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Thanks for sharing, this was wonderful! Left you a comment over there with my thoughts :)

This was wonderful! Atmospheric, a touch unnerving and deeply melancholy. The two endings felt really complementary to me, each framing the story in a slightly different light but feeling true to the characters and themes.

Thanks for sharing, love to see how people use the music! The game was great, tons of personality, and I always love a good top down shooter :)

Thanks for sharing! Love to see the tracks get used :)

It's a great little game too! Didn't manage to beat it (the level with the long, jagged path was too tough for me in the end), but the wind mechanic is a lot of fun to play with and makes for a really enjoyable challenge :)

Thank you very much :)

You're more than welcome to credit me - always appreciate it! Feel free to drop a link to the game here too once it's live, I'd love to check it out

Thank you! Glad you like it :)

Thanks so much for letting me know - I always love seeing the fonts in use! Really charming game, love the way the frog's eyes follow the cursor. It's tricky to get to grips with, but great fun trying to get onto the leaderboard once I got the hang of it :)

Lol - wpm is totally broken, not sure what's happened but may go back and fix at some point 

Glad you survived! Thank you for playing :) 

I haven't looked into color fonts, but it might be a good way to play with anti aliasing? I'll have to look into it at some stage

The main features I use are:

  • Kerning pairs
  • Exporting/importing JSON settings for quick updates
  • The way glyphs are set is incredibly intuitive, and it's extremely quick to set up the set of glyphs I provide as standard for my fonts

That's right yes, I find the extra options really useful :) 

No worries at all, glad to hear it's worked!

Looking forward to seeing the game once it's ready :)

(1 edit)

Thanks for getting back to me! Think I've figured it out - please try the following steps and see if your issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure the font is rendered at an exact multiple of 16 (or 19, depending on which variant you're using).
  2. Navigate to the import settings for the font
  3. Ensure the following settings are set correctly:
    1. Antialiasing should be set to "None"
    2. Generate Mipmaps should be off
    3. Hinting should be set to "None"
    4. Subpixel Positioning should be disabled
  4. Once all settings are correct, click the Reimport button to reimport the font

Your import settings when reimporting should look like this:

Please let me know if you have any issues with any of this, more than happy to help if I can

Hi, glad you like the font! 

Not sure what's going on with the lines, but would love to help if I can. Could I check a few details:

1. What engine are you using to make the game? 

2. Does the issue occur with any other fonts? 

Thanks for sharing and providing credit! This is great, absolutely love the artstyle and the foley sfx are very charming :)

Thank you! I absolutely love Soraboy, can't imagine writing chiptune music without it - thanks so much for making such a wonderful instrument :) 

Thanks for playing! If it helps, the wpm feature is definitely a little broken, you may well have done better :) 

Thank you for sharing, loved the game! Left a comment over there :)

This was wonderful! Love House of the Dead (lots of fond memories of pretending to play it in arcades growing up) so felt right at home here :)

Shooting the boxes works really well as a mechanic here - they're tough enough that taking time out to destroy them feels like a risky tradeoff vs just trying to kill enemies, but so worth it for the chance to get more bullets.

The game feels very well paced, with a nice range of enemies (great use of the glitch monster here!). Difficulty was perfect for me, managed to beat it on my second run :)

Love this use of the assets too - was really cool to see them used in a 3d environment!

"TRY not to punch GRANNIES, PUPPIES, and BABIES."

I'll punch whatever I want don't you tell me what to do

Loved this :)

Thanks for sharing, always delighted to see the fonts being used! I've checked out the game and left you a comment over there, looks great!

This looks gorgeous, love the monochromatic aesthetic, and the attention to detail like the movement of the grass in the wind and the falling leaves adds a lot to the ambience :)

Took me a while to figure out how to spare the enemies, and I never managed to spare more than one per run, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this!

Thank you, really glad you liked them! Loved Geometry Paradox too :)

Best of luck to you too, looking forward to seeing your next project!

Thanks Mandy! Totally agree with you here - I find having some insight into how other dev's work has performed to be really helpful, and would love to see more devs share this kind of info (although I understand why most don't!).

