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Tower of decadenceView game page

Turn based, dungeon crawler game created for Brackeys Game Jam 2024.1
Submitted by aaronkaa, IncepT01, juni_per_berry, QuiteSurreal — 6 hours, 2 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#2993.0003.000

Ranked from 28 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
You play with a warrior who lost his memories of a tower, so he has to rediscover it. Through his journey, he collects clues—what will he find after the next door?

Did you write all the code and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes, despite the basic engine of unity.

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Healing enemies are the best, the let me heal to full mana & hp 😎. Fun game with a fun battling mechanic


Nice game! It was fun playing around and trying to find the best way to keep your mana high but also eliminate the enemies... Good job! Also the meteor wizard often kills his allies which is a bit funny :)


Nice to see a turned based game. The health and mana regeneration mechanic felt a bit weird. Only way I found to keep my mana and health up was to leave the last enemy alive and just keep healing and regenerating mana (which goes up slighty faster than the damage you take). The combat was nice (although maybe a bit slow). The chests that give hints seemed a bit weird to me, I was expecting some kind of loot.

Overall, well done


I love how you have incorporated the theme, with the door hints letting you guess at what you might face. The visuals are good and the sounds were solid, at first the combat was a little confusing on who I was, and it is often not clear how much a number meant (took me a while to understand just how much mana I had to spend etc.) but once I got the hang of it you have a nice little game.



Quite a unique game in this jam; it is the first turn-based game I played. Works pretty well too.

If you were to update the game, I’d definitely make it more clear when it is your turn. It took me a while before I understood the turns. Also would be nice if you and the enemies could move a tile in a turn.

I liked the visual effects you have made and the sound effects were a nice addition to them. Well done :)

Submitted (5 edits) (+1)

very cool game ! the clues really make sense for this jam's theme, though the notes being in chests kept me hoping there might be some loot like a new spell in one.

 I liked defeating all but one enemy and then keeping them around while I get back to full health and mana before clearing the room.
really fun Binding-of-Isaac type of exploration and level generation, the static positioning of the characters encourages strategic use of the AOE spells, and the free fireball and mana regen spells mean the player will never get beached  during a fight, but they may have to take some free hits if they don't manage their resources.

if you ask me,  the game would benefit from another spell or two to collect in the level, or perhaps occasional choices e.g. between +20 mana or +40 health or something,  or maybe buff/upgrade a specific spell? I think this kind of thing would let the player build the character differently per run, adjusting their stats to suit their playstyle.

good visuals, cute crunchy pixel art, perhaps you could switch out the particle sprites from gradients to something in this style too.

I like how the health and mana bars are on either side of the screen, making them both large but obscuring very little of the stage, good design.

the different enemy types add a lot of variety and strategy to the gameplay too, though leaving a healer alive allows the player to fully regenerate health and mana since the healer couldn't attack me.
if this sounds like an exploit to you, perhaps the mana could regenerate when you kill an enemy, or maybe the mana regen spell could siphon it from another character or something? It didn't make the game less fun though, just a slightly cheesy strat 

i got a little confused by the turn system at times when a character would get 2 consecutive turns, and I wasn't sure why or when it would happen next, but the combat is very engaging and fun, I like how enemies can sometimes miss and hurt each other accidentally

the game left me stoked to see what's through the portals :)

feel free to check out our game if you'd like, it's a bit of a strange one though lol,
if you do, I wanna let you know that in one of the menus, before clicking the "feed" button you must click the items from the hotbar to select them, we've had a lot of players get confused by that menu design 😅


A fun turn-based game! not gonna lie I spent a good 2-3 min wondering why WASD wasn't working till I realised its all mouse based but the game has a great basis for a even better experience. Quality of life features like faster animations/ turns would also be useful, as a strategy would be keeping an enemy alive while you spam mana and healing on yourself would take awhile to do..


Would you elaborate on your last thought? It is currently a valid tactic, that you don't kill the healer because he won't attack you. I can't really understand: is it a problem, is it not, or is it maybe a too-long process?


As you mentioned its a long process where the player would try to heal themselves at every room since even with an attacking enemy, you can still out-heal their damage. so maybe have a limit on heals and mana per room or simply recover the player at the end of the round (since this is near equivalent to the end outcome of this strat). But still this is just my opinion, feel free to ignore it or use it and all the best for your game dev journey! 


Cute little game! I dig the spritework.

Fixed positions is interesting, and I can definitely see where this game could be expanded with things like upgrades and new spells, and maybe some more mechanics to spice up the gameplay.

My initial experience was mostly filled with confusion, unfortunately, it's kind of hard to tell what's going on and I didn't even notice the turn indicator at the top at first. Some work needs to be done to make things feel more alive and interactive - even just adding some animations would make it feel way better.

Sometimes enemies would kill eachother too, which I might doubt was an intentional game design choice, but I think there could be something interesting there to run with.

Good work!


I appreciate the RPG concept; it's quite cool, but it seems like luck plays a significant role, impacting the game dynamics perhaps a bit too much.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Turn-based combat is my love!


Interesting take on combat with the fixed positions, nice job!


There's some fun ideas in there but the lack of animation makes it a bit difficult to tell what's going on a lot of the time. Stuff like highlighting the character whose turn it is, animations and sound effects when you try to use a spell you can't afford and even just idle animations on the sprites would make it feel much more fluid and interactive. It would definitely be worth continuing to work on this after the jam!


Big agreement from me on all of this.


Feels like luck impacts the game too much. But love the game concept.


Cool rpg concept.  Takes a bit too long to get through a turn, maybe just faster animations would help.


loving this art style, this game has a lot of charm


Has potential, turn based is always getting used to after playing some faster games. But I liked it. Good job!


Cool turn based combat, early baldur's gate-esque. Excited to see where this goes beyond the alpha.


Looks good so far but seem incomplete would like to see where you take this though.


Really cool turn based fight mechanics! Though needs a lot of further work! Great Job!


I am not able to get too far in the game but its fun overall

Not sure if indented but the ai sometimes attacks itself with fireballs and kills some of their own :D


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