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The DownsideView game page

Your World Turned Upside Down
Submitted by MrBundles — 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline
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Great puzzles, easy to understand mechanics, great level design, very well polished menu,ui and art! Very solid on all fronts here. Congrats!

More thoughts of this game in my stream:


Thanks for playing! You have a great commentary :D


I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun playing your game!


Very good mechanics. Like the minimalism and the game feel. Good job.


Very good mechanics. Like the minimalism and the game feel. Good job.

(1 edit) (+1)

Best one so far. Clever execution!

Took me about 16mins to beat.


A unique puzzle game! I really like the mechanics and atmosphere here. Really cool game!


Sorry I have some problem every time i load the page he say "please reload the page".


Thanks for the heads up, would you mind sharing what browser you're using?

And maybe whether you are playing on mac/pc


browser : Firefox

device for playing your game : PC


Thanks, I'll look into it. 

If you do want to play feel free to download the game 🙂


Brilliantly dynamic puzzles. Mechanics are really well established so there was no failure frustration & was really fun to experiment to find solution. Can see you really playing around with level/puzzle designs & expanding  the jam game even further. Great work.


WOW! This is far and away the most polished jam game that I've ever seen, and the music and everything are just perfect. Hardcore mode was a satisfying challenge, and this game is frankly ready to be published somewhere. Unbelievable job!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is one of the best games I have played in this Jam. I don't have much to say now. It's just perfect. The simple graphic and everything reacting to everything. This game has such an amazing feeling. The music to the sound. Oh my god, it feels so much polished!! It just feels perfectly awesome!! Thanks for this amazing game. I have rated 200 games and this is at the top right now! (Oh one feedback, the jump button should become the down button on changing gravity maybe.)

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well. I would really appreciate it! Thanks a lot! Cheers!! 

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I really liked this one! Five stars definitely.

The most unique, fun, and polished game so far!

I also really like how you can pause by clicking on the character and the level shifting mechanism.

Reminds me a lot of the game Fez but in 2D.


You have the foundation of an interesting puzzle game here. I really like the shifting and block removal. Good puzzle design too. I did find the controls awkward. I accidentally paused too often. I would've preferred clicking on the player didn't pause it.


This is a really nice and polished game! I enjoyed it a lot! There is a sound bug, which does interfere with the gameplay, but overall great game! Loved the puzzle design!




Wow! another well-made puzzle game here,  Really enjoy it, the sound got some bug when load level not affected the gameplay but kinda annoying  lol. Other are great gameplay, sound, mechanic, design etc.   


Really good game! I play all the levels and really enjoyed it.

I didn't quite get the connection for the theme but wow all the game was a real pleaser to play in.

Great gameplay, music, SFX, and level design. Love it!


(If you die while you're in a wall, you still get pushed after you respawned)

The WebGL version was very laggy, so i downloaded the Windows Version, although it was very rare, i sill had some lag spikes every now and then.

I spend 30/40 trying to complete both the normal and hardcore levels (I got stuck at 15-Hardcore tho, still can't figure it out how to complete it). The gameplay is very fun, even tho i bit annoyed by the fact that i often confuse the Swap key with the Dig key and clicking the cubes in air is really hard (but also very fun when you understand exactly how it works and when you master it, so i suggest you to keep it, just maybe make it more forgiving to do and/or increase the range of it). The artstyle is minimalistic but very nice, also in theme with the game jam, the music is dope, and the game itself it feels so polished and it's just great!! Good Job!! 5 Stars!!


the audio bugs out like a computer crashing on every level and gets worse when you hit the portal, and the frame rate is atrocious for how simply the graphics are


Thanks for the feedback, yeah the scene transitions were a challenge and are definitely in need of some more work. 

Were you on the web build or running it from an executable when you were playing?

web build


Good game! Love the effect when turning the world and the music is really fitting.

Excellent job!


Perfectly made game. Expand it into a couple more worlds adding more of the cool mechanics and you got yourself a store ready game! Fantastic work! Keep it up! 


Fantastic game. I loved the way you introduced new mechanics, slowly and with a clear easy way to execute it the first time, and then gradually making it harder and harder. Textbook great game design, and the overall experience just feels so polished and fun. Beating a level is super rewarding as you feel like a boss, and the sound effects and music are just the cherry on the cake.

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