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Loving the post-post-jam update! The new enemies are great (the pig riding skeletons are evil!), and the balance feels nicely tuned, encouraging placing a variety of towers and making me carefully consider the tradeoff between volume of towers to increase time enemies spent travelling and money spent on more powerful towers for better value.

So far I've made it to 27/10 on the first stage, looking forward to heading back in to try some more :)

Thanks so much Mandy - this absolutely made my day! I really have appreciated all the feedback over the year, it's made a huge difference 

All the best to you too, hope you have a wonderful 2023 :)

Sounds great! I'm usually easiest to get hold of via twitter (@NotJamGames) or Mastodon (

If email's easier for you I've got, although it may take me a while to get back as I don't check it as often as I should

Happy new year to you too! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next :)

Thanks! Hope the game goes well for you :) 

Thanks! Best of luck to you too :) 

There was definitely a lot of Gameboy inspiration - I really wanted to evoke that style so stuck with 8x8 tiles with a four colour palette, and in the original game I stuck to a 160x144 resolution for the game area. It's a fun and challenging style to work with!

I'd love to collaborate or contribute to a project at some point!

This was wonderful! Absolutely thrilled to see assets being used, and love how you've expanded on the original hotel with entire new areas and new challenges (the platforming section in the sub-basement was fiendishly tricky - love it!)

Your additions to the art fit in perfectly, with the phone to save progress being a lovely touch that reminded me of classic Resident Evil

My childhood self would have been delighted to see something I made being used in an actual Gameboy game - thanks!

Thanks so much! I love the game - it's a great expansion on the original, overjoyed to see it being reworked and iterated upon :)

Thanks so much for playing again! I've released a new version to address the changes you've suggested:

  • The attack prompt for the first zombie now displays in a box popup next to Harold as the other prompts do. This was a great point, and I'll make sure to keep in mind for future releases that ensuring consistancy in communicating ideas to the player is important!
  • Really interesting to hear that you didn't initially realise long pressing the space bar would result in a higher and longer jump - it's just something I assume people will expect, which I shouldn't take for granted. Something for me to consider for other projects, and perhaps something I can make clearer through level design :)
  • I can't seem to reproduce the issue with Service Elevator 1F, so I'm going to test on another computer when I can to see if I can figure it out. If I'm able to find out what's going on I'll get it patched

Can't thank you enough for coming back to this to give more feedback! If there's ever anything you want playtesting please let me know, I'd love to repay the favour if I can :)

Thanks for playing! Your combination lock guesses made me laugh :)

Guessing the footage was recorded a little while back - I've patched the elevators to allow for exiting on the same floor and made jumping/dodging a little easier recently. Definitely should have added a run button as you suggest in the video though, would make backtracking much less frustrating.

Appreciate the video and the feedback!

Cheers! Flipping always bothers me too if the sprite is asymmetrical, so figured I should make an effort with the player sprite at least - very pleased it was noticed :)

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback - this is incredibly useful, I really appreciate it :)

With regards to bugs and your suggested improvements, I've hopefully got everything fixed in the new version:

  • Elevators have been updated, and are working OK my side. Going to test on a few other computers this evening to be safe
  • "Exit to Menu" was left in by mistake! It's removed now, as I'm not sure why anyone would need to go back to the menu screen 
  • Attack prompt during the first enemy encounter is a great suggestion, so I've added it :)
  • I've updated the parameters for jumping, the new version is a little floatier and hopefully more forgiving with dodging projectiles!

Absolutely delighted by your comments on the music and art, really happy it's appreciated. Cheers again for taking the time to play and comment :)

Cheers! Appreciate the kind words :)

Thanks so much! Glad you like it :)

Thanks for playing! Flipping the crosses at the start made me laugh, and enjoyed the pro strats with the jump-attack during the final boss

Instigator is right - Harold doesn't care what the ghosts are up to, he just wants to start some shit :)

I loved the start! It gave me a slightly different path on each run, but both felt very accurate as to how I use my time when attempting to work to a deadline. Looking forward to seeing where you end up taking the generators in future :)

This was great! The writer's journey felt painfully familiar from my typical game jam workflow across multiple playthroughs,  lol

Love the story generator, will be going back in to try the politician's speech soon :)

Thanks for giving it another shot! Really appreciate the feedback regarding the bugs - I'll have to take a look and see if I can figure out what's going on. Suspect it's most likely a case of me being an idiot lol

Your suggestions for the elevator are great, if I end up revisiting this at some point I'll make sure I implement them.

