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Search for a Star entry 2020
Submitted by hannahblachford — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline
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Research + Development#303.2503.250

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  • Hi and congratulations on finishing your project! The good: the general understanding of the process is in place, the process is well documented. Areas of development (assuming the goal is to further pursue a character art career): -Artistic fundamentals focusing on shapes, flow, gesture, proportions. This is a skill where the mastery will come in time as you sink more raw hours into the craft, with potential ways to improve being things like life-drawing and sculpting. This will allow you to get a feel for shapes and proportions of your characters and equip you to translate concept art into 3d assets in a way that creates a whole that is bigger than the sum of its parts. -General level of polish. While shortcuts such as using an external basemesh as a basis for the project are perfectly acceptable, the overall level of polish would be considered lacking in a lot of studio environments. It is understandable that the amount of hours to be spent on this project is limited, but in an ideal world, more iteration would be needed before I would consider this project to be 100% complete. Good job, and good luck! Pavel
  • Nice research, was good to see all your moodboards. The sculpt turned out quite nice. The muscle definition around the abdominal area is a little bit weird - as this part is on show I recommend returning to this and reconsidering the muscles in this area. I also like that you refined the fabric that came out of Marvelous Designer rather than just leaving it as it was! This part came out really nicely. I'm also not sure about the decision to leave the mouth so open. I understand why this was done, however if the mouth were that open it would affect the jaw position which makes facial rigging a bit more complicated. If I'm being picky, it's usually good practise to model the feet facing directly forward (here they are turned out a bit) but that's a limitation of the basemesh you used. Overall very nice sculpt! Your topology is pretty neat too. I think it's a bit dense in certain areas, such as having defined fingernails/toenails. There also wasn't much need to put so much topology around the pectorals - they don't need this much edge loop support. I do wish you'd retopologised the cloth! This definitely massively ups the polycount in a way that isn't necessary. Not much documentation on the texturing process. The textures came out not too bad. There's not a ton of colour variation and some of the roughness values are a bit off which gives him a bit of a waxy feel. As you were going for a more realistic feel, make sure you work on adding a bit of depth and definition in your albedo as well as some overall colour variation to make it more natural. I'm not entirely sure why your transparency wasn't working on the feathers - it would have been useful to attach a picture of your unreal material so we could see! I think you did really well with the rigging, having the cape makes it really difficult to do and you managed really well considering. I don't agree with your summary that you shouldn't have spent time on UVs, baking and retop! These are really important things for a character artist, much more so than knowing how to rig and model weapons. Your model came out really nicely despite the setbacks, if a bit high-poly.
  • Its always a challenge to complete the first few characters and you have followed it through to the end, to a nice final piece. Some suggestions for the future. Look at first blocking out your model entirely in zbrush before creating the replacement garments in marvellous, but especially, retopologies the garments after creation! Good work though.

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