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Glad to hear that you liked it. Thanks for the invite. I joined your channel.


Hi Joakim! Thanks for the kind words and we will adjust the music volume.  The game has some difficulty balancing based on number of players but it was difficult to make it perfect. It might be still too difficult for solo players.

Hope you will have chance to play it with group of friends some day.

Thanks for the feedback Pontus. The game duration is one of the challenges we were struggling with. Some people thought it was too long and some people wanted shorter rounds. I guess we need to experiment a bit more based on your suggestion. Loved Urskog btw.

Glad you liked the game and appreciated the important and very useful "yarr" feature.  :)

Thanks for the comment and glad to hear you liked the game. 

We did have problems trying to balance the game difficulty. And  based on your experience it sounds like the game needs more testing. Thanks for playing and your feedback!

Sounds like you discovered a bug. Sorry about that. We will consider your suggestion thanks!

Thanks for playing and leaving a comment. Hope you enjoyed the game despite the bad keyboard layout.

I liked the way you used the limited color palette to set the mood and also convey information about the world. For example black food items. The music and coughing also added a nice touch. I felt that the doors were sometimes difficult to see and it was not clear how the infected senses the player when I met them the first time. Great job!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback. The optimization will come later. Please follow the project to get updates.

This looks interesting!

Looks great!

Hi, thanks for suggestions. Your ideas definitely helps! I am working on the game this weekend and hopefully get new version out soon. You can share the excel with me through google spreadsheets or similar. We can also move to some better tool to keep track of all the ideas such as Trello board if you are interested.

Currently damage and health is set to 1 but it is easy to modify since everything is data driven and changing stat files is simple.

Adding randomness is something that might make the game bit more interesting. I will have to experiment with that.

The way different weapons are currently implemented was kind of quick and dirty solution since there was just one simple enemy type. With different enemies different weapons would become more useful. For example melee weapons would be interesting to try out.

I think I remember in Space Crusade heavy weapon units only moved 4 tiles and others moved 6. It might make sense also here. But have to make sure heavy weapons have enough firepower to make up for that loss of AP.

If you have ideas for specific enemy and weapon stats (AP, HP, damage etc.) feel free tell me and I can add them in.

Latest Linux version is available. I will check if I can do a browser version.

Wow thanks for the feedback. I could make the first level a tutorial where player learns all necessary keys and rules.

I liked all of your suggestions. Adding a captain, new enemy types and difficulty levels sounds very interesting.

Actually I made this game project to test how well deep learning works in turn based games. But I agree that this could end up being a fun and challenging game if further developed.

PS. I know Games workshop is very strict about using their IP and might cause some problems. But this is just a free hobby project and not meant to make me any capital gains.

It will ship but it might take a while. Core features for the combat is done but there is still quite a lot of work left to create the campaign and all the missions. I aim to release something playable once there is a stable build.
Chaos Gate was a solid strategy game but has not aged well. Hopefully this remake will stay close to the charm of the original game but with some improvements.