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Game-ready character created for Search for a Star 2020
Submitted by ZavalasAgent — 1 hour, 54 minutes before the deadline
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Research + Development#153.8333.833

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  • Hi Faye, good job finishing the character for the deadline, considering how little time you had to work on her. For your next character, I would advise spending much more time on the character and make sure it has the time it needs to truly shine. The average production turnaround for a modern game character is 8-12 weeks, to give you a ball park to aim for. Of course, spend as much time as necessary on your character to make it look as good as possible. I have some feedback which you can take with you for your next project. Anatomy - More time should be spent getting believable anatomy, before creating any clothes. The underlying body will determine how the clothing sits on the character, and will influence the silhouette. The head in particular could have used some more work, she looks a bit too masculine, and her ears are anatomically incorrect and do not transition into her head correctly. The hand as well doesn't look believable, you can get some scans online (Ten24) to see how a hand should really look as a sculpt. Of course, don't just use purchased assets, create your own, but use scans as study material to learn from. Clothing - I recommend learning more about clothing, and modern production workflows. Marvelous is used a lot, but it can be a crutch. Spend some dedicated time to learn how to sculpt believable clothing, take a bed sheet and put it on a friend, have them pose with the sheet, then take photos from all angles around them while they hold that position. Then, sculpt that sheet from scratch in Zbrush. Repeat with other types of clothing, with different fabric properties. This is an excellent way to learn how cloth works. It will take time to learn properly, but I promise you it is important to know. Technical - UV's - Pack the following assets into their own texture sheet" - Head - Eyes (either use a mirrored texture, or 1 texture sheet per eye) - Accessories (*for your next character) - Hair can be split into several sheets, one for eyelashes/facial hair, one or more for hair on the head, and one or more for any fur on the body. UV pt. 2 - You have many long straight edges in your UV sheet, you should align the edges so they are perfectly vertical or horizontal. Avoid as much as possible having your UV shells at weird angles, as it will cause pixel stepping and oddities around the edges. Presentation - A background, pedestal, or even a simple floor for the character to be on would help sell the character. Avoid presenting your character on a flat background.
  • Overall good effort. Would suggest focusing and spending more time on posing and facial expression. Consider the lighting especially on a character that is so light skinned. Good thorough documentation.
  • A lovely character and well produced, you know where you need to improve (retopo) but I also would suggest looking into marvellous for that added part of realism. But that isn’t a complaint, it looks great and the only issue I really saw was the pinching in retopo. I think it’s a fabulous character that you should be proud off.
  • Very good demonstration af a solid 3D workflow, good animation cicle and very detailed presentation. The creative part has started really well taking in consideration time constrains and a lot of good ideas during the gathering of references. For some reasons though the character looks a bit empty especially in the lower part. Overall a good job!

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Search For A Star

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