Cheers again for playing and your notes, it's amazing to get such useful feedback :)

Thanks for playing! The code is displayed on the bathroom wall on the first floor, although in hindsight I should definitely made it much more immediately visible as it's easy to miss currently. Really appreciate the comments on the graphics and sound :)

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Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Love this so much - intense and fast paced, with plenty of juicy visuals but still easy to see what was going on. The gun customisation is a fantastic mechanic, especially with the option to make a few different builds with the different weapon slots to swap and change as the levels called for. The gun "names" that resulted were brilliant too.

I found the game a little easy to begin with during my playthrough, and felt it might benefit from a slightly steeper difficulty curve, but it definitely gets more and more fun as the stages progress. The different enemies worked well, especially in combination - some stages encouraged low-spread, high power weapons focussing on accurate fire to avoid accidentally detonating bombs or triggering splitters, whereas others forced maxmising damage output to urgently reduce the number of enemies onscreen, leading to nicely diverse gameplay. 

Really enjoyed this one :)

This is fantastic! Love the concept, and really impressed with the level of strategy the game demands without ever being overwhelming. Balancing raw points with establishing control of the board, particularly as the endgame draws nearer was great fun, not to mention trying (and typically failing, in my case) to spot and prevent opponents making particularly strong moves.

The hint mechanic was great - being able to see options available but having to think through the consequences yourself felt perfect.

The bots are great, providing a challenging but fair contest.

This was good fun - congrats on your first non-visual novel game! Nice set of levels, which escalate the challenge and introduce new enemies/obstacles at a good pace. I enjoyed the cutesy-horror vibe to the experience :)

As you mention you're looking for feedback on the gameplay feeling, I had a couple of thoughts:

  • In some of the earlier levels, it could feel a little tricky to line up the block perfectly with the small gaps in the level geometry.  Either making the gaps a little wider or possibly adding a slow mode for more precision that can be toggled on or off would be great 
  • I'd love a few sound effects for deaths/stage completions just to add a little emphasis :)

Otherwise, looking forward to seeing where you take this with future stages!

Loved the atmosphere - really nice written, with well chosen music and sfx and a wonderfully creepy monster! Had to play through a second time, as I needed to know what would happen if I went for the bad ending, love the eyes

Thanks for playing! Loved the chainsaw spam, naturally, and of course how helpful you were trying to be chopping up the bodies for the killer lol

Would have loved to have added additional scenes for each of the kills - ran out of time during the game jam so wasn't quite able to get everything done I'd planned on, they'd definitely have been a great addition

Cheers again for the play and the video :)

This is a great metroidvania! The central mechanic of using the spear in platforming felt really unique and helped give a freeform feel to exploration that works incredibly well for the genre. It also led to a nice blend of skill and timing-based platforming with some almost puzzle like elements figuring out the best placement for the spear - love it!

The world design so far is really polished, with details like the shortcuts opened up by the seed power making backtracking through previous areas feel effortless. The environments feel huge and mysterious, but thanks to the map I never felt lost or overwhelmed, just intrigued to figure out the route forwards. 

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Absolutely fantastic! Really, really good tower defense, with plenty of strategy from a small number of options, nicely varied and creative maps. The art style is gorgeous, especially the teenager designs which look fantastic 

I loved the depth of the experience - midway through my playthrough I had the epiphany that by maximising the number of draw 2 cards I had available I was able to significantly boost my (spook points? not sure what the name of the currency was) by placing and then selling furniture, allowing me to rapidly expand the scope of my defences. Placement of different furniture, as well as consideration of which to haunt, added a nice challenge too with plenty of tradeoffs to consider.

