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Couch Co-op Pirate Pandemonium!
Submitted by Jarski, OscarioTheGuy — 11 days, 18 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Art Direction#74.0934.219
Game Play / Game Feel#123.3353.438
Presentation (on
Level Design#202.8802.969
Innovation / Experimentation#312.2742.344

Ranked from 35 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Year of education

Credits (names and roles of entire team)
Bengtsson, Josephine
Hanski, Jari
Niva, Max
Singh Martinez, Mauricio
Svan, Oscar
Törnros, Nike
Åberg, Felix

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Wow! This game has a lot of qualities and i'm very impressed with how much you've been able to do with it in the allotted time, both with regards to gameplay, design and aesthetics. The artstyle hits just right and is reinforced by tasteful audio (other than music being a tad to loud). I'm also a huge fan of the camera perspective and the the way it pans around the ship, it allows me to really take in the scene and at the same time manages to feel pretty cinematic and grand. And you even did voice-over! Not bad at all.

You're really doing a lot with very little, which again is very cool. The amount of polish and detail that you've had the luxury of being able to add is fantastic. The best part is of course the co-op aspect, and it's a shame that I had to play the game alone as I, understandingly, got swarmed with tasks and wasn't really able to keep up. Maybe you could balance the frequency of events around how many participating players there are? I wish that I could have done a better job on my own so that I could manage it better. 

I never knew that we needed a pirate edition of Overcooked, but now we have it!

Amazing stuff. I hope you're proud!


Hi Joakim! Thanks for the kind words and we will adjust the music volume.  The game has some difficulty balancing based on number of players but it was difficult to make it perfect. It might be still too difficult for solo players.

Hope you will have chance to play it with group of friends some day.

A perfect setting for a pirate game with that nice graphic, and characters, as well for the sea that looks amazing. The challenges are fits perfectly for pirates and together with friends this is similar to Overcooked. The tutorial is good to explain how the game works, but I believe the length of the game could be made longer by increasing the difficulty in a slower pace. Nevertheless, the game looks like a polished and finished pirate game, and with the pirates phrases that you can shout out, me and my friends had really fun. Good job!


Thanks for the feedback Pontus. The game duration is one of the challenges we were struggling with. Some people thought it was too long and some people wanted shorter rounds. I guess we need to experiment a bit more based on your suggestion. Loved Urskog btw.

I played with the Xbox controller with a friend and I loved it! It was so damn hectic and we laughed a lot. I hope I can find three other people to play this with one day, it became a bit too challenging too fast when you were only two players. The manager in me came alive, I just wanted to be the captain and order other people around to avoid the ship from sinking ^^

On another note, the "yarr" button was something I did not know I needed in my life. It just brought even more comedy into the game, with having the ability to go full on pirate while panicking!

I am as far as you can get from a console player, but I actually struggled very little with the input. It was easy to pick up what each button was for, even though the ship sunk in the end since I was too focused on putting out the fires...


Glad you liked the game and appreciated the important and very useful "yarr" feature.  :)

This was a really fun and adequately challenging experience! 

Playing on keyboard, the controls worked well for WASD but the arrow key player had trouble using such a large coverage. The colours and animal crossing-like art style works very well for the easy to understand gameplay loop, allowing for a short and sweet highly enjoyable experience :) 


Thanks for the comment and glad to hear you liked the game. 


The game keeps escalating and adding challenges no matter how the player is doing - meaning we get overwhelmed almost instantly. We can't clearly see the assets we need in the world (the sword in particular tends to blend into the environment and disappear), the control scheme is too complex (why is pick up and action two separate buttons?) and the collision detection too unforgiving (we can hardly get up the stairs). Instead of chaotic fun the game experience is more like an uncontrollable mess.


We did have problems trying to balance the game difficulty. And  based on your experience it sounds like the game needs more testing. Thanks for playing and your feedback!

Sounds like a plan, good luck and I look forward to seeing a new version! 


Actually managed to play it with 2 people! It did feel chaotic and it was fun. After our ship was sunk, the game bugged I think and the screen remained blue even after waiting a few minutes. 

Also maybe consider making the pick up button same as the interact button? 

Other than that, the sound and art was great! 


Sounds like you discovered a bug. Sorry about that. We will consider your suggestion thanks!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It's fun to play with someone else. It gets overwhelming pretty quickly!
Also, I played it on a keyboard and the position i had to keep my hand in got uncomfortable really quick


Thanks for playing and leaving a comment. Hope you enjoyed the game despite the bad keyboard layout.