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What you make is up to you! Personally I myself was inspired by games like Crypt of the Necrodancer/Ending when I was making this game, but I tried to differentiate the mechanics/aesthetic in order to give it its own distinct identity. Best of luck!

I love this! It's like a cute poem in videogame form.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I made this using GameMaker Studio (version 1.4).

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and I really liked your video too!

:D I'm glad you found it fun! 

Thank you! 


Thanks! I'm pretty excited about expanding the gameplay!

Thank you!

Thanks for trying it out! :D

Thanks! Ending is soo satisfying. I don't know yet about releasing the source code, but I am planning on developing this game further, so I might try to build a level editor on my own.

Good to hear!

Adorable art and a cute mechanic! I love everything about this, I hope you continue this project or keep Pinto around in more stuff!

This is amazing and beautiful. Loved the candylike texture to everything!

Nice! Once I got a hang of it this was extremely addicting.  

Love the look of the game. It's quite cute (that death animation!), and the main mechanic is  clever too.  I like how you can stack pencils on pencils!

Edit: I posted a newer post jam version that should work on Windows 10, thanks for notifying me!