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Thank you! I might work a little more on it and make it more enjoyable.

Love the graphics ^_^ I think you're at a good point

I couldn't playtest it with enough people unfortunately so my opinion about the difficulty was somewhat biased. I thought it was actually somewhat easy since there are measures to make up for lost lives and currency. For instance the player gains a new life when successfully beating a level and one star of each kind when dying. Thanks for the input though, I'll take note of it for the next challenge too.

Two lives were lost in the making of this videogame XD omg poor goldfish T_T

Nothing beats a reptilian overlord from space as a final boss haha 

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Thanks for the compliments! You use up stars of the respective joypad key colour whenever you use them so you need to use them wisely. It's explained in the "how to play" but it's mainly pictures so I don't blame you for missing the brief on that hehe

Games with a hidden message are among the best imo... believe in yourself and fight your fears! Nice.

Oh wow, things get crazy pretty fast. Fun!

Hello I´m trying to download this file but it keeps failing. Can you provide an alternative link pls?

Are they royalty free?

I am trying to import my own sprite into the application but somehow they never show. What colour do the sprites need to be and what size? What frame width and height do I have to specify at import? I only managed to import one image but it looked skewed.

Don't make the big boss angry! XD

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Heck, this play really well! Nice :) The jumping kicks didn't always connect but for a demo and your first project this looks and plays really well.

I think this game is cute, and the menu logic looks quite complex.

Nice looking game :)

You can't access the upper level of the library from the inside. You need to enter through a window on the roof. Generally if the game is too hard it's because you don't have the right equipment for it. Going in the Volcano area without the dragon sword and the armor, you'll get pulverized in no time. There are three hints for the dragon sword: one is near the save point, the others are further down on your way to the fire temple. You need to speak to one of the monkeys to  know the path to out of the labyrinth in the volcano.