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FroglinsView game page

Mini Jam 106
Submitted by ilPrinni (@IliasLPrin), Zomare, Derpyzza — 5 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#603.4053.405

Ranked from 42 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
3, IlPrimy, Derpyzza, Zomare

Software used
Unity, Krita, Ableton Live

Use of the limitation
You have a turn limited to clear the floors!

Cookies eaten
3 spider cookies

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I've never really played Hearthstone card style games, but wow that was very fun. Very intuitive, juicy, and perfectly paced. Great job!


Very Cool Game


Almost perfect game for me, my current favorite of the jam! I love the character that you put into every card, the complexity of the game and addicting gameplay loop. So far I only got to floor 9, but I really want to try harder and complete it!



I was so addicted to it until I finally beat it.


The game have such great animation !  I love the design of your cards as well !


This game is amazing!!!  I had so much fun playing this and the polish of the cards movement made it really satisfying to play!  I made it to level 8 and really got to know the card types.  Very well balanced and challenging but not overly so.  Fantastic work on this -loved it! :D


super gamer. You made a great game definitely top 10.


For whatever reason, the sound volume was so low I needed to set my computer to 100% volume. Other than that, overall good time


I usually suck at these kinda games, but you've done a really great job at making this easy to grasp and fun to play! I had a good laugh at some of the cards too, and for me humor in these things counts for a lot of the enjoyment. Nicely done!


Of all games played so far this is the one I enjoyed the most, well done!


Wonderful game. Really solid deckbuilder with a nice range of cards and plenty of room for creative strategies, combined with charming art on each card and a very juicy feel to the whole experience.

I found the keyboard shortcuts weren't working for me? Managed to work around it by skipping turns so didn't stop me enjoying :)


Such a polished submission! Really liked the visuals and card game mechanics. Unfortunately, some of my card choices have lead me to a loss I could have never foreseen. Time frogs could have used a bit more utility, as they are such a bad choice compared to other cards in earlier parts of the game, but crucial in the later stages where time management is essential. 

Still had a great time though, loved the art and how smooth it all felt. It' just a shame some trial and error aspects were present. 


As someone who likes card games but hates deck building, this was really fun and extremely well made. Would love to see this expanded on. Great work!!!


It’s hard to create a card game the works so well. And well presented. Congratulations!


Enjoyment 5/5 - Really fun stuff! The card battles all manage to at least keep me thinking and it allows for some fun builds as you go through.

Concept 5/5 - I love me a good card game and even if it's simple, it's still a wonderfully designed system that's easy to understand but allows for great strategy!

Presentation 4.5/5 - You guys knocked it out of the park with the card illustrations, I love all of these silly little frogs so much! Only real place to improve is the backgrounds and maybe card borders. But otherwise perfect.

Use of Limitation 3.5/5 - A bit basic but with some good potential in the time stealers and time frogs. I could see more cards effecting the time limit to add an extra layer of strategy. But sadly it doesn't get too much focus. But the game stands fine without the limitation.

Overall, one of the best games in the jam so far! Wonderful work here.


Great!  This is very polished.

Wizard is OP and I used him every time there were more than 4 cards on the opponent's side lol

^v^ McStebb


this is a wonderful game, I would spend hours playing, but homework be darned


Got sucked in! What a fun game!


Terrific job guys this was the most developed card game i've played in a jam. Check out my live review at

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Super fun, I'm always up for a game of gwent :P Couldn't get past floor 9 then started questioning my life choices...

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