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Sorry for digging through your code, but you must understand that framerate is not constant between devices. On mine, V-sync is off by default, and the game runs at probably more than a thousand frames per second, resulting in the screen flashing practically every frame. Please learn about delta time.

Also, even if we assume a typical 60 fps, the flashing still occurs 60 / 12 = 5 times every second, which can trigger epileptic seizures.

As others have said, the controls while in the air are quite sloppy. Also, a lot of enemies are placed unfortunately wherever I have to jump, so being damaged (and knocked back into the air) feels unfair.

Did the easy one and then the hardest as soon as I figured out the catch.

For some feedback, the concept, as you probably already know, isn't too original, although the execution is nearly perfect. However, I felt like one way this could've been improved a lot is some juice (just some simple, satisfying effects that make the game addictive to play).

Really good game. Love to see a good deck builder.

The only problem I found was that I missed the critical information that flashes in the instructions at the start. I didn't know how to level up, so I ended up having to figure out a way to cheese the enemies, until I just couldn't match them, and the forced progression made the missed level-ups devastating.

Thanks for the nice feedback. And yeah, as stated in the game page, I had some hard time constraints, so I only had time to complete a single enemy.

Also Itch didn't want to co-operate with me on the pictures, so I didn't have time for those either. Tried again now, though, and it accepted them, so thanks for reminding me :P

Amazing idea. I would play a longer game with a similar idea. It would be awesome to start not understanding anything, and in the end communicate with characters fluently.

Hmm, the intended mechanic is that you can accelerate in the other direction to stop faster, did you notice? If not, then maybe I overestimated its intuitiveness.

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The movement is definitely not intended to be hard, the platforming is just meant to be the means of delivering the puzzles. What do you feel makes it hard?

Wow! I like the mechanics. It would be really awesome to have more of this, with actual video and audio. I see a lot of potential for this, especially for some kind of psychological horror game, perhaps.

"Sinewave but" it's not a sinewave? Reee! 0/10 IGN.

Seriously though, fun idea for an arcade game, I like it.

I loved the hilarious cartoon theme. Awesome stuff. The movement mechanics were also funny, and I managed to find an alternate route by climbing up at the start.

I like the simple background noise, and the part that light plays in the game. Well done!

Cool idea and good execution. I also like the diversity of the kinds of enemies, and how well they work with the core mechanic. The graphical execution is also really nice.

Saw some footage of this earlier, but sadly jumping keeps randomly failing for me, even when the character is just standing on the ground.

That aside, the game has a cool puzzle format, and I think it would be nice to get a more polished version with more features and puzzles. The minimalistic cartoony style is nice to look at. On the sound side, feels like something is missing (maybe calming music or ambient sounds?). But overall, I like the aesthetic and the puzzles.

Funny little game, very relatable setting :D

Took one try to realize what was going on, but then pulled off a successful heist. Really cool game, would like to see more levels, maybe with more possible things that could happen.

Nice idea, but I really didn't realize what I was supposed to do. I kept pressing the buttons, and I got fired. I tried being selective about the buttons I pressed and I got fired faster. I think I missed something crucial.

This story is so deep. Hilarious game, there isn't really anything to complain about except the ending. I wanted a conclusion to this masterpiece!

Cool game. Got quite a bit of levels down, but had to give up when I had to start guessing what each of the controls do, and it was very hard to figure out the way to approach the problem with no progress. Fun puzzle none the less, with a unique idea and interesting gameplay.

Thing is, I'm not sure. For example, when I fly through the enemy's tail without touching its head (at least with my head) I die. Thing is that from the deaths I've had, I'm not sure which parts are supposed to collide.

Much more fun now :)

Props for submitting 4:20 before deadline

Yeah, that's probably the biggest problem that wasn't clear in during-jam playtesting. I guess I just knew all of the levels inside out and got used to it, not noticing it, and maybe others just didn't think of it.

This a legit game.

Awesome idea. I'd love to see this turned into a multiplayer party game.

You could also add arrow key controls, they should at least be universal AFAIK.

Cool little game. The hitboxes of everything felt a little weird, though.

One view, one core mechanic, so much atmosphere. Really unique way to tell a weird, mysterious story.

Looks great and plays great, with nice music. Only thing that bothers me is that the hit sound is not entirely synced with the audio, so it makes me want to hit earlier than I should.

Seems like the falling notes are probably dependent on framerate, they fall super fast. Sadly makes the game unplayable for me.

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Controls seem to be designed for an AZERTY keyboard only. Standing still, or when trying to move around with the awkward controls, it's still quite a fun little game, although I don't feel like I'm getting the full experience.

Seriously, someone needs to get us a page. Does anyone have an account that's 7d old? Pls request it.

To be fair, you could do the second grenade jump on the little platform on the left if you want to be a pacifist (ez 0% strat) :P From my experience it's pretty random whether you kill a guy on the middle platform or not, but most of the time they do perform an die

There too you have to start holding control in the air to keep your momentum when you land. Then just jump and shoot (preferably behind you to get a push forward instead of upward) at the same time.

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Ok if this 0:15.32 isn't Sky 1 WR then I WILL punch someone. Who's hiding the sub 15?!?!?

Idk for sure as you don't have a video. If you mean the walljump off the red, I just try to hit the right side. The jump in the end room I just jump while sliding to not lose momentum, and it's a bit random whether you get it with one jump.

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Oh yea sorry I just realized there were multiple pages lmao. New to this website.

Has someone requested the game on I hadn't registered yet and you need a week old account

It's a common thing in speedrunning to have separate categories like any% and 100%, for which you can submit a run only if it complies with the category rules. In a game like this 100% just means to kill everyone, in any% it doesn't matter.