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Love the video! Thanks for playing.

For anyone who was struggling with the controls. I have created 3 arcade style instruction cards to go over the basics!  Here is a sneak peak at the first one:

You can find the others on the itch page:


Welp, I'm submitting what I've got. The token/compression limit was catching up to me near the end. I'm quite happy with the result.

  • Bunch of polish and play-testing.
  • Improved UI indicators.
  • Logo and sprite improvements (credit: vaporstack)
  • Music and sound effects (credit: Gruber)
  • Actual ending.
  • Single-player Twisted Mansion!
    • 2 AIs, dog and guard. They each have their own quirks.
    • Induction based puzzle to get through the rooms. Induce the correct door three times and you win!

This was a lot of fun! I look forward to seeing everyone's work.

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Lots of changes! I've reworked the controls to hopefully be more intuitive and cut down the number of moves. I'm actually hovering around the code limit, but I have been condensing and polishing so it hasn't been a large problem (yet).

  • Lots of minor tweaks and bug fixes.
  • Revamped controls, essentially you now have Sneak always selected and an optional special move you can select and use. (see link for more in depth details)
  • Every special move can only be performed once per turn. You can perform any number of special moves, but they must be different. When trying to use a special move you've already used, you get no indication.
  • Added another move: Feign! This allows you to feign noise in a direction.
  • Improved flash bomb, it now lights furniture on fire, turning it into a torch.

Check out the updated game here:

Feedback welcome!

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This is a big one.

  • Can attack torches. More object interaction.
  • Cleaned up some sprites and smoothed up transitions.
  • Basic scripted tutorial that will run you through the basics and provides a place to test moves.
  • Single player in the Twisted Mansion! With:
    • Basic state-based AI. I will improve this.
    • A generated predictable puzzle to get through the mansion.
    • Win/lose conditions. However! The after winning there is an encounter yet to be implemented.
  • Some bug fixes.

Here's the new tutorial.

Single player when you clear the room.


More to come, including:

  • Sound and music.
  • More polish: UI, sprites, lore, etc.
  • AI improvements.

You can play in the browser here:

I'm sure there are some bugs that still need squashing.

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Haha, awesome. I loved SkiFree as a kid. Looking forward to seeing this. :D

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:) I decided to implement the room encounters first. The gameplay in the room is the most critical to get right, so I needed to get to a play-tesatable state ASAP for fast iteration. When single player is implemented, it should benefit from this early iteration.

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Update - PICO-8 Cartridge Available

Working today but I have a decently playable versus game (needs 2 players). It needs polish, tutorial, and a single player mode to test abilities.

Currently the moves are (success and failure will be indicated on screen as green and red borders, respectively):

  • Mobility:
    • Move, move 1 space. Will make noise if you run into an object or wall/column .  Succeeds when move is made unobstructed. *Makes you stand up if prone*
    • Dash, same as move except 2 spaces. Will make a quiet sound no matter what.  Succeeds when move is made unobstructed. *Makes you stand up if prone*
    • Prone, makes you prone so throws go over you (flash bombs, knives).  Succeeds if you were not prone.
    • Move Obj, pushes an object, you stay in the same spot. Succeeds when there is a pushable object and it was pushed (nothing in the way). *Makes you stand up if prone*
  • Offense
    • Throw Knife, throws a knife in a straight line in direction. If it hits a wall or object it makes a noise. Succeeds if hits something fleshy.
    • Slash, 3 spots immediate in front of you in direction. Makes noise if it hits an object or wall. Succeeds if hits something fleshy.
    • Lay Trap, lays one trap next to you in direction. Succeeds if the trap was laid successfully (spot was unoccupied). *You can only have 1 active trap, remember where it is*
    • Flash Bomb, throws a flash bomb like a knife. Will reveal whatever it hits and the area around for a short time. Always succeeds.
  • Defense
    • Sense Area, checks if there is someone in a direction. This is a full rectangle scan in the direction you choose. So someone more up than left will still be sensed when choosing left.
    • Sense Trap, scans in the same way as Slash attacks. Success if there is a trap in one of the three squares.
    • Lay Decoy, lays a dummy that can throw off sensors. Success if placed and square is not occupied (similar to trap). *You can only have 1 active decoy, remember where it is*
  • Utility
    • Light Match, reveals your location for a short time

Enjoy and lemme know what you think!


  • Player 1: Up, Down, Left, Right, and Z, X
  • Player 2: E, D, S, F, and L-shift, Tab

To come:

  • More room types. Better random generation.
  • More furniture interaction. Attacking torches, etc.
  • Single player mode in a Twisted Mansion, with tutorial option.
    • 3 AIs: guard, dog, and enemy rogue.
  • 4 remaining Move slots filled to round things out.
  • UI polish, and sprite polish.
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  • Add two players and victory screen
  • Add countdown and "lights on" time when entering the room
  • Add row / column names for easier tracking
  • Add more floor patterns for easier tracking

This is what the current game start looks like.