I was really surprised with how the fonts performed too, both in terms of income and downloads, but very glad people are enjoying them! I'd been expecting donations more in line with my music packs, so I've been a little overwhelmed at the support they've received, and very grateful.

As far as games go, I don't permit payments on any of mine at present - they're all very short jam games, often buggy and a little weird, and I wouldn't feel right allowing donations on these just yet. If I'm honest, I'm very nervous at the idea of charging for any games, as I'd want to make sure that anything I release commercially is up to a much higher standard than anything I've put out so far and always worry that I don't have an objective view on anything I'm working on.

One thing I'd be really interested to learn is how similar projects perform if they're released with minimum payment vs released with donations. With the fonts, for example, from 4434 downloads they received 120 payments, so around 2.7% of people made a donation - if I'd charged a small fee for each, how would this have affected the attention they received, total downloads and revenue?*

*(Just to clarify, I don't regret releasing them for free: I'm delighted that I've been able to share these with so many people, and being able to give them away was really rewarding for me. So many of the tools I rely on (Godot, GIMP, Blender etc.) are free, and while I'm not currently in a position to support them financially having another way to give back to the community is really important to me)

Apologies for the stream of conciousness response, I had a lot of stray thoughts left over from writing this up, apparently!

Best of luck to you too - Heist at the Museum was wonderful, and absolutely spot on with its message, so looking forward to seeing what you release next :)

Glad to hear it'll be used :) I've never had the chance to visit Glasgow, but that sounds more or less as I imagined it!

Really enjoyable retro shooter with a very nice and weighty feel to the kick. Loved the winding level layouts where I'd be able to see secrets before I was able to reach them :)

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game :)

Really useful feedback, thanks for taking the time to pass it on! Planning to make a few post-jam updates for this, so glad to have some ideas for what to prioritise :)

This is a really strong survival shooter, the slow decrease in power over time is a nice update to the formula that ends up with some genuinely tricky choices to make.

The power level concept is inspired too, being forced to explore to find batteries keeps the game fast paced and engaging :)

I was all in right from "nice driving dipshit" :)

This was great! Loved the needlessly mean fish and of course the horror of the 2d bed

This was great, loads of charm and been ages since I've played a good rails shooter! Trying to manage crowds was a fun challenge, bouncing between enemies to keep them stunlocked was tricky but felt great when I was able to pull it off :)

I'm never sure whether to comment on the game page or the jam page, so I'm doing both :)

Absolutely fantastic! The gradual increase in tension was paced perfectly and once the lights went out it maintained the suspense right the way to that wonderful ending - perfect way to close out the game! Loved this

Absolutely fantastic! The gradual increase in tension was paced perfectly and once the lights went out it maintained the suspense right the way to that wonderful ending - perfect way to close out the game! Loved this

This looks great - thank you for sharing! The big, bold outlines are really distinctive, and I love the look of the knight in particular :)

Hi! You're more than welcome to use the .ttf file, it's under CC0 so it's yours to use however you like :) 

Good luck with the assets! 

This made me incredibly uncomfortable and I loved every second of it! The sound design is perfect and made my skin crawl, monster design is varied and always unsettling and I love your graphical style :)

Thanks so much for sharing! The game is great, some lovely one bit pixel art, and a really solid gameplay loop that ties in really well with the narrative. Just about managed to get to the end and surrender to the DreadHand with just a couple of hearts left, difficulty felt perfect. Loved little details like the level decreasing as you give up your power :)

There's loopable versions of all of the tracks in the main download labelled "all tracks", but if you've got data restrictions on downloads I'd be happy to temporarily upload the loopable version if that would help?

Thank you very much :) if you end up using them please feel free to send me a link to your project, would love to check it out! 

No worries! Glad you like it :)

Thank you so much - really wasn't expecting to see this used in a game so quickly! The game is fantastic, I've played, rated and left my feedback over on the page as I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Cheers for sharing!

Managed to die to the first spike on my first run, wasn't expecting how the game responded but loved it!

This was great, a short but diverse and frequently unsettling experience that was the perfect start to the spooky season for me! Each minigame works really well to mix up the pace, particularly enjoyed the direction the Rorschach tests took and the final encounter

I got ending number 3 :)

Thank you so much - this is amazing!