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Nice game,  reminds me a lot of pixel dungeon.

Very nice!

 (I think making some more roads like a T shaped one or an + shaped one would improve thegame.)

okay, thanks for the advice, post jam version is coming in the next few days.

yeah, I've already done some tweaking but haven't uploaded it yet, because the judging is still ongoing. : )

I'll post an update on the game soon, whith a few improvements including easier wall jumping and better controlls : )

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In the game you don't have to wall jump from one wall to another, you do have to wall jump after jumping, and it is not very easy ;). Maybe it's a bit too hard and I'll have to change it (based on what the players say).

Edit: btw you're correct the gun is for wall jumping

thanks for the feedback :), the controlls are in the help in the menu. Think I'll add white outlines on the walls.