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Fun little hyper-casual game with some awesome animations of the Azuki art!

Can't wait to see what this turns into later on :)


a great mechanic and world going here
im a big fan of the color shop girl

Wow!! Thank you for the spotlight haha, much appreciated. 

Thank you for the kind words!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of all the entries :)

You're too kind *blushes* 

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for the kind words!!

And that's... a really good point. With one of the design goals being to focus on how much I can get out of a input system, it was an oversight to not stick with only using the arrow keys. Thanks for pointing this out, I'll put out an update to fix this.

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Thank you so much for the kind words!!
And yes, thank you Patrick lmao. Let me know if you want to play DotA sometime lmao.

You are insane at the game! For those wondering, this champ currently holds the record.

This guy has it figured out. Thank you for playing!!

Please post your high scores! I am curious to see how everyone did.

Hehe, I tried to mimic the quick play sessions of Super Meat Boy, Devil Daggers, and Super Crate Box, so I'm really glad this was the case!
Thank you very much!!

Thank you so much!!

Ahhh!! I'll see if a friend of mine can export onto Mac from GM:S and then I'll put up an updated version.

Thank you for your feedback though! How far did you get? :P

And I love you!!

Thank you for the feedback! That was the idea haha. I hope you didn't find it too hard, I was thinking about tweaking some of the speed/hp values but unfortunately ran out of time :/