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The Girl with the GunView game page

Made for the GMTK JAM in under 48 hours.
Submitted by Jiri_one — 11 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline

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In the Game the player can use a gun in different ways. To help traversing the levels, by make walls "sticky" and the gun can also be used to kill enemies. There was going to be a third use for the gun but I ran out of time.

Third-party resources
Game Maker studio 1.4 - game engine
Bfrx - for the sounds
Bosca Ceoil - for the music
paint - to save screenshots

Jiri Derks, me

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Submitted (1 edit)

The game is pretty fun and fluid. I like the main mechanic and how you expand the traversable space with your gun like Splatoon. My only problem is that the wall jump is hard to pull off (had to look in the comments to figure out there was a wall jump). The character should probably wall jump even when you're facing the wall. Just have the character automatically turn around when you do. Maybe even consider making it a wall hang like in Demon's Crest, though that might slow down the game, taking way from the execution aspect. Overall, it's a very nice game. Good work!


Had to zoom in to see the game. I'm not sure that the mechanics worked that well for me as I failed to wall jump reliably. Not sure what it means by "Sticky walls" too. Got stuck with the pillar surrounded by spikes. Interesting mechanic though!


Why is the screen so small? What is this, a video game for ants?

Besides that, I think this is a really promising game. Good music, interesting mechanic, nice clean visuals (minus screen size)... I'd be looking forward to playing the full game when it comes out.

If you're looking for suggestions, then change the wall jumping mechanic to (a) make the player jump more horizontally than vertically, so you jump between walls, not up the same one; and (b) changing the controls from "face the other way" to "press the jump button". I found the wall jumping to be really hard to figure out because of that. Also, arrow keys + ZX are pretty standard sidescroller controls, so don't listen to what Brayden said, but also allow the player to use the common WASD movement. Finally, if you really want to stand out, make the gun do more than just coat walls and defeat enemies. Maybe if you press fire before it touches a wall, it creates a block you can stand on? Just a thought.

Also, this is GameMaker Studio, right? Definitely add a window_set_fullscreen(true) somewhere in there.


I will give you credit, once I got to the room when I was supposed to work with 2 different mechanics, and jump over the spikes and up a wall, that is where it got challenging way too fast for me. The other levels if I struggled and failed I knew there IS a possible way, and I would soon get it. But this level just didn't have that thought for me to lean on. And I recommend that the player doesn't have to hit a button when using the door. It should just be when you collide with it. Or use a different button more easy feeling. It was odd for me to jump from Z to A with my finger. Maybe that is just me. Also I think "Z" is a very odd button to choose for jumping. You should have just thrown that in with the basic movement in arrows. Or use the "space" bar for jumping or maybe shooting. Anyways I still felt the need to want to play it, so that means it is still a game I like and want to continue playing, you had my attention the whole time. Well done. Music is also well done, from wherever you got it or created it.  But of course it is not easy to make a perfect game in 48 hours.

Neat little game. The screen is too small though. It was a bit difficult to see the game even if I put my glasses on.


okay, thanks for the advice, post jam version is coming in the next few days.


I like the idea, but the wall jump is very unforgiving. With some tweaking this could really work though.


yeah, I've already done some tweaking but haven't uploaded it yet, because the judging is still ongoing. : )


yeah that wall jump got me, if i didn't come back and read the comments i would have been so lost.


This was nice, but there's rather too little explanation on what keys do and the walljump are rather difficult to figure out.
Also the dark grey with black is hard to distinguish on my display.


thanks for the feedback :), the controlls are in the help in the menu. Think I'll add white outlines on the walls.


Interesting game! I like how you introduce the mechanics carefully and allow the player to learn on their own. The wall jumps, though... The timing's really tight! It would certainly do well with more interesting levels, so I'm looking forward to any updates it might have~