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A relaxing 3D puzzle-platformer for casual players, to players looking for an immersive escape from everyday life!
Submitted by The Unbookables — 7 days, 37 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Presentation (on
Level Design#23.8263.826
Game Play / Game Feel#33.9343.934
Art Direction#34.2894.289
Innovation / Experimentation#93.3723.372

Ranked from 132 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Year of education

Credits (names and roles of entire team)
Simon Östman - Lead Designer, QA Tester
Stefan Övergaard - Level Designer, QA Tester
Liam Forsberg - Producer, Puzzle Designer
Ida Edberg - Art Director, Designer
Tove Wahlberg - 3D Modeling Artist, Texture Artist
David Levin - 3D Modeling Artist, Art Pipeline Designer
Lukas Clausson - Lead Programmer, Technical Artist
Malek Sharabi - Programmer, SFX Producer

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Wow, this is impressive! I'm always impressed to see GGC-submissions tackling making something fully 3D, but this team managed to drive it home. 

First impression of the game was great. Beautiful, engaging main menu with good support in settings, and you also did a great job with the easy-to-understand tutorial in the first few steps of the game. I very much enjoyed the look and feel of most everything, the world feels desolate, vast and bittersweet. You guys have studied your Ghibli for sure.

I also liked the aesthetic choice of letting the organic piano music take center stage. The way the single notes closely accompanied and waited for my progress in the first puzzle, only for the music to take of on its own whimsical journey as the puzzle completed and the game opened up was beautiful. Great, simple, way of letting the world tell the story itself. 

Once I got into the bigger area with multiple paths and several closed drawbridges I felt a bit overwhelming and lost. While this might be somewhat intentional and even fitting for this type of game, consider studying your world and its topography to better decide on how you want to lead players around it. Right now it feels just a tad bit to open for me to make comfortable progress. 

All in all it looks, sounds and feels great. For the few weeks of this project, it's impressive to see what you were able to get together, and with this amount of polish that you had time to get in there as well. I'm sure there is a bigger story to this world to be told if you had the time, but even so you managed to give the core of it all a chance to plant its seed. 

Very well done. Congratulations!


Thank you so much for the generous feedback and the warm words! We really appreciate you taking the time to play the game and we're so happy you enjoyed it. Thank you! <3

Fun and addicting game. I would love to play the full game some day.

Thank you! That encourages us to keep working on it :D


nice and really beautiful and interesting scenery. Engaging main caractere.


Thank you for playing! Happy you had a good time :)


Such a good game! It felt really smooth floating around and collecting the stones was very satisfying. I like that you added something for getting them all as well. Really good job, thanks for hard work


Thank you so much! We're happy you had a good time playing :)


This is definitely one of the best proof of concept/demos I've played.  I've seen FAR less complete things that took a lot more time.  The only thing that stuck out for me is that there is no vsync option, so I had to force vsync in the Nvidia control panel to get rid of the massive amount of screen tearing.  But I won't hold that against it.  Things like that get ironed out in the beta phase.


Thank you for the nice feedback! It's much appreciated. V-Sync is definitely something that should and will be added would we further develop the game.


Consider playtesting and evaluating your game with settings lowered sometime. The game art- and rendering doesn't scale down well at all for weaker machines. (Are you LODing your assets at all? it seems like the entire world is rendered with full geometry even with minimum draw distance). Since it aims to be an atmospheric and environment-heavy game, it's really important that the art works. The music seem fitting for the intended experience, but the lack of sound design for the main character sticks out like a sore thumb. 


Thank you for the feedback! LODs were used for all environmental objects but could probably have been further optimized and utilized in more areas.


Long live the windmills!!!!

      ##        ##
       ##      ##
       | ##  ## |

Loved it! Although it wouldn´t let me interact with the first stone, is that supposed to be like that? In any case I´m looking forward to playing this until finish later on, super beautiful!


We're happy you liked the game! The first rune stone is a bit buggy with the collision at the moment, you can interact with it from certain angels. Definitely something to be tweaked in the future.

Thank you for playing!


Just beautiful. Considering the 8 weeks time limit, don't think you could've done any better than this.

My only feedback would be that the map could have been a bit smaller.


Peace and love <3


Music that fits the Ghibli-inspiration and graphic that fits very well with the atmospheric and relaxing feeling of the game. A good and balanced progression of puzzles and re-using puzzles but in different and creative ways. I believe that the size of the island could be minimized, and that you could still have the same content, but with less unused spaces and in that way gotten more details in the world. Good indication fo what has been already explored and found, and the world is breathing of something magical, and with  inspiration from Gotland, it looks beautiful. Good job!


Thank you for the great feedback, and for playing the game! Much appreciated <3


Was able to play Of the Sky for a few hours, testifying that the game gripped me well! 

The sound work compliments the art style very well I think. Then the puzzles are challenging enough to give me a sense of achievement but also not overly complex. Overall, I had an engaging experience with Of the Sky! 


We're happy to hear you had a fun time playing our game! Thank you so much <3


My time with the game was sadly very brief, as the camera controls using a mouse felt very alien and disorienting to me. I can only assume this was to add to the experimental feel and ambience of the game (which I otherwise felt it nailed), though in my opinion it only took away from the ease of playing the game. I enjoyed my few moments with the game and, should the option be added to invert both camera control axes, I'd definitely give it another whirl.

Two other small points of feedback: It'd be great if you could leave the controls menu by hitting escape, or some other hotkey, rather than having to find the back button. Secondly, I think it'd add a lot to the ease of playing the game if you could hold space after already having released it, in order to glide. This had be confused a bit early on.

Developer (2 edits)

Hi! Thank you for playing our game and for the great feedback.

The options to invert the camera on both the Y and the X-axis are already in the game if you go to options > controls. If you would like a better experience with the camera controls over all we recommend using a controller (either Xbox or Playstation, the game fully supports both).

Thank you again!


I am blown away by this game it feels like a chill AAA PS1 era game. the art sound and game design work so well together. I can not recommend this game enough. It felt like going back to my childhood playing on the PS1
Seriously add anything you feel was missing because of time constraints and place it on Steam for £4 / £5 for a wider market on top of I want to pay for this product.
Well done to the team who worked on this.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much for the kind words, and for playing our game. We're happy you had an enjoyable experience <3

Deleted 1 year ago

That is so nice to hear! Thank you, we're happy you enjoyed yourself.


Love this game! Such a beautiful design and artwork.


Thank you so much! Our artists worked very hard :D


Det var ett bra spel och bra pussel.


Tack för att du spelade!

(1 edit) (+4)

It is like they made the expression "like a breath of fresh air" into a playable game. I love it!


Thank you so much for that kind comment, that means alot to us! <3


We really liked controlling the character and we are impressed by the amount of content in the game! Good job! :)


Happy you enjoyed the game! Thank you for playing :)


I couldn't do that first jump.


Don't forget to hold Jump while in the air to glide !


In order not to forget it, it has to register in the first place. I'd just been taught to jump, so I thought the puzzle was going to test my jumping ability. Double-jumping didn't work, neither did jumps from different places or running jumps. I didn't even realise there was a concept of a glide jump. Sadly, even the best-planned games will fail upon contact with unobservant players!