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I agree with this comment, increasing difficulty would be nice! I liked the game, the art and the atmosphere. But I think it's more rewarding when the challenge goes up a little more over time :)

I liked it very much, only thing that bothered me was the missing option to restart the whole level from the beginning, hitting ctrl+z the whole time was a little annoying. Very clever puzzle design und great atmosphere! I loved the cryptic level names too :) this is our game page! :)

Hey there!

We started developing a game for the jam but soon realized our idea was much bigger than what could be made during the jams time limit. But we really liked our idea and so we kept working on it and want to continue to do so. For us, the end of the jam became more of a milestone where we would like to share our progress with you in the form of a game page with a making-of text and pictures of the assets we managed to finish during the jam!

Would it be okay to submit something like this?

We wish you good luck and success for the final day of the jam!

cute and fun game! Unfortunately we could not activate the special for the player on the right because there is no "/"-key on a german keyboard :( 

The game design and level design in this game are very good! I loved the main mechanic of the constantly growing and decaying plants which added a nice sense of rhythm to the gameplay :) Also liked the simple music that sounds almost like an 8bit version of 80s alternative garage rock :D

simple and fun!

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Wow! :o Nice score! Implementing a high score system is a little bit more advanced because the data needs to be stored on a seperate server (as far as I know). But I will look into it if I find the time :) So many projects at once! :D

Thanks for featuring the game! :) I recommend reading the rules first for a better playing experience :D

woah, this is great! It's like a weird mix of Wario Ware and Space Odyssey :D The music mechanics felt really responsive and meaningful. Congratulations!

I would really love seeing someone getting more than 500 points! :D

Thank you very much for picking my game! I'm very proud to be part of this jam :)

Unfortunately I can't attend the event , but I will keep an eye out for your twitter updates!

Also congratulations to all the other winners, you've deserved it!

connect them!

You're welcome :) I'm glad to be helpful!

I figured you used a character creator and that is totally fine! But if you take the time to refine the graphics a little bit, it will really help to give your games a better look! Here is a tutorial that fixes the issue I'm talking about.

I love the cute visuals and story! Unfortunately my PC crashed yesterday so I could not finish the game :( Some minor things that you could make better: the edges of the graphics could be cleaner.  Which graphics program do you use? Also the stars in the mini-game disappeared really fast and it seems you can't catch them once they start fading. Would be cool if you could still catch them as long as they are still visible. Nonetheless I think you did a great job and should keep up making projects like this :)

That's great! Thank you for playing and sharing your score :)

This is so cute! And great mechanics!

In a good way, I hope? :D

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Hey there! I just released my puzzle game Crescendia Gardens a few days ago, which was made for the Lunar New Year Jam:

The game is about strategically placing Tetris-like blocks and objects like plants, crystals or mushrooms that will grow and spread on these blocks. The focus is on planning and optimization, with daily and weekly challenges that encourage players to try again and find even better strategies with each gameplay loop. The game is meant to be like a little relaxing puzzle box that can be picked up easily.

It was heavily inspired by David King's Tiny Islands, but I think I managed to get a unique take on the formula which makes the experience different enough to have it's own identity. 

It's not optimized for touch yet (you are not able to turn the blocks without a right mouse button) but I will work on that as soon as the voting for the game jam ends! Please give it a try, it's free and ready for browser-play :)

Update 2: Getting close to the finish line! I added a lot more things to plant, like a special moon flower that can only be planted on full moon.

Also today I realized that the game may be difficult to play for people with color blindness, so I added patterns to the blocks to help telling them apart; also added some pointing arrows to indicate what objects and blocks can be placed at the current moment in the game.

Thank you! :)

Update: More flower variety and you can even grow crystals now!

Artwork looks great so far! Definitely a game I would like to play :)

Thanks! I will overhaul the graphics if I have enough time, to make it even more cute :D

Hey there!

I decided to share the progress of my game. It's a puzzle/gardening game where you have to place blocks and plant flowers which are affected by the phases of the moon. The basic mechanics are mostly in place now, focusing on the actual content and presentation now. Time management has been rough so far, I hope the second half of the jam will be a bit smoother.

Hope you are all doing well, I'm excited to see what you come up with! :)

thank you very much! Maybe there will be a full elaborate version of the game in the future :)

this is the best I could do :D very addicting and fun!

this looks dope! did you do this in the first three days, or was it an already existing project of yours?


I'm making a Halloween themed visual novel combined with turn-based RPG combat in Game Maker Studio 2.  I bought a premade VN-Script and customized it for my needs. The hardest part will be to do all the artworks and music :D

I can't wait to see everyone's projects evolve over the course of the month!

This is my second jam and in the first one only devs could vote, so I assumed this would be the case here too. My opinion still stands nonetheless. It would at least be handy to see two seperate scores for public voting and voting by other competitors.

Oh, that's even worse :D I thought the whole time only devs that submitted could vote

We weren't aware, thank you very much! This is great news :)

Great! It's so interesting to see that our games are so different takes on a very similar concept. I have to say I really didn't get it at first, but when I saw all the positive comments I had to give it a second try. It's very clever and fun to play once you get a grasp of the concept!

10/15 Minutes is about the playtime we were going for and we didn't expect anybody to play longer than that. 

Yay, I really liked this one! Good concept and execution, charming graphics and dialog, very polished! The only thing I didn't like were the controls. Having a german keyboard, the letters x and y are very far apart, an alternate control scheme would be nice.

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Thank you for your honest review! I don't think that the limitation of the mechanic is the core problem, but the lack of time to balance the numbers right and to develop a greater variety of meaningful items to buy. Initially there was a loot system planned and the shop keepers would have received new items as the game progressed, but due to time constraints these had to be cut. I hope you had some fun nonetheless! :) If you like the style of our artist, stay tuned! We're already planning our next project and will be sure to take the time to balance it right and find ways to make the gameplay more engaging!

The game as 23 rates now, so I'll quickly squeeze it in :D It's a resource management RPG with weird monsters and only one stat to manage:

We made an RPG Game with wacky monsters and only one stat to manage:

Is this multiplayer only?