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  • All moves implemented, still have 4 potential slots for ideas
    • Mobility – Move, Dash, Move Object, Prone
    • Offense – Throw Knife, Slash, Lay Trap, Flash Bomb
    • Defense – Sense Area, Sense Traps, Lay Decoy, <unused>
    • Utility – Light Match, <unused>, <unused>, <unused>
  • Add dummy (which are strong decoys), and traps, which are noise traps

Video soon!

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  • Add more moves to the menu, they still need implementation
  • Add NPCs, guards, dogs
  • Add furniture, chairs, tables, shelves
  • Add knife throwing and entity death

The most visible update is getting  knife throwing working:

More to come!

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Double Blind


Double Blind is designed around the idea of "local versus with imperfect information." If you can imagine the playing Go Fish Battleship on a single screen everyone sees, you can understand the challenge. In Double Blind, player input is the hidden information. This can more easily be achieved via networking, but I believe keeping it local will enforce a novel feeling for the players.

In Double Blind, you play as a notorious Rogue adept at navigating the dark. When in the dark, characters are completely hidden on the screen. Players have to remember where they are based on what actions / movements they take. The Rogue has several tools at their disposal when in the dark like throwing knives and laying decoys. The goal is to find your enemies in the dark, before they find you.


A room is where this cat and mouse game takes place. Rooms are somewhat procedurally generated. They will be of some predefined blueprint with random obstacles thrown about depending on the room type. When entering a room, you will be able to see everything for a few seconds to get your orientation.


This is where a lot of the challenge lies – I have to keep input hidden. The Rogue is controlled with four arrows: Up, Down, Left, and Right. And two buttons: O, X. The Rogue also has a currently selected move, which defaults to "Move". When using a directional key you will spend a Move Point (MP), and use it in that direction. Some move don't require a direction, so any direction will work. 

In order to change your selected move, you open the move select menu with O. From there you will be presented with a menu that requires two arrow key inputs.

In-game controls:

  • Up, Down, Left, Right – use current move in direction
  • O – open move select (see below)
  • X – undecided, thinking information menu or allowing more complex directional input

In move select menu controls:

  • Up, Down, Left, Right – input sequence to select a move
  • X – exit menu without selecting


Moves have feedback in the form of success/failure indications. Rogues also have 2 or more MP per turn and will see their MP drop. Some actions create noise, this noise will be displayed as a noise animation in an area with a random center on the point of origin. Loud noises will have a smaller area, quieter noises will have a larger area.

Noise levels:

  • Loud – radius 0
  • Normal – radius 1
  • Quiet – radius 2
  • Shushed – radius 3

Noises are shown graphically, in addition to an actual sound, to indicate where they are. They are fuzzy, but can give some information. A noise will have a point of origin, the noise area will be placed randomly so that part of the area is over the origin. An example with a loud noise:

X = origin, * = noise

And here's an example using all of the above. The Rogue moves normally one space at a time, both times a success (green indicator), selects "Dash" and runs into a pillar on the right creating noise as a red animation and a red failure indicator. Some of the colors and indicators will be polished.

On the to-do list:

  • More Moves, like sensing, throwing knives, flash bombs, decoys, etc
  • More objects, like chairs to push and stumble over, tables to hide under
  • Sound, music
  • NPC enemies, like dogs, guards, dummies
  • Multi-room connections for single player mode
  • Others

Good luck everyone!

Dimlit community · Created a new topic Bugs/Issues

Post bugs and issues!

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This will serve as a guide for anyone new, or anyone struggling to survive in the 7DRL version of Dimlit. The game is different than most and its goals may not be so clear, especially in the beginning. Something I hope to change in future releases.

I'm going to walk through playing a game and share my thoughts along the way. I'm playing on "Sun" difficulty, which means the world has had thousands of turns pass already. Since the entire game scales on turns passing, this increases the initial difficulty. In higher difficulties your turn count still starts from zero, but there is a hidden addition in the background.

Starting the Game

You start off in the game with a single structure providing light (the Y), and a visible cluster of crystals (the asterisk).  You can walk into the structure and it gives you the structure's status and a brief intro.

The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible. In order to do that you need to build a larger base and spread out. There is a grace period in the beginning, but after that, grues and the darkness will challenge what you've built by attacking or hampering your structures.

You cannot survive long with a single structure or small base.

First Objective — Expansion

This is something I like to do, but you may discover other ways. Expanding helps with a couple things. First, it helps with collecting more crystals. This is because your glowsuit runs out of power in the darkness, effectively tethering you to light. When you expand your light, you expand your leash which helps collect crystals. Secondly, expanding out gives you a second place to fall back to if you first base is falling.

I decided to expand westward after collecting a decent amount of crystals in the north.

Unlocking More Structures

After collecting more crystals in the east, I still need more crystal production, ideally somewhere close I don't have to run off to. There's a tech structure that helps me achieve this: "gather tech." I usually like to go this option, but it isn't the only way.

