This jam is now over. It ran from 2024-02-11 11:00:00 to 2024-02-18 11:00:00. View results

Welcome to the 11th official Brackeys Game Jam!

In this game jam you get to make a game based around a certain theme in just a single week! After submitting your game it will get rated by other participants and you will get to vote on other games.

Game jams are a fun way to challenge yourself, meet other devs and talk about your games and their progress. And of course the best part is that in the end you will have made and finished a game that you can share with friends, family and your fellow developers.

Are you new to game dev and don't think you can finish a game in such a short amount of time? Well give it a shot anyway,  it's worth a try and you'll probably learn a lot! In fact we've made a video specifically on how to get ready for your first game jam!

Join our Discord server for any notifications about the jam and to meet other participants and hype yourself up before the event! After the jam starts you can also share your progress in the game jam channel.  If you want you can also register for the event on Discord. Please note that to submit you also need to join on Itch.

The art for this jam is based on the winning art submission by Selva (@cj_Hawk on Discord).

The theme for the jam is:

Good luck!

The only rule we have is that your game must not include any NSFW and offensive/discriminatory content. We wish for the games to be playable by everyone!

Apart from that you are allowed to use any game engine or framework, you can also use assets not made by you, but make sure you have the proper license to use them and crediting is of course encouraged! Making everything from scratch is not mandatory, but if you do you get to be extra proud of yourself at the end!

Teaming up is allowed, and encouraged! Our recommendation is that you stick with 4 people maximum, otherwise you'll have a hard time coordinating in just a week.

Do note for submissions, if you've submitted your game, do not delete it, if you delete your game you are out of luck. Also know that linking to an external site will disqualify you from the jam. So make sure your game is uploaded to if you want to participate.

Note that this jam will NOT include a 1 hour grace period for people who didn't get their game properly submitted before time. This means that it is extra important you leave proper time to submit your game. Game files are not locked so if you discover a major issue with your game file it is possible to change this afterwards, just make sure you make a submission before the deadline. This is only for game-breaking issues, don't use this feature to otherwise update your game before the rating period is over.

The games will be rated in 6 categories: Game Design, Fun, Innovation, Theme, Graphics and Audio. This is a wide variety of game dev aspects, so don't worry if you can't hit all of them perfectly! Try to be creative and stick to the theme though!

After the submission period is over, you'll have two weeks to rate games. Your game needs to have at least 20 ratings to be eligible to win, so make sure to play a lot of games, so your own game has a higher chance of being shown to others!

The winners, decided by the best score over all categories will be the "true winners", earning a shoutout at the top of the jam page and on our Discord server, as well as getting a fancy role. But don't let not winning discourage you! It's a game jam, so participation is all it's about!

As always we wish all of you the best of luck with your games and most importantly; make sure to have fun! :D