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Submitted by JampTaco

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Movement: WASD
Slash: Right Click
Shoot: Right Click Hold (After Slash)

We wanted to make a game in which the player had the ammunition as life. This idea gave the mechanics of death by heat.

In this game, each move will cost you a portion of your health bar, in this case "heat".

The player has to make a "slash / roll" (with right click) before shooting, this movement kills to the enemies and regenerates the heat. If the user leaves the right click pressed, the player will fire. Heat is also regenerated by killing an enemy.

Third-party resources
Game Engine: Unity
Art Software: Fire Alpaca

Art: Diego Lozano
Programming: José Méndez

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Fun gameplay, if a bit clunky at times. I love the soundtrack, it's just so metal. But like SplitHare, I also found that shooting was way too underpowered. Except for the suicide robots on wave 3, where I got annoyed that you need to dash beforehand. Would it be possible to split the two features into two separate buttons? I know that's part of the dual purpose design, but I feel that's handled well enough by the health-as-ammo mechanic.

Also, I feel that any game with mouse controls should have the left mouse button as the primary input, not the right.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it. I really have into consideration the problem of the gun. Maybe we could solve the control problem by separating the dash and gun, and also making the gun more powerful by rashing. But changes will be applied after the jam. And about the control mapping, I really did not pay attention to that, So it is my fault, sorry.
Again, thanks for the feedback!


This is a pretty neat looking and feeling game. I don't really like the balance on the firing mechanic, though. It feels insanely weak for something that also takes your health. It's a much safer bet to just dash into enemies constantly.


Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Yes, the dash is OP. We made some enemies that are safe of dash. Some always keep distance from you, or the bomb one that kills you if dashed into him. But they didnt behave as expected. Maybe we should reduce the damage of the dash, but changes will be applied after the jam.

Thank you!