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Samurai inspired characterView project page

University Character Brief
Submitted by TWalker (@greypersona) — 2 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Samurai inspired character's page


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Research + Development#263.4003.400

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  • A lovely looking character that I wish there had been say a viewer for the model so I could really inspect in depth. But a well produced character all round, keep it up!
  • Hi Thomas, nice job finishing your character for SFAS. I have some feedback for you, hopefully you can take it and implement it on your next character. Materials - I would spend more time working out your materials, the cloth, skin, and metal don't quite feel like they are hitting the mark for achieving a believable result. Metal relies heavily on reflections, so having an HDRI to light your scene, or using a reflection capture cube in UE4 with an HDRI cubemap would go a long way to realizing the metal outside of texture work. The skin as well looks super smooth, almost wet. While you can't see her face fully, more time should have been spent realizing the skin. Download the DigitalHuman project off of the Unreal marketplace to see how modern skin characters are built, and match that quality on your next piece. Hair - The hair in your piece is rather distracting, as you went with a sculpted clump of hair, instead of trying to make it a more realistic result to match the rest of the character. There are many tutorials online on how to create haircards and set up their materials, I recommend investing some time into learning how hair works. References - In your documentation, I don't see any references for real world equivalents, your art is based on other artists work. Make sure to get reference that is based in reality, especially for materials work and how things are truly built and assembled. Cloth - More time should be spent learning cloth and how it behaves, the cloth on your character could have used some more time getting in believable folds, wrinkles, pinching, etc. Overall, this is a good piece, and if you can improve upon what you built here and make something even better for your next project, you'll have something great in no time.
  • Really like the character design you've made, she has a lot of character and a really nice colour scheme. Your influences also have shone through. Your finished sculpt is really nice. I would have liked to see more evidence of the sculpting process. You've added a lot of detail and texture in the sculpt which is great to see. The fabric also deforms quite naturally, however the symmetry in the back is pretty obvious. The weakest part of this sculpt is the hair. The end of the ponytail is quite lumpy and gravity-defying - I can understand the hairstyle you were going for but I think it didn't work out super successfully. You might have benefitted here from using multiple subtools to block out where strands of hair were going. You've got a pretty nicely optimised model - the polycount is very sensiblle and the texture maps are a good size. The texture work is good, I think you maybe went a bit too grungey/grainy with things based on your reference. Grunge can be toned down a lot to make things look less noisey. With the amount of patterns you have on the character adding extra noise isn't necessary. Your poses and final renders are nice, I personally would have chosen to take portrait screenshots, just because you have a lot of wasted space at the sides of your renders due to the character being tall. But still, a good project!

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