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Submitted by ParasBro Dev — 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#4232.5562.556

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
You Are Trapped In Spooky World, You Need To Find Right Door, If You Choose Wrong Door U Get Shot

Did you write all the code and made all the assets from scratch?
Except Doors I Made All 3d Models, Code Is Mostly Written By Me With Observation Of ChatGpt (Some Pre-Made Unity Package is Used)

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Spooky! Thought it was cool that sometimes you could open the wrong door but you wouldn't take damage, that added to the uncertainty


Could Not Seen Live Reaction ,But I Saw Highlight Thanks For Playing :)


Creepy atmosphere & audio design helped with the spookiness. well done!


cool game, it has buckshot roulette vibes :)


The audio is so fun, having that giant figure with the pistol follow you is terrifying.


This game was different and that thing is very creepy I hope he doesn't creep me in his sleep. playing russian roulette with that guy was also fun I asked him to go to a date with me but he denied. The eye tho would be cool if you could make it more fluid. over all it's a cool game and it would be cool if you could rate my game too.


Solid game. The atmosphere is really spooky and I like the character too. Very well done!


I can't lie the jumpscare seriously scared me the first few times haha. Very fun and creepy atmosphere, the gameplay could be tweaked a little bit to be less frustrating however, but it was still a great experience, good job!


The character and atmosphere is really well done,  very creepy. The gameplay though is mainly just frustrating, the items are a nice touch but they are one time use. Maybe if there was something to do to prevent getting shot like a quick time event? 


I liked the concept and very expressive visuals.

I didn’t like that progress was reset every time after death - previous experience did not help at all. Running to the store several rooms later was also inconvenient, especially since the items did not reduce the chance of being hit that much. So I couldn't get past the 4 door level. But I'm very interested in what happened next.


Was like a little creeped out in the beginning then I realized he was only going to shoot me.  

When you die you keep the gold not the items which seemed a little odd. 


The monster was definitely creepy.

I do wish there's a little more to selecting the door. Some kind of clues to let you know what the right door was. Or if it wasn't random which door to take so you could memorize the doors. I did feel like I was guessing, and sometimes my guess would get me shot. And every single time... it... was... terrifying. IN a good way. The design of the creepy thing with the gun was awesome.

Nice work overall.

Good luck with the jam.



The monster's sounds are very creepy and the idea is cool :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

your monster reminds me so so much of the monster from shelley duvall's bedtime stories "nightmare in my closet" that i used to watch as a kid :) the sounds he makes especially!



I liked this game because I couldn’t stop laughing at the character model :D . Cool game !it was fun to play !


Great idea, I was scared when I started playing this game, I thought that I need to run from this guy haha, I had the bug where the doors dont always react to me trying to open it idk if its only me or is it supposed to be like that


Its creepy for sure :D "Eeeehhaaa" that sound effect! 


that was creepy! It has great atmosphere. good job!


I felt a lot of pressure when it was following our player. At first, I didnt get the idea because I chose three right doors in a row, and then on the fourth one, I got a jumpscare, literally hopping out of my chair. I love the voice acting its very cool. I managed to finish the game with upgrades. Congratulations on a very good game!


I was rushing doors thinking he was catching up to me, only to be blown up in my face for picking the wrong one...
It's laugh will haunt my nightmares!
Well done!


Actually, the fact that a strange creature was watching me from behind while I was trying to open the door scared me. Good Job!

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