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Dont Knock It Till You Sign ItView game page

Get as many signatures for your petition before the time runs out! Test your reaction time and click speed.
Submitted by MeniMeno — 1 day, 14 hours before the deadline
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Game Design#473.8233.823

Ranked from 62 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
It is a knocking simulator, so you have to open the door by knocking, and get people to sign your petition! Therefore, you're trying to see what's behind the door! Many doors, actually!

Did you write all the code and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes! I wrote the code and drew the art myself during the game jam. The voice acting is me and my boyfriend! And even the knocking sound was of me on my desk! The music was also done completely on day 4!

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This is a great game! I like that even when you fail you get rewarded by seeing someone get punched in the face. The artwork and the fun gameplay have me hooked! Congrats on making such a fun game.


That was way more fun than I expected. I did punch the first few people in the face and only got two signatures the first time. But I did get better I swear.

Nice sounds, nice artwork. All really well done.



I really love the mood of your game. It reminds me a lot of Wario Ware-style miicrogames. Great job!!


Really nice game, I loved the graphics!  Great work!


Fun game, enjoyed very much.

OK, okey, AU, oke, auw


Nice game, simple and good visuals


really neat game!

i love the art, and the way the arm follows your mouse.

the sounds are really good too.

One issue I'm sure you've been made aware of is that you can just spam space and click to always get the signature, perhaps make the player lose time when they press space on a closed door?

really fun and original concept, and well executed :)


Great Game! Really fits the theme.

I did notice that if you press space just before hitting the person you still get the signature.


Nice game, simple but well made!


Ahaha what a nice treat of a game! Simple but difficult to master!


Still new to game dev but, this game is so simple and yet so fun to play, it hooks you right up. Great job


This game is so simple but very very entertaining! I love the graphics and audio too, they fit the game so well :) I would share my score, but it's actually so embarrassing haha ^^; (it's very low); all in all, amazing job on the game!


This is so funny!
I've never played a game like it!
Smashing the door until someone comes then hitting them hahahah
Fantastic job!

My only comment would be the audio is a little quiet but thats all!
Fantastic job :D


Great game!!! Simple and very fun! Loved the artwork!! This can be fun on mobile too!

Feel free to try and rate our game too!


I love games that have a timer and a score, I always want to go back and beat my score. I was able to get up to 27. Great job boiling this down to something so simple and fun. The extra polish of being able to move the arm around adds a touch of something I can't put my finger on, but it feels good. Keep up the good work!


This was suuper entertaining! It was simple, but it works wonders honestly. It's challening but it's also really fun. There's something so funny about accidently hitting someone in the face cause you're knocking like a madman! I like how getting a signature gives you some time, cause feasibly you could keep going indefinetely if you get good enough. Although I always just punched one or two simply for the sake of it not gonna lie.

The art is amazing! Respects on that. It really fits the game, looks good, and has personality. The audio design is nice too!


Great game! It was fun and you nailed the theme!

For your first jam, your work is impressive! It's all so polished and I found the core gameplay idea simple and clever. There is a perfect balance between risks and rewards when you try to go faster.

However, I found a very simple exploit. I can just spamming spacebar and I can't lose anymore :P You should make that if you press spacebar when the door is closed you lose time or something similar.


I love your art style, the game is simple but still fun. Great game.


Nice concept. Cozy artwork.


I like it. It simple but fun. Nice art and sounds too. 

I don't know if it's just me, but I think I would like it better if the knocking uses a keyboard button instead of the LMB. 

For someone who only completed one tutorial, this is a really good game. Good luck with your game dev journey!


thankyou so much! and thats good to know! maybe ill figure a way out so you can change the keybinds for knocking! appreciate the kinds words!

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