Most tech structures in the beginning require power. One of the first structures you can build is a Power Structure. It costs 8 crystals and provides one power to a single tower. The tower must be one square away horizontally or vertically. You can change the link by bumping into the power structure and selecting the link option in the menu. There you can unlink or change links.

Power structures autolink to a random structure they're next to when they're place. But they don't autolink if you place a new structure next to them—you have to manually link to that new structure.

This is right after building the gather tech and looking at the info. The structure says it needs two 1 power so I built a power structure. The 'T's are Power Structures, and the dollar sign is the Harvester.

The Harvester increases the frequency of crystals spawning in a radius. Ideally, the less light around the structure, the better. But I'm playing conservative and outlier structures get hit the hardest.

Continuing to Expand and Build

After this short beginning I have a lot of ways I can go. I decided to go more defensive and picked up the "guard tech" and "intermediate tech." The screenshot below is right after picking those both up. The 'I' and the 'G' are the intermediate and guard tech structures respectively.

I hear growls.

At this point I know I'm going to be attacked. The '#'s are walls.


You can repair broken structures. If you don't, a grue can attack it again and destroy it. The attack didn't last long and I decided to build a second base to ensure I had a backup.

I decided to build in the west.

Right after building my second base a storm rolled in and knocked out all of the structures. My only choice was to run back to my other base.

The 'X' is an Area Light Structures, the 'A' is an Advanced Tech Structure, and the zero is a Storage Structure.

The End

I'll go over how I lost briefly but want to avoid spoiling too much. The end came shortly after that, and more from a mistake on my own. I made it back to the main base and it was under attack.

Here you can see quite a mess. The starting structure ('Y') is down, so it has created quite an interesting shape of lights. Other structures are down too. It's easy to tell because structures have a black background when they're not running for some reason.

I managed to survive past this and repair all the structures. Then I decided to go east to collect more crystals, waiting for the Harvester to do its thing

I forgot to charge my glowsuit.

At this point I'm screwed. There is a grue right there and he's aggressive because he can withstand the light, and one hit from him will kill me.

I try my luck.

Nope. I avoided the one in the light, but there was another one that poked me from the outside of the light. Game over.


Well, there's a taste of the gameplay. It's limited, and there are some kinks, but that's pretty normal for a 7DRL. However, the idea has a ton of potential, and I'm definitely going to explore this much further.


Dimlit community · Created a new topic Suggestions

If you have any suggestions for taking this post-7DRL, comment here!

Thanks for playing!

I'm calling this game a success! I am going to continue to work on this game because I enjoy the concept and theme so much, and there is still so many different directions this can go. For now, here it is: I'm excited to hear any critique and suggestions.

Some things I'd like to add that didn't make it:

  • Artifacts. They can only be revealed by light. Some additional tech and structures would require these.
  • Randomly generated structures or bases in the dark you can find. Some of these structures are unique and can only be found.
  • Cleverer random event grouping, and more of them.
  • More advanced grue AI, and more types of grues.
  • More structures and tech trees.
  • Grue's drop teeth that the Sage can use for upgrades.
  • Different modes: Journey (how far can you go) and Sandbox (focused on exploration).

 It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to playing everyone's games!

Heyo. Thanks for playing! I encountered that error prior to reading your post and have since fixed it.

There is no secret to finding artifacts, you kinda have to keep exploring. The artifacts keep spawning further and further away. There are structures you can unlock to help you, though, if you choose to go down those upgrade paths. I don't want to spoil which category of structures it's under.

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That does help! Thanks for this info, I really appreciate it. I had a piece of code that was trying find the random number between 0 and 0. It's weird that it did not show up when I was playing. I have fixed the bug and uploaded new binaries. What about the issue with Esc/Q?

Friday before I submit I will be doing a lot of playtesting/bugfixing, haha.

That's a bummer! And also odd.  I have not experienced anything like that. The Q or ESC thing could be a terminal compatibility issue. Which terminal are you using?

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Hey guys. My project is Dimlit! I still have a couple days for polish and would love some feedback and critique before submitting.

You play as a sage defending against grues and infinite darkness using light, structures, crystals, and artifacts found across the infinite map. I'm classifying Dimlit as a "fault tolerance" game. There are random events that test your system — you cannot prevent these, only prepare for them.

Some tips for those who wish to try.

  • Keep your glowsuit charged — it is your health. It loses power while walking in darkness and can only be charged at structures which provide light.
  • Find artifacts deeper and deeper into the darkness. Use these to unlock more powerful secret structures.
  • Light providing structures can only be built on light. Build yourself a network of self-reliant structures.
  • You can run! There isn't a hotkey for it, though. When you continue to run in the same direction your speed increases up to 5. Changing directions reduces your speed back to 1. Running expends more glowsuit energy in darkness, but is free if you run in the light.
  • If you see dark spots in the light, you can guess what they are.
  • Don't get eaten!