having it as one solid mesh is not common in games anymore, the character would be unable to speak, roar, or so anything outside of smiling with his face currently. Technical - more polygons to support the density and silhouette of the sculpt would have been nice, since there are silhouette breaks that were baked down to a normal map. The edge flow around the arms could use adjustments as well, I recommend looking up some reference to how other artists build their base body topology flow. Armor Design - The armor is all right for a first pass, but I would spend more time working on the silhouette, and really think about how the pieces fit together. Can he hold his arms straight out to the sides, straight in front of him, can he bend his elbow in, can he lift his legs up, can he squat, etc. Make sure that nothing clips when he does these actions. The armor feels like you were aiming to design something like in Mass Effect, I would recommend looking at how they build their armor designs. Same with Halo's Master Chief. Both of those games have top in class designers, so a lot can be learned from them. Armor Materials - Currently the armor feels very even, with an even amount of scratching and scuff marks. Think about where damage should be applied to the armor, how it's used every day, which parts would make contact with other objects (knees hitting the floor, arm guards blocking melee attacks, the armor being set down after a long day and scuffing on the parts that would make contact with the ground if you put it down. Also focus more on material separation, having different elements be readable and distinct. This comes down to the design a bit, but having plastic buckles, different types of metal clasps, fabric straps, etc.

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