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Submissions with the least ratings

This list excludes entries you've already rated and those without any files

ChiliChomp Mukbang Gang Games224
Potion Panic! WITCHING HOURS268
Tower of Smoke SoWGameDev262
Ghost Ball Amalgamates Studio274
Rat On Mino53273
Clarescent Mirriu278
Wrath of the Bionic Barbarian TeamZombieFrog286
The Stump Play in browserjonathanpersson, InSilverClad, Jmingxiao289
Lorn vororo2919
Armored Division Bunk Bed Studios3015
Nailed it ErikNorstedt309
Octane Remix TeamVelocita3214
End of the Line Fenris325
HeavenBound Play in browserTheoPaysRespect, rosegazelle3212
Dimensions Tall Box Games3212
Bifrost Brawlers Immortal Productions333
Honey Rush Honey Rush - Trojan Unicorn3414
The Faceless AlexK, AdamBerghall, Garcherblu354
Scallywags! Jarski, OscarioTheGuy3515
Simugens The Journeyman's Consortium354
Floaty Animals FloatyAnimals3618
Memory Lane Buffering Cats392
Tomato Farming Game Play in browserdrums_needed4116
The Supermarket - You had no choice Sofie Magnusson419
A Letter From Momo Raven's Reive4219
Goating Up Brick Wall4211
Amor Ex Machina Backstreet Bots4324
Happy Homemaker CatBotCrew4514
Kitsuninjas Funsize Bonsais467
Deathdealer Hampen, MaherJ, Fuecho, Alexbugnar, Sloody, splitprune4623
REI Play in browserCat's Eye4727
Fake News Team Channel 65418
Rite of Passage theDreamland558
Saving Blue Lit Bit Studios6822
Chairades Fat Duck Games7124
The Quacken Play in browserDavid Naußed, pandorous, GreenroseGames, Ruthenium, Riaasu7931
Urskog Vertical Slice 2020 Plantus11025
KeyRivals A Minor Production12234
Of the Sky The Unbookables13239