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Thanks! A detective style game along the lines of those BotW puzzles was kind of our goal for this game, so definitely happy to hear it reminded you of it! 

I agree, theme wise it could have been stronger, any one shot style attempt falls flat when you can replay the game :/

Good concept. It could ease the player in better (Level 2 was v hard), but I know time constraints in game jams can make that pretty difficult. I liked trying to figure stuff out, and the visuals too, felt like an old puzzle game

Unfortunately time restraints prevented us from doing more with the ending, but thanks for playing and glad you liked it!

This crashes every time I try to throw (I think throw?) my screwdriver! I downloaded that new pck file too, but 5 stars for the name regardless!

Nice twist on the genre, and a good take on the theme :D

No problem, good luck in the jam!

Thanks for playing - yeah it has a lot of rough edges to smooth out I think!

This is a really good take on the theme, and a unique concept. Also really nice colour schemes (Though some colours were a bit too similar sometimes). Is it randomised every level?

Thank you MUZBOZ! I'll update it to make the inventory system more clear (and fix that cursor issue) in the post-gamejam version. Good to know you enjoyed it and that it can even be completed without the clues :D

Thanks for playing! I noticed you came across a bug on one of the levels, it should be fixed in the new version I just uploaded!

Thanks for the enthusiastic response! I'm glad you're liking the prototype so much, and your feedback is very motivating. There's still a lot to do design wise with this thing, so I'll keep iterating on the ideas for a while longer before I decide if I want to move it past the prototype phase

Hah, good to hear!

Thanks! Glad you liked it

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I agree it's difficult to aim at the minute, it's something I'd like to improve after the jam

Thought this was really clever, fit the theme perfectly and was pretty addictive! Hope you do well in the jam

I like the mechanic, with a bit more work it would be a really cool one button game. I couldn't collect the coin at all but still enjoyed it!

Using the hot air to rise up was a nice mechanic! Like the others said it's easy to cheese it by just hovering over in the corner, but I still got a good idea of the mechanics from the game . Another idea, instead of the gun, would be to close your umbrella for a second to drop lower to avoid fireballs, rather than shooting them, but that might be too difficult

Incredibly difficult but still fun, so nice work. The walk through was very helpful!

Ah! I noticed that too, but didn't have time to fix it! Thanks for the feedback

Thanks! What do you mean by the clipped off area? That the arena/playing area is too small? It was a bit of a rush to get the game submitted on time, so the level itself could use a lot of work!

Nice entry! Simple controls, fun and well made!

This is a pretty fun game, great theme and art too!

Great entry! From the name and screenshots I thought it was going to be a Downwell clone, but it was far from it and it was really fun! Very clever mechanics and really suits the theme of the jam

Lovely & very addictive! Great the art, music and clever design

Perfect! :)


Just downloaded this after seeing it on twitter. Great idea for a game, played about an hour so far, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I really enjoy games like this which give you a system to play around with and come up with your own creative solutions to a problem. The UI is really nice and clear, both in the AI editor and in game. It's also really quick and easy to reconfigure the AI and replay the level once you realize you're not going to win that particular battle. It's the kind of game I would replay a lot in order to get the perfect run/ least amount of casualties

A few suggestions from my playthrough:

  • The Actions and Conditions can be a bit confusing at times, especially to people who aren't familiar with behavior trees or AI. Something which could help would be to have a text box at the bottom of the Action or Condition which explains what the node will do once the player has it configured. e.g. "When the closest enemy is in medium range, this condition is successful" "When this robot has the ball, this condition is successful" or for an Action "Attack weakest enemy if their health is less than 50% and they are within medium range"
  • As it stands, the levels could use a bit more variety and strategy (understandable as it's an early alpha!), I actually passed a lot levels in a row with the same AI set-up. Some obstacles on the map or objectives to defend could mix up the gameplay a bit. Also assigning two separate AI types, one passive type to retrieved the ball and the others to attack/defend them may be interesting.
  • Double click or left click to open the Action or Condition would be faster than pressing the "Edit" button on the left of the screen
  • The condition node > "condition" option, has a button to turn it to positive or negative, but it's confusing which is which. An "X" and "✓" would be easier to understand
  • I'd change the "Improve Attack Range" tutorial name to "Approach Enemy Before Firing" or "Get in Range of Enemy Before Firing", as I was initially looking for ways to improve my weapon range in the AI editor

Overall I'm really impressed with the idea and progress so far and will definitely be checking it out again with future updates.