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I really didn't like this game. Although the A E S T H E T I C S are there, the gameplay is just so slow and unforgiving. If you're not done making a pizza before it reaches the halfway point, you might as well give up on it if you want to complete the next one at all. And the idea that you slow down time at the cost of money is a neat idea (after all, time IS money), but the fact that it occurs all the time makes it feel like it's less of a gameplay mechanic that naturally evolves the game and more of a "that's just how this game works"

Why is the screen so small? What is this, a video game for ants?

Besides that, I think this is a really promising game. Good music, interesting mechanic, nice clean visuals (minus screen size)... I'd be looking forward to playing the full game when it comes out.

If you're looking for suggestions, then change the wall jumping mechanic to (a) make the player jump more horizontally than vertically, so you jump between walls, not up the same one; and (b) changing the controls from "face the other way" to "press the jump button". I found the wall jumping to be really hard to figure out because of that. Also, arrow keys + ZX are pretty standard sidescroller controls, so don't listen to what Brayden said, but also allow the player to use the common WASD movement. Finally, if you really want to stand out, make the gun do more than just coat walls and defeat enemies. Maybe if you press fire before it touches a wall, it creates a block you can stand on? Just a thought.

Also, this is GameMaker Studio, right? Definitely add a window_set_fullscreen(true) somewhere in there.

This is one of the few games that I want to keep playing after the game jam is over. It's just that fun!

If you continue on this game (and I hope you do), I would like to see a better beat system. I like that you can go at your own pace, it allows you to plan ahead. But there's also no reason to go fast per se, since the only thing that decides your buildup rate is how fast you press space after the final note. Try making the first two notes set the BPM, and base the buildup on how on-beat the following notes are? It's just a thought, and doesn't detract from the fun I had in the game.

There kind of is a reason to go fast, if you don't press space (and possibly other keys too, didn't check) fast enough you lose your buildup for that bar. Admittedly, I found that poorly explained, and I do feel a backbeat would be much better for the game.

Fun gameplay, if a bit clunky at times. I love the soundtrack, it's just so metal. But like SplitHare, I also found that shooting was way too underpowered. Except for the suicide robots on wave 3, where I got annoyed that you need to dash beforehand. Would it be possible to split the two features into two separate buttons? I know that's part of the dual purpose design, but I feel that's handled well enough by the health-as-ammo mechanic.

Also, I feel that any game with mouse controls should have the left mouse button as the primary input, not the right.

I really enjoyed this concept because it's both unique and naturally arises from the real-world logic of dice (That is to say, rotating the die naturally changes the face-up number, as opposed to some entries where two unrelated concepts are merged into one). I only wish there was more to play!

Also, it took me way too long to figure out the pun in the title...

An interesting concept, but marred by the fact that there's practically no way to tell how the pieces are falling until there's no time to react. A minimap showing the whole screen would have gone a long way.

I think it's safe to say you won the Aesthetics category. The ambient music, the stunning visuals, the uniqueness of the Mobius strip, everything about the game comes together to make a beautiful experience.

...Except, in my opinion, the gameplay. I couldn't get a good flow going because I felt like the game was actively trying to punish me. I can't count the number of times I jumped on a launch pad only to land directly in front of another one with no time to react, losing any speed boost I could have earned. And that's when the game allows me to jump on the bounce pads at all, instead of landing just short enough to miss them but not enough to jump over it (admittedly this is a personal problem, but the fact that it occurred with such regularity just left a sour taste in my mouth).

Great game, fun to play, interesting mechanic that effectively balances attacking, defending, and platforming all in this short demo. I like how the first enemy can't hurt you before you get the sword, even though it looks like it could.

My only complaint is the gun sounds: they're just too loud, especially if there's more than one person firing at you. 

Amazing game! Great controls, clear and consistent visual style, addictive gameplay, engaging music that doubles as a "watch out you're gonna die" alarm... So many good design choices.

My only complaint is that you need to press space to start and then R to retry. Why they're different buttons is beyond me, and why they're not mapped to a "press any arrow key to continue" thing is even further beyond.

Overall, I like where the game is going, but there are a couple of nitpicks I have with the game. Moving and firing feel great, although the speeds you can achieve can leave little time to react to obstacles. I would think that collision damage would be based off the player's speed, not the asteroid's size, but maybe I'm wrong. Similarly, if a game uses the mouse to aim, I would assume the left mouse button would fire. 

I don't know if this was intentional, but the game feels very empty. The game is set is space and the music is rather relaxed, but as an arcade-y game it just feels like I'm just drifting in space with nothing to do far too often.

I agree with everything that Tsun said, but I would also like to add that that enemies spawned pretty much right on top of me far too often, to the point that I often felt like my death wasn't my own fault.

That being said, I really like the idea that body length = score multiplier, since a longer body means more points but more difficult navigation, an effective risk-versus-reward scenario.

Unfortunately, I felt the gameplay and graphics to be lackluster. But for your first game, I think it has a lot of potential.