In terms of suggestions, I found that it would often prove beneficial to just grind the easier stages to boost my deck - I was wondering if having a fixed number of cards that could be gained from each stage might encourage playing a wider range of levels? Besides this, very excited to see what additional furniture, cards and enemies might be added as the game expands!

Overall a great game that I'd love to return to as more features/stages drop in - thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing! Really glad you enjoyed it :) 

Great suggestion with the elevator - there's actually a button for this but I forgot to add a prompt in game! Q on keyboard, B on Xbox style controllers or O on PlayStation controllers will cancel

Happy Halloween! 

No worries - just tested on a second computer and everything's working ok for me, definitely an odd issue somewhere! Let me know if you have any luck, happy to help troubleshoot if I can :)

Hi! Thanks for letting me know, that's really odd as it's working fine this end. Are all of the other keys working?

This was good fun! The range of towers was fantastic, with a lot of options to pick from and which complemented each other really nicely.

I found gameplay could be a little fast, and that by the end I had so much money I wasn't able to spend it all, but still had a great time.

Love it - really challenging in ways I wasn't expecting and an absolute blast to play through all 6 stages. The physics felt perfectly dialed in to be punishing but always fair, and worked really well with the unique hazards and challenges each stage presented. Very impressed at how much mileage you got from a simple diamond track!

I'm deeply ashamed to admit my final time was 9:57 - suspect there's some room for improvement there lol

This was wonderful! I adore the character creation screen, particularly the little sprites which have so much character packed into such tiny monochromatic designs :)

Loved the amount of personality that filled every corner of the map, with personal highlights being the lost child, teenagers in the woods and of course the ghost party (how could I not pick the ghost party)

Cheers for playing! I absolutely should have included a mode 7 rowing section in retrospect, good call :)

Thanks for playing! Appreciate the detailed feedback :)

Totally agree the boss ended up being a bit out of place - started to worry towards the end of the jam that there wasn't a lot of actual gameplay and was running out of time, so just sort of chucked something in there. A key takeaway for this jam for me was definitely that I need to pay a lot more attention to time management on projects longer than 48-72 hours!

P.S. I played your entry from 2 years back - it's great! Love the sound design in particular, I'm always up for harsh, distorted and unsettling things. The world was really fun to explore, and I loved the surreal tone throughout.

Great little experience, with plenty of atmosphere. Gradually unlocking more of the world was fun, and while the controls took some getting used to I found I quite enjoyed them once I got comfortable. Jumping sections reminded me of early Tomb Raider games with trying to get the jumps lined up just right

The moon was great - suitably quirky for the dreamlike tone of the game, and the hints weren't overly obvious.

Loved the music, especially during the chase sequence, and the sound effects were great. Particularly loved the death sound, which reminded me of the sort of thing you'd encounter in old flash games with a jumpscare at the end - got some fond memories of those!

Managed to find the location for the key entirely by accident, it might be a little too hidden, but definitely enjoyed the surprise :)

Thanks very much :)

Appreciate the playthrough! Loved "everyone is a potato in this world"  and "at least 7 times then he goes to Manhattan" :)

Thanks for the detailed feedback - this is really useful :) 

I'd deliberately restricted the movement to 4 way as I wanted to evoke the feeling of playing a gameboy game, but feedback seems to be that 8 way would be preferred - I'll make sure for future projects that I consider whether a particular retro-style limitation actually improves gameplay or is just my nostalgia. 

I'll also bear in mind less is more with screen space effects, and try to provide options to disable or adjust the strength of the effect :) 

The chainsaw noise is my bad - didn't realise until too late! 

Thanks for playing :) 

Thanks so much :) really touched by your comments on my games in general - means a lot!

Glad you enjoyed the metroidvania aspects, it was really fun to do and something I'd love to come back to in future projects. Totally get what you mean with the keys - going to have to go back and play a bunch of Zelda games for inspiration!