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​A small puzzle platformer where the world changes depending on what you listen
Submitted by Zakru — 1 day, 5 hours before the deadline
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Neat idea. I included it in my Love Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


This is impressive. Visuals and the game play are interesting. The player is a little hard to control, but I guess that's intended.

Developer (1 edit)

The movement is definitely not intended to be hard, the platforming is just meant to be the means of delivering the puzzles. What do you feel makes it hard?


It feels like the character has quite high inertia and keeps moving for a while after I unpress the key.


Hmm, the intended mechanic is that you can accelerate in the other direction to stop faster, did you notice? If not, then maybe I overestimated its intuitiveness.


I did notice. Probably it's just me being awful at platforming, My reflexes are really not that great.


Nice! I really enjoyed this one and managed to beat it completely. My biggest criticism is that some of the early levels are harder than some of the later levels, but overall I thought it was very good!


Very interesting game. It really feels like tuning an old TV and finding the right stations.

The controls were a bit "twitchy" for me, though. The jump especially felt hard to control. But I can see what you were going for.


Cool puzzle game. Some of the early levels were kind of easy to just randomly jump through, but the blue blocks introduced an extra level of depth that dispelled that problem. It'd be cool to see this expanded with more mehanics beyond walls appearing and disappearing, like moving blocks that only move at certain frequencies.
Other than that, I also had trouble with the slow tuning. My first reaction on seeing the knob in the intro was that I wanted to turn it with my mouse, but after playing the game I'm not sure if that would work too well.


This was really well done - focusing on introducing the different components made this a real pleasure to play. Great job!


Apart from the great look and feel of this game I liked how naturally the game pushes the player to think about how the tuning works. The level design is so good at teaching new concepts that it almost felt a bit easy. The best way I can put it is that this game looks very professional somehow.

The tuning is rather slow [Spoilers from here on] and hard to use precisely when the game starts using the tuning for time-critical things. Using the tuning for actions where precise timing is necessary also clashes with how the transition is smooth and the exact point in time where the new rules apply is not obvious. I ended up modifying the game to make tuning faster to be able to play more of the game but quit after a few levels where tuning during a jump was necessary. I think there was a bit too much repetition in those levels. (I just checked theby rearranged the levels in the source. Looks like I quit in the last level.)

Maybe these problems could be sidestepped by having the player switch channels instead of tuning a frequency?


Oh the channel idea is really good!

PS: You went to so much trouble to play this haha you truly are a good judge.


I love the intro, it's really well done!

The only thing I really didn't like was that it takes a bit too long to change frequencies. I sometimes changed directions because I thought I reached the end.


Yeah, that's probably the biggest problem that wasn't clear in during-jam playtesting. I guess I just knew all of the levels inside out and got used to it, not noticing it, and maybe others just didn't think of it.


I've liked very much how you use the jam's theme. The game is very fun to play.


Fun puzzly thing! Loved the effects and the atmosphere in this. I wasn't able to get very far sadly. Agreed with poltergasm on teaching the mechanics from the get to by showing and not telling.

Also agreed with gruebite, a bit too slow changing through the frequencies.


Straight off the bat from the titlescreen I knew I was going to enjoy this game. In fact, the titlescreen essentially shows you how to play the game by making you change the frequency to uncover the press start menu. This is excellent game design.
The whole mechanic of changing frequencies to show alternate routes is an amazing idea, and keeps you engaged. I really liked this one a lot.


Elegant game! I enjoyed it a lot. I like the idea of discovering elements of a level by changing frequency,  and it gave rise to a lot of interesting mechanics. However, I felt like the frequency search space was too large.


The idea of switching frequencies to reveal Platforms was an amazingly elegant mechanic! Just with those three blocks you managed to come up with a bunch of cool puzzles. Graphics were perfect for the game type, the tone noise was okay, I agree with +7 though, it did get a little annoying, but I'm a huge sonification fan, so having to use ears to find solutions was up my alley. Perhaps when switching frequencies a little quicker, or, some visual indication of where you're going, or heading to, rather than just the white noise could be easy, yet effective additions. The opening was also very cool. Big fan, would love to see this expanded


The game mechanic in this game is great! I never thought about this, it’s really simple yet you could develop so many interesting puzzles and different tiles with it. I really enjoyed playing it and solving the different problems you presented.

It was really easy to figure out how to solve the levels, yet they were challenging enough by themselves.

I really liked the graphics for the cube and you did a great job at communicating what the tiles were with the colors.

Sound is the area where you can improve the most, the idea of the shifting tone is great for finding levels, but it gets fairly annoying in your ear when you hear it for too long.

A very solid entry, I hope you make more levels for this game!!

Thank you for participating in the LÖVE Jam! Have fun playing and rating