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same here

i mean someone legit made a whole rework of hearts of iron 4 into an mlp game, it wasnt half assed either, fully reworked, lore and all

keeps randomly crashing.

you have to go through the entire bunker

very good

game didnt like your overkill lol

there is stuff after the bunker.  you will know the game is done when the credits roll. just keep going

the game is fully finished man, as ive said a couple times now

there more after that

its fully finished, ive beaten it twice

i did extract it. nothing happened when i tried to run the file in it

the magic of it being a school chromebook. i have no clue how honestly

i use a windows computer, i have no idea what my graphics card is and the itch app updates everytime it launches so the most recent one? also unsure of screen resolution

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i had a good fps on the windows downloaded so its not fps in that one

pretty sure i put more than 30 bullets into it

also doesnt work on web

the issue is on both downloaded versions

i just watched a video of someone else playing it up to that point and it seems my problem is that the gun just doesnt shoot properly, no bullets like in the video, it just makes the noise of shooting

im doing that but the creature just isnt dying

does not seem to work on itch app

cant even get past the first enemy as shooting it has no visible effect on it and i cant run away

when loading a save it just locks when you try to load any scene, and the phone icon is visible on the menu screen before loading a save

game in general has more bugs now than when i first played it, this latest update just broke the game.

 one thats a zip doesnt work, couldnt find how to run it

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when clicking on zenith, it freezes on a black screen, and sometimes clicking on coby in the club freezes with only the background loading

game doesnt seem to load anymore

very nice, though a visual display of distributor range would be nice

plus other people would have complained if it was

its not a virus. the game works on web no issue so the download is not a virus

every time

it stays showing either a black screen with two timers over top of each other or the main menu background with the same two overlapped timers

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streets map does not work  on web

it just works.

ah okay, ill be looking forward to further updates.

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 i noticed there's some extra minerals that have no platforms to sell them at. and there seems to be no max speed for the jetpack, as it just keeps getting faster if you go straight up from the surface, and the game really doesnt like me doing that

i got all the endings but wanted to see if having the sword at the end made any difference

well that was a twist.

i cant seem to get it to allow me to start from the beginning