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“I am your god! Long may I reign!” - Mollymauk Tealeaf, Blood Hunter
Submitted by Kial Oliver-Gibson (@SovereignWalrus) — 16 minutes before the deadline
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Research + Development#64.2004.200

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  • Hi Kial, excellent work on the character, it's a very strong piece. I have a few points of feedback that you could to to improve the character further. - The hand could use a bit more work, really define the tendons and bones poking under the skin. The following assets should be on their own individual texture sheets: - The head + horns - The eyes - The hands - The tail - The sword - The playing cards - Head accessories / jewelry - The clothing can be packed into one map, but I might recommend splitting off the boots into their own texture sheet Splitting off each element into their own texture sheet and material will allow you to customize shaders further, and maximize the required texture resolution for each element. You can always mip things down to save on space, but I recommend starting at a high resolution for each part (4096x4096) then scale down as necessary to fit within the established budget. Materials - The tail is looking a bit too glossy, would be nice to see a bit more roughness and micro detail on it. The sword also could use some work, it's looking a bit flat. Over all though, solid work.
  • Well of course it's amazing as expected! Really sad to see it not 100% finished. There's the obvious issues of the hair and eyebrows not being exactly game ready and the lack of a UE4 scene (which I sadly have to knock points for) - however you've produced a really excellent portfolio piece which I think is the main goal of this competition over all things. The most impressive thing is the level of detail on this. Really happy that you took the time to decorate the coat as it really ties it together. There are some texel density issues - the coat is quite pixelated compared to other areas. The texture work is excellent. I think the face could have done with a little bit more variation in the zones of the face. Even though he is purple, there would be more blood in areas like the cheeks and nose (which you've done a little of) and be a little more sallow in the forehead. Only needed a little bit subtly, as you're not going for a hyperrealistic character. If I'm being picky, I think the boots needed some work. It's fairly obvious that they're mirrored and I wish there were some seams on there so it was more evident how they are constructed. All being said, it's very nit-picky as this is a fantastic piece!
  • Superb piece of work. It was a pleasure to view. The best thing was with your limits you had in the making of, such as hair limits, you worked around, and it still worked, so feel proud. Sculpt is lovely, the texturing professionally done, the retopo, sometimes messy, but working fine for what is required, not to dense or to light. It’s all good/. As a future suggestion for getting work, try and get to learn marvellous. Its becoming a requirement also. You can rent it also monthly and stop it anytime. Might be worth a look.
  • A superb character. We were really impressed by the entire character, especially the pattern design on the fabric using the custom alphas you created. We really think that has paid off massively with the end result. We would agree with what you have mentioned in your document that the posing could have a bit more time spent on it, With how it is at the moment, we are finding our eyes are overly drawn to the characters finger. Also with the final characters eyes, considering the concept and the amount of UV space given to them that it would be more interesting if the emissive glow was less intense and could allow for some detail to distinguish the iris. Regardless a great character, Bravo!

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