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Good game, very stylish and comfortable. Thank you!

Cute little game.

There are several game mechanics at once that fit together well. It's sad that with no mana when the ghosts appear, you can't do anything and still die.

But otherwise this is a very cool and fresh game! Thank you!

Cool game, but I was never able to finish it. But the topic is completely covered. Somehow it reminded me of the “squid game”.

It’s unclear, but stylish!

I received the first two endings, and decided: “ha, okay, I’ll type 30 pieces and they will show a different text.”

I was surprised that the game only started after that.

A small but interesting game sketch!

A great example of how fun gameplay is born from a simple idea. Congratulations!

Super game, cool unique mechanics, and I was really hooked.

Not the most obvious sequence of actions (first move, then attack), it took some getting used to.

Couldn't get past level 4 (where there are 5 policemen). But the game captivated me, forcing me to try again and again. Bravo!

Cool atmosphere. It seemed a bit difficult to complete the levels, but I tried again and again. It was definitely fun!

Interesting concept.

I didn’t really understand why there was a need to roll the dice, because in the end only the correct answer affects victory. But it was funny. Thanks for your work!

I liked the concept and very expressive visuals.

I didn’t like that progress was reset every time after death - previous experience did not help at all. Running to the store several rooms later was also inconvenient, especially since the items did not reduce the chance of being hit that much. So I couldn't get past the 4 door level. But I'm very interested in what happened next.


You made a good game. Dynamic and quite demanding in terms of dexterity.

It was hard to fight guys with shotguns because they killed me in two shots. There weren't enough first aid kits to restore health at levels.

But overall it was great, thank you!

Not on the first try, but I opened all the doors in 2.5 minutes.  The game is great.

One thing haunts me - what is the connection between the moon and farts?

The unusual gameplay of moving between dimensions was fun, but a little confusing for me. It was nice to rack my brains! Thank you!

There was no way to escape from the old man after getting the key from the chest of drawers.

The idea is very cool! The game captivated me.

Interesting game and cool description.

Guessing the door by the dripping water was especially exciting. Although several times I ran into facial expressions due to lags when choosing a method for checking the door. Thanks for playing, it was fun!

I played the game to the end and enjoyed it. Everything is harmonious - art, music, sounds, animations. Of course, the theme of the door is not very clear, but the game is very pleasant. Thank you!

I haven’t quite figured out whether I should avoid colored symbols or, on the contrary, accumulate them.

But the physics-based controls seemed interesting. The graphics are nice.

Like because the game is ready and it has everything you need to play: graphics, sound, gameplay.

I didn’t have the opportunity to consciously make a choice of door, since my death was completely accidental.

But I was glad to find a mountain of gold behind the door.

Thanks for the development!

It became interesting when I figured out how to play. Thanks for the tutorial! Cool art.

Simply an incredible game.

At first she seemed primitive to me, although she was cute.

But after my black seal ate a black penguin, I realized that not everything is so simple. Then an unobvious tadpole was heard, and a yellow chicken fell into the paws of the yellow cat.

I played again and again, guessing animals by elimination and by silhouettes... And it was cool.

Top scores in all categories!

It was cool, although it didn’t seem like my choices affected anything. I ran a session without leveling up my characters and still won. But the idea clearly has potential, and the mechanics look fresh!

A great innovative idea that also works great. I enjoyed creating different combinations, and the game design of the game is beyond praise!

Creepy atmosphere of a dancing shadow over a little girl.

The game has little gameplay yet, but already has a lot of atmosphere. Promising!

Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out how to activate the teleport, but I honestly cleared all the rooms of monsters (I admit, my brain was a little broken trying to understand the level design).

It was disappointing that I found 20 shotgun shells, but did not find the shotgun itself. But it was fun. The style has a Duke Nukem 3D atmosphere.

Excellent game and level design! I really want to keep playing this game. A great combination of skill challenges and puzzles. And a fun minimalist style. I liked it very much!

When the doors began to dance like during a game of thimbles, I had a lot of fun. A very soulful game!

Very rich immersive sound. Chilling atmosphere!

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Turn-based combat is my love!

A short but touching story. I forgot where I was for a few minutes. Thank you!

I really liked the old school style, and even the strange controls added an unexpected amount of fun. Thank you!

Original idea and mechanics, wonderful style of the main menu with doors. Excellent results in a short time! Thank you.

Great original idea. It seemed difficult to play and it didn’t work out to attach labels, but it definitely fits the theme and has unique mechanics. Thank you!

I almost got stuck at the very beginning because I didn't know that the double jump worked. But when I got over it, I didn’t regret it - large levels that are interesting to explore, not similar to each other. Thank you!

Interesting idea, beautiful visuals. It’s not very clear what to do if you meet an enemy. But this did not spoil the fun of the game!

I liked the mechanics of rebirths and the visuals. It was fun to play!

Cute game for attention. She unexpectedly captivated me and made me try again and again. Thank you!

Hello! A cool game with interesting art. I enjoyed it, thank you!

An excellent full-fledged game, which is cool for a game jam.

I don’t quite agree with the decision to randomly select bonuses from two doors - if the choice is random, why is it needed at all?

At first I didn't understand what the dinosaur had to do with doors. But after passing the first one, I realized that I was mistaken.

A very addictive (in a good way) and fun game. Thank you!

I like the style and atmosphere of the game. Everything looks very juicy.