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A member registered Jun 02, 2020

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This was a really fun and adequately challenging experience! 

Playing on keyboard, the controls worked well for WASD but the arrow key player had trouble using such a large coverage. The colours and animal crossing-like art style works very well for the easy to understand gameplay loop, allowing for a short and sweet highly enjoyable experience :) 

I like the art and music in this game. Gameplay almost feels frustrating. For a racing game, the car handling and car gameplay mechanics should be more fleshed out. Every car felt the same, swinging side to side, at least on WASD. There also isn't a clear incentive, such as someone chasing you or a social challenge against peers. Perhaps some visual/audio cues for damage would immerse the player more, but I think the core problem for me is incentive.  

I feel like games with this pace can be hard to completely immerse players into. However, I think Urskog is well paced through straightforward level design, cute visuals and interesting sound. The puzzles progress appropriately, setting up a good flow. I enjoyed Urskog very much!

The idea of the game is communicated so clearly through the art, sound and gameplay.  When it hits you, the meaning is really quite powerful. I think emotion has been used really well in Lorn.

I would love to play more of this :)

Was able to play Of the Sky for a few hours, testifying that the game gripped me well! 

The sound work compliments the art style very well I think. Then the puzzles are challenging enough to give me a sense of achievement but also not overly complex. Overall, I had an engaging experience with Of the Sky!