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Lorn - an abstract little game about mental well-being.
Submitted by vororo — 1 hour, 25 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Innovation / Experimentation#113.2413.571
Level Design#192.8853.179
Presentation (on
Art Direction#292.8853.179
Game Play / Game Feel#302.5932.857

Ranked from 29 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Year of education

Credits (names and roles of entire team)
Anna Malkan Nelson - Game Design, Art, Level design.
Adam Olsson - Game Design, Programming, Level design.
(Alma Segeholm - music - outsourced)

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Moody and perfect sound design. The game is too short and simple for me to pick up a meaning or message. I would, however, love to see more of this.  


Thank you for playing our game! Yes, the scope was small and the game is super short. Thanks for the feedback!


The audio is perfect and conveys a heavy feeling. I really enjoyed the gradual buildup too. I don't know what kind of message it was hoping to convey but to me, it felt like slowly getting over hurdles, getting better as you go. Near the end, it felt like I had overcome something.

Interesting idea. Thank you for the opportunity to play.


Thank you so much for playing! As we want every player to experience the game without us spoiling our intended message, I will not say if you are right or wrong. Actually, there is no right or wrong. We have a message we want to convey as designers, but much more important is the interpretation made by the player. With that said, from what I can see, you are not that far away...


Ett väldigt annorlunda spel. Lagom kort. Helt i min smak.

Tror att minispel kan bli en stor grej för folk i farten som har lite tid över.


Translation to English:

A very different game. Just the right lenght. Totally in my taste.

Think mini games can become a big thing for people on the go who have some time to spare.


Tack för din respons! Roligt att du gillade det!


Different and fun

Thank you for your feedback!


Perfect intro, and sound design. The jumping was working good with the circle level design. I would wish to have some more outspread progression of the jumping difficulty. With its minmalistic graphic, you managed empowering the audio in an usually way. Good job! 

Thanks a lot for your feedback! You have relevant comments about the progression. A matter of scope I'm afraid, but something to remember in the future. Thanks again!


The idea of the game is communicated so clearly through the art, sound and gameplay.  When it hits you, the meaning is really quite powerful. I think emotion has been used really well in Lorn.

I would love to play more of this :)

Thank you very much for your kind feedback! We really appreciate it!


This game was so simple and carried so much meaning! The controls were a bit frustrating, but I think that added SO much to this. I kept thinking "Why is it so hard?? Why is it taking so long to get up there??" and it really hit me how that was part of your design.
As someone with mental illness, this game was frustrating but that's life with mental illness in general. It's a up-hill battle.

This game was lovely. I have nothing bad to say about it. Good job!!

Thank you so much for your feedback! It feels great to see our design decisions translated to your game experience!


Games carry their meaning in their gameplay, because that's the only thing games have that no other medium has. This game does do that, but it also tries to say something through the controls, which is a somewhat blunter instrument. 

Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate it.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I love the simplicity of the art style and the music is also fantastic!!
The message from the game is also very lovely!
This game holds a lot of future promises in my opinion :) 

Thanks for your heartwarming feedback! We really appreciate it!