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Very fun minigames, getting 5 completed in a row was just enough of a challenge. The presentation of the game was fantastic as well.

This nails the simple pick-up-and-play feel. The 2 different items restoring health for the moon or earth respectively gave it enough complexity to keep it interesting for the entire time playing. The sprite work is fantastic!

Really liked the concept, visuals, and it played well!! I do agree with others that a restart to main menu at least would have been nice, but as I see it was done for game jam it's an understandable choice and does make you consider your choices more carefully, not just going for trial and error. 

What's here is quite fun and if you do decide to come back to this game, just adding more levels would be more than enough really. 

Well Done!!!

That was super fun. Everything had a satisfying punch to it and I really got into the music whilst playing. Was funny to see the frog jump around and the levels were fun to play. Amazing work!!!

Such an amazing game. I did not expect the frog to be able to do such tricks. It was great reading books to my frog. Really went above and beyond on how much you can do together, like a present that keeps on giving. Amazing work, really enjoyed it!!!

In the 21st century, one frog just isn't enough

The game is very nicely put together and controlled pretty well. It was a bit stressful trying to get the flies in time sometimes but very enjoyable. Well Done!!!

Really fun game, it was quite tense trying to wrap my head around the pill colors and which buttons to press which made it exciting, got sucked into it quite a bit. Definitely has a lot of potentials. Well Done!!!

Very cute little game and a really good concept. I did find it a bit tricky to time jumps on the perpendicular logs but I really liked what was there. visually the game was very cute and had a professional finish to it. Great job!!!

Pretty fun, I do think some sort of jump indicator would have been nice, but what's there is really solid. Swinging through levels was pretty fun and satisfying. Well Done!!!

In the end 2 froggies escaped the butt...

Real fun little game, artistically it looks great and the implementation feels very solid. Great Work!!!

Very wholesome and fun. visually the game looks great, I really liked multitasking trying to fish and catch the different bugs flying around as well as having the list of fish to catch to give me an objective. 

Awesome work, well done!!!

Absolutely lovely and gorgeous game, there is satisfying feedback to every action and it's all so well implemented. I've enjoyed my time with it a lot. Great work!!!

Wow that's even more impressive, nice going!

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I did not expect to enjoy a stock exchange game as much as I did. I was really invested and made a horrible investment in AMPH that might have caused my wife and kids to leave me, but what do they know, I'm gonna hit it big one day, and then they'll see, they'll see.

The music was great as well, didn't get boring, and added a lot to the excitement. Well Done!!!

Love the aesthetics, looks hilarious. The game was also a lot more fun than I expected. Very well made. Well Done!!!

As someone who likes card games but hates deck building, this was really fun and extremely well made. Would love to see this expanded on. Great work!!!

Yess I think that would be great. I actually had one run end just as I was about to grab a bug so it could definitely create some real clutch moments.

That was a real nice experience, I really liked the mechanics and it was very solidly made. Big fan of that title screen art. Well Done!!! 

Was satisfying to play and visually it looked great. I definitely had a few very close tense moments trying to get the bug before time runs out. Well Done!!!

Probably my favorite use of the limitation, so good. The game itself was really well made in general. Amazing Work!!!

Pretty fun and addictive game. Presentation and implementation are great. Was a challenge at first but really satisfying once you got into the rhythm and feel of the jump arcs. Well Done!!!

Loving the art and aesthetics!

This is incredibly impressive stuff. Looks amazing and it's fun to play as well. Well Done!!

This was really well made. It did get quite challenging later on but it was satisfying to get that one perfect run. Well Done!!!

Wow, incredibly well made, and looks amazing. Especially enjoyed swinging on frog's tounge. Well Done!!!

Science said it couldn't be done, but I'm glad I was here to witness them proved wrong. The first-ever combination of a Frog and a Dog... a Frog. Beautiful 

Find friends closer to where you live. :P

But for real I guess I saw it as an 'enjoy the moment' kinda thing, don't rush to get things done. Think that was reflected in the gameplay too as I probably wasted more time rushing to make jumps quickly than when I was taking things more slowly, especially at the start.

That was pretty fun, it controlled very well and I loved the ending. Well Done!!!

This was really cool. I really enjoyed the way the limitation was implemented with you having to unlock paths for the next attempt. Loved the transition after the rime runs out as well. really well implemented and fun to play. Well Done!!!

That was really fun and incredibly well made, had a blast playing through it. The art especially was awesome. Well Done!!!

Had a look at your previous game jam games and thought they were really great too, keep it up!

This was a lot of fun. It was very well executed and tense. Had a great time. Well Done!!!

Super cute and super fun. Really enjoyed the mechanics, having the 4 frogs in different positions made things a lot more interesting and consider your next move. Very enjoyable and well made. Well Done!!!

This game has incredibly fun and solid mechanics. Adjusting your jump arc using bugs was great that I focused more on getting to the top and having fun with movement. I would love to see a version where the objective is to traverse levels with these mechanics. Awesome work!!!

Loved the aesthetics, pretty impressive work. I got really sucked into the lilypad hopping minigame. Well Done!!!

That was a really cool experience. Loved the look of the frog... I'll get his fishing rod someday though. Well Done!!

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Challenging but fun.  It's got potential and definitely one of those games I could see myself spending a lot of time trying to get better at. Well Done!

This was awesome. Loved the puzzles, pretty good difficulty, and all implemented incredibly well. I'd love to see more!

This was super fun to play, It was really addicting and could easily see myself coming back for more. Well Done!!!

Gorgeous game, real wholesome experience. I liked how the limitation was tied to the plot and the writing itself was very nice. I was curious if there was a bad ending if I collected too many or too little resources but I haven't found it if so, not sure if that was by design. But nevertheless Amazing Work!!!