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Bullet Hell, where you can stop time!
Submitted by Jukio Kallio (@jukiokallio) — 3 days, 4 hours before the deadline
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I made everything during the jam

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This was awesome, presentation was effective and stylish.  I love the teleportation mechanic it was super simple to learn and use. This game gets it 


I kept coming back for more with this entry. I died, actually kept playing. Died again, kept playing to make it further. And repeat.

Visuals, audio, mechanics were all amazing!


Of all the more traditional games this is the best, presentation is incredibly, the sound design is very satisfying and controlling the ship with the mouse feels really responsive. Amazing work.


You truly made a challenge for me! I played way longer than I thought I would! I wasnt able to beat it... I'm saving this one for later :) 


Awesome mechanic of stopping time and teleportation. Music was BANGER.  Really nice visuals!

Well done made game!


awesome game man

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Absolutely love the presentation and the collection of well executed game mechanics. Huge fan of time slow and teleportation. I wouldn't redesign the system, like Aru suggested, but i would advise on slowing time and not stopping time. Also would like to see a cool warping effect when teleporting, with some nice sound effect. 

What i enjoyed less is just how many bullets there were at certain times. I always had to fit in a tiny island in the sea of bullets. Killing enemies felt like adding a drop of water into a 10l bucket. If i just could blast it with the hose more often, the tankiness would not be a problem.

What i liked most is that it didn't feel like the jam game, but more of a full experience. 


So this is one of my favorites in the jam. Really well done! The presentation is stellar and the gameplay is well designed as well. I like teleport mechanic. One thing I don't like about many bullet-hells is the many, many times I'm trapped by walls of bullets and teleporting helps me sidestep that


Beat it after setting lives to 8.
The game is presented really well - polished visuals, great soundtrack (which made me dance with my mouse sometimes). Player ship controls well, following the crosshair at its own speed works really nicely to keep things fluid.

The main issue is just how tanky the enemies are. They take a really long time to kill, even when you're in their face with the strongest shot. Frustratingly long, because I wanted to play aggressively and had to wait until an enemy dies instead. Especially those tiny circular enemies - they look like popcorn, why don't they pop like one? All in all, the game's pace is significantly slowed down as a result, to a pace that doesn't gel well with the intense soundtrack, the swift stream of player shots and the ship speed.

I also think the time stop mechanic, while really cool on paper, needs a redesign. It's way too strong as a survival tool since you can warp without a cooldown and delete nearby bullets, and is not suited as an offensive tool at all due to reduced shot power after warp. Combine this with the stupidly tanky enemies - and you get a mechanic that keeps you alive but never lets you advance. This has really sapped the fun from the game for me. As a suggestion - why not disable time stop when player power is 0, and create a damaging, bullet cancelling explosion (visually like the ones that play when you launch the game executable) of scaling power and radius depending on player power?

Overall - great presentation, great potential. Did not find it fun, but it's fixable. Solid effort for a jam game. Congrats on finishing!


oh wow, thank you so much for the long feedback! you definitely found the achilles' heel of the design, hahaha! the combination of tanky enemies and teleporting making your shot weak is a problem i figured out towards the end of the jam, but didn't have time to start redesigning it... but i whole heartedly agree with your observations. one big problem that comes with this is also when you've mostly solved a screen, there's still those one or two enemies that takes so much time to get rid of before getting the next screen.

definitely noting these down if i ever get to update the game!


This is the highest I could get for now lol. I'll definitely come back to this though

Honestly, I have no complaints about this one apart from one issue. I'm still not sure if this was because of my computer or if it was the game, but sometimes my mouse clicks stop registering and so the ship went back to it's normal shoot state

But apart from that, this was honestly damn good. The presentation was great, everything was readable and it was just damn fun to play.

I also love how certain patterns really force you to teleport around, and having the player ship get a more powerful bullet pattern for as long as you don't teleport is a great incentive to ensure that a player doesn't just keep teleporting around

This game honestly represents and executes minimalistic design at it's best. Amazing stuff here


Oh my god, this is so good! This is a fully polished game wdym this is a game jam entry!? The sound design especially is so good. The mechanic is also super fun.


YO that opening screen was sick


Really fun! i like the music a lot and the game ozzes with style and polish , the intro especially
the teleportation is a fun gimmick , though i couldn't manage to beat it


Hello! 👋

Overall: ✨ The gameplay felt very smooth. The game was very well made, with great animations, a responsive movement system, and controls. Great work overall!

Fun: 🎉 The game was fun and kept me hooked the whole time. The unique mechanic of holding the fire button to shoot more projectiles and teleporting when you let go was really enjoyable to play around with.

Visual: 🎨 The visuals were fitting for the game’s style and added to the overall experience.

Audio: 🎶 The audio was well-suited to the game, no complaints there.

Theme: 📚 I liked the theme implementation where letting go of the fire button made you lose your damage. However, in the later stages, there was no reason to let go as the damage fall-off was significant, and staying alive seemed to require fast kills. Balancing this mechanic could improve the gameplay experience.

Great job on the game! 👏


Really creative controls, and a nice gimmick, I thought. Then I got to stage 3 and it really CLICKED! Had to use 8 starting lives but I eventually beat it. The visuals are cool and the music is groovy, I give this game a score of HELL YEAH


Great game!  I love the look and feel of it!


Hehe, I eventually won with 8 lives, scored 505390 and realized I had scored better during the previous run where I lost during the last battle, 523700.

The game looks and sounds amazing. It plays very well, the patterns are great, the teleportation works pretty well and I love that it reduces your power, that's a pretty good implementation of the theme. Finally the difficulty is perfect.

I'm not sure how much I like the small delay between a super fast mouse drag and the ship actually moving behind. On one hand it totally makes the game feel better than some other games with mouse control as instant speed does not make it feel like a ship at all while here it does feel like a ship yet it does not seem like a perfect way for precision control either.

That's a super cool entry, thanks for sharing.



Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I beat the game using only one life while talking to three of my grandaunts who are "Baby boomers" simultaneously. It's a fun game and extremely challenging if you want it to be. I loved the awesome music, vibes, and the continuous bullet patterns.


I found myself absorbed, great backing track, clean visuals and the teleport mechanic with the bullet firing tradeoff, just a brilliant job. Very well done!

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