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Great game!

Ana's highscore is 460, my highscore is 10 🙂

Thank you :) I'll accept the nomination!

This should be game of the year 2022! :) Really enjoyed it!

Hi Beed28!

It seems like there have been some changes made on Youtube's side, which meant that things were not working the way they should. However, both the Search as well as the Local File Import are fixed now, so you should be able to explore the worlds of Stereo Driver again!

Thank you so much for the feedback you gave, it really helped us out to fix things quickly!

Ohh that’s not cool! We are sorry about that! :(  We will look into it! Thank you so much for the feedback and the report, we will try to fix it as fast as possible! 

We are glad to hear that you liked the update! We are planning to add a few more things to it! 😊

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing and featuring us! Yes he is a very heavy sleeper haha. And thank you for your feedback and ideas! 

Thank you for playing! Font is: Future n0t found

Thank you so much for your feedback! We'll keep it in mind when updating the game! :)

Thank you so much for featuring us in your video! :)
Controllers are randomized every time you play! We wanted to emulate the feeling of not knowing what you are doing, like in the Pixar video "Lifted" :)
Thank you again!

Thank you so much! ^^

Thank you so much! ^^ makes us incredibly happy to hear this, and thank you for featuring it! :)

Thank you so so much! ^^ It makes us so happy to hear this :) Those are great points you mentioned and we'll look into them when we update the game! Thank you again! :)

Hello Shmuel! Definetly inspired by Pixar! :) So glad you had fun! Thank you so much! ^^

We really enjoyed this game! The concept is really interesting and can create some interesting puzzles. The visuals really fit the rather strange aesthetics of the game and the underlying story is a nice finishing touch. Well done!

Thank you so much for the kind words! This makes us incredibly happy to hear! :)

Thank you for playing! ^^ 

Thank you very much! ^^ We are glad you liked it and thanks for playing! :)

Thank you so very much! This makes us incredibly happy to hear! ^^ And thank you for playing our game :) 

Thank you very much! :) ^^

Thank you so much! ^^

Thank you so much! Yes! We were thinking that after we uploaded the build hahaha, we'll continue adding more content after the jam! :) Thanks again and glad you had fun!

I've seen this type of game many times, but you executed it really well! I love the space theme, the charming visuals and the game feel in  this game. Amazing job!

This was actully really fun and addicting! Took me a while to remember all the colors, but it felt great nailing it! Well done :)

This was a surprisingly fun game! I liked all the effort you put into the vfx, and loved watching that little transformation animation.

This was a well-polished, good-feeling little game with a really nice art style and an interesting concept! Amazing job!

Thank you so much! :) We'll take a look! 

We are glad you liked it! Thank you for playing! :)

I really loved the art style and atmosphere of this game! I'm also a big fan of the wonky physics and a huge pile of books! That said, I was a bit confused about the winning condition. Which books did I have to deliver? How do I get points? I wish that was conveyed to the player a bit more. Overall a really nice-looking  and -feeling little experience! :)

This turned out to be a really neat and relaxing puzzle game with interesting mechanics and lots of content. I found myself spending quite some time playing this. Well done!

This game has a really nice art style, lots of polish and an amazing atmosphere. I also really loved how you named all the different inputs and buttons . While I  had fun, I became overwhelmed quite quickly. I would have preferred if the difficulty curve was less steep and instructions would be added gradually, while flying this airship. Being greeted with 14 pages of how to play the game can be quite overwhelming after all. Overall a really  experience!

Welcome to Abducted! In this game you take control over the beam of a UFO, and you are tasked with abducting a human from his bedroom. But beware! Every single button on your keyboard, mouse and controller performs a different action and keys get randomized each time you play! This game is also a submission to the GMTKjam 2020.

We proudly present to you: Crowd Surfers! A physics-based crowd-control made in 48 hours for the eJam, hosted by IGDA. In Crowd Surfers players must control the audience of a concert using QWEASD and the mouse, and lead their arms so artists can perorm a successfull stage dive and get to the other side of the audience. Things soon get tricky, when multiple  stage divers join and the player has to balance them as soon as possible.

Check it out:

hahahahaha I love this! Thank you so much for your kind words! :)