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An online show case for student games at Uppsala University campus Gotland, Spring 2020.

Welcome to the Gotland Game Conference 2020 Showcase!

Play testing and voting is open to all (including the general public) between Monday 1st of June (12:00) - Thursday 4th of June (23:00). The games remain available to download and play after the jam ends too. 

Games are voted on (0-5 stars) in the following criteria:

  • Game Play / Game Feel
  • Level Design
  • Innovation / Experimentation
  • Storytelling
  • Art Direction
  • Audio
  • Presentation (eg. the game listing on

Most of these project are the result of 10-week courses in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of the education. That means the students have had ~8 weeks of development time to complete their games. This year was of course rife with added complexity and confusion, as they had to deal with being isolated from team members during production. Every star rating counts. And, remember, you are talking directly to our students with your feedback. Please take this into consideration and be kind and constructive if you leave a comment.

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The results:

About the Gotland Game Conference:

The Department of Game Design sadly had to cancel our Gotland Game Conference 2020 due to the Corona outbreak. (For those who have never seen our conference, you can catch up with some on our YouTube channel.)

The conference serves two purposes. It allows the education to bring in brilliant minds, from around the world, to talk about pressing issues within the industry. It also serves as a public showcase for our students' amazing work. Even without a physical show floor, however, we wanted to give our Game Design students a chance to show their new games. And, as usual, they will all need to be play tested, scrutinized and celebrated! 

Questions, suggestions, ideas? Contact Ulf Benjaminsson (Slack: @ulfben)


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A physics-simulation game about building chairs.
Lose yourself in the woods and uncover the mystical secrets of Urskog... a relaxing first-person puzzle game.
A relaxing 3D puzzle-platformer for casual players, to players looking for an immersive escape from everyday life!
Be a member of the television crew and craft your director’s tales to make the most credible News Stories!
A journey that takes you through a world of dreams giving you the tools to explore the
Duck in a Barrel Game
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Homemaker is a exploration-narrative-puzzle game, in a unique setting.
Come and enjoy our crazy shopping game!
A stealth/puzzle-game where you navigate through a robot facility, in an attempt to save your lover.
Couch Co-op Pirate Pandemonium!
Take control of a goat and make your way up a difficult mountain.
Vertical Slice Project
"Reach Heaven - Face your Pride" by Team Fenris
A challenging 2D/3D puzzle game, where the player manipulates their perspective to move through the dimensions.
Fight for the glory of the Kitsune Clan!
Save the Iron Church from the pesky Alchemist and his amalgamations
Welcome to join this fiery food eating competition and the bustling battle for the top!
Explore a cursed mansion as a renowned spirit medium
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A demo of a game that is all about fast-paced vertical movement and traversing your target's distorted mindscape
A first person puzzle game about deciphering a letter from your late grandmother.
A simulation strategic tank arcade game.
First-person vertical slice inspired by the immersive simulation design philosophy.
Ever wondered what it is like to be a fish in a modern, polluted ocean?
Memory Lane is a multilevel puzzle solving game about exploring and reconstructing memories from the past of a child.
Sneaky like a rat. Cunning as a rat. Gather secrets to please the boss.
Are you the most witchies witch of them all? Play 'Potion Panic!' and find out!
Year 1 arcade project for Uppsala University
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Take control of a floaty animal and bounce your way to the finish line! Race your friends in two exciting game modes!
​Avoid obstacles, collect coins, and outrun the honey flood in this sweet and face paced endless runner game!
Hit the nail on the head in this relaxing repair game!
Lorn - an abstract little game about mental well-being.
Bifrost Brawlers is a rolling, rumbling game where you tilt the world to lead your Viking forward.
Clarescent is a co-op puzzle-platformer game
Become a tomato farmer
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With up to 4 players, compete in 3 unique mini-games. Each game with a new type of animal utilizing a tree stump.
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KeyRivals is a 1v1 split screen, 2D rhythm game where you play notes while controlling caricatures of popular musicians.