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Aclla - Virgin Of The SunView project page

Character Art entry for Sumo Digital Rising Star based on the Aclla.
Submitted by stayghoul — 33 minutes, 35 seconds before the deadline
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Research + Development#213.5003.500

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  • Hi May, nice job finishing your character for SFAS. I have some general feedback for you. - More attention to the anatomy of the character is necessary. Children are very hard to get right, any mistakes and they fall into the uncanny valley immediately. Unfortunately this is where Aclla falls into. Also, make sure to have a mouth bag for your characters, you need to get the proper definition of the seam between the lips, which flat geometry can not achieve. - Hair - Look up some tutorials for creating hair in XGen -> Unreal workflows, and follow them. Adam Skutt has a great tutorial (paid, but totally worth it), and there is a great tutorial by Emmanuel Lecouturier for Marmoset. Both of these are great starting points to learning how to creating believable hair. - Clothing - The clothing feels too soft right now, there is no pinching of the clothing anywhere on the character. The belt should be pulling the dress in, which would cause creases and folds. Spend time doing cloth studies, I recommend getting a friend to wear a bed sheet, sit on a chair, then take a bunch of photographs all the way around, then sculpt based on the reference. Then do the same for regular clothing, jeans, shirts, etc. Really try and understand how cloth acts, it's important to creating believable characters. - Texturing/Model notes: If you don't see it, remove it. You packed the entire body into a texture sheet, when 90% of that is hidden. Your model should have been cut off at the arms, that way you could have deleted the body and gotten much more texel density across the face. The arms should have also been put into their own texture map, apart from the face. It would also help to see micro tiling details across the clothing surface, right now it lacks a lot of the smaller details.
  • Hi, a lovely model, that fits well in the world your trying to portray. I can see you are aware of what went wrong and how to fix it in future. Researching the areas required such as hair cards. I would be weary of UDIMS since they are not used often in games, and is more for film. And substance painter at present is only just tackling the problem of painting over uvmaps. I feel there may be more pressing things to research such as sculpting anatomy to a higher standard (this would be simply sculpting practise and anatomy studies, perhaps sculpting out from a skull, muscle skin etc) and hair etc. Another tip, as you say, things look slightly different outside substance, I use marmoset as my chosen renderer and export often to test. Its about testing basically, if your working in unreal test often in unreal and don’t rely on the substance painter renderer as the finished product. All in all a good model, just keep up practising and learning.
  • Good, in depth documentation. Would've liked to see more evidence of exploration and research with materials and patterns. Character's face looks good, let down with some technical aspects e.g polycount and texture resolution. Final render could've done with something extra, even if just a background/shadow plane or post processing volume.

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Sumo Digital Rising Star

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