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A jam submission

鏡亀 aka the mirror turtleView game page

mini defensive shmup created for GMTK jam
Submitted by GetOmega (@getOmega) — 13 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline

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鏡亀 aka the mirror turtle's page


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How does your submission match the theme?
"A great idea can solve multiple problems at the same time".
The game idea originally came from stripping down player input to the absolute minimum (movement) and then using the state of player inactivity for the mapping of additional action to happen (attacking).

But more than just doing two actions with one button, I noticed that many games only reacting when a player submits some form of input, I wanted to test whether the use of player inactivity leading to an in-game action would cause some form of cognitive dissonance.

Having that as a core mechanic, I tried to make sure that most game object that the player comes in contact with can be taken in the game serves at least two purposes. Here's an example of a couple:

- Reflected bullets do damage buuut also have the added property of destroying incoming enemy bullets and act as a means of advancing out of a pickle

- Crocodile enemies that spawn (on wave 3; after 1 min) do damage with their charged beams buuut also destroy all bullets and enemies to make space as spawn intervals get shorter

- Music helps build atmosphere buuut also raises pitch when player's 'blocking stamina' is low

Third-party resources
Made with GameMaker Studio 2.
Libraries used: TweenGMS, exCamera
Music used: Superbyte by Azureflux [link]
Sounds made with Bfxr (<3)
Fonts Used: Arcadepix, Pixelsplitter

uhh I had my girlfriend do an announcer line
shoutouts to shirlee akazawa


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Was looking out for entry as it has a similar mechanic to mine, but your standing still to defend is a really innovative idea! Very nice use of the dualpurpose theme, and challenging as heck!


Thank you for the kind words!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of all the entries :)


Challenging, fun game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Wow!! Thank you for the spotlight haha, much appreciated. 


Thought this was really clever, fit the theme perfectly and was pretty addictive! Hope you do well in the jam


You're too kind *blushes* 

Thank you for playing!


Amazing game! Great controls, clear and consistent visual style, addictive gameplay, engaging music that doubles as a "watch out you're gonna die" alarm... So many good design choices.

My only complaint is that you need to press space to start and then R to retry. Why they're different buttons is beyond me, and why they're not mapped to a "press any arrow key to continue" thing is even further beyond.


Thanks for the kind words!!

And that's... a really good point. With one of the design goals being to focus on how much I can get out of a input system, it was an oversight to not stick with only using the arrow keys. Thanks for pointing this out, I'll put out an update to fix this.

guys if u want some tips i got 70 seconds with this by standing in the corner and reflecting the bullets back to the monster 8) #protips 


This guy has it figured out. Thank you for playing!!


God damn I don’t want to stop playing! I sooo want to have this game on my mac (my PC is an old one so I really don’t want to pick it up just to play (good) games :-p )


Ahhh!! I'll see if a friend of mine can export onto Mac from GM:S and then I'll put up an updated version.

Thank you for your feedback though! How far did you get? :P


haha only 36 seconds or something like that, it's hard but addictive as hell 🤣

Yes!!! That would be great!


Super addicting!!!! Great job!


Thank you so much!!


Nice! Once I got a hang of it this was extremely addicting.  


Hehe, I tried to mimic the quick play sessions of Super Meat Boy, Devil Daggers, and Super Crate Box, so I'm really glad this was the case!
Thank you very much!!