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Finally, an indie game that got my fans going!

Absolutely loved playing it. The Levels were so good, the level design process must have been mind-bending!

I used Unity's 2D Physics Engine. Most bridge-building games(like Poly Bridge) suffer from this, it's called a dangling road.

Thanks for pointing it out, now that I'm aware of it, I'll try and fix it to the best of my ability in the near future & Thanks for playing!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, glad you had fun playing it.

Good to hear had fun. Thanks for trying out my little game!

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to hear that.

Haha Great! Yeah, it has a speedrun potential to it.

Please check out my game as well. Thank you!

The Fun factor on this is high! The cute ducklings just add to the charm. Loved it!

Did you make all the art?

Eye Candy! Loved it.

That was innovative, but the colors/bloom needs some work. Overall it was a fun experience! 

The level design is what I liked the most. Also, make the intro skippable.

Nice take on the theme, I loved it.

I'd love to see how different people approach the levels. Every level has multiple possible solutions. Send me your video link, I'd love to see your approach.

I'd love to see how different people approach the levels. Every level has multiple possible solutions.

It's a bridge building game, I'd love to see how different people approach the levels, please share your solution with me if possible.

There are 13 levels in total, good luck!


I noticed that and tried making the car heavier but it caused problems in levels where it had to traverse height.

Didn't have much time left so I had to settle with this. I might try fixing this in a post-jam version. Anyways, thanks for playing and the feedback man!

The game is so much fun! I loved the unique fights and abilities.  Also, the art is cute.

It could use a few bug fixes(smoother camera & bullet burst hit fix) and please add a checkpoint system because restarting kills all the fun!

Nice SFX😏

the solution to this?

It'd be great if you tried playing it again. 

You gotta add a limit to the shooting speed. I spammed the space key to victory. Also, use a capsule/circle collider to prevent your character from getting stuck to trees.

With practice, you can make better games! Just keep creating.

Yeah, I noticed that too but making it weak will have a negative impact on future levels. Also, changing material properties with levels seems unfair to me. 

Anyways, I appreciate you playing my game, thank you for the feedback man.

Thank you for playing.

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The bottom character is so slow, I keep crashing into objects in front of me that is off-camera. Try adding a few checkpoints. Good game!

Yeah, it's pretty challenging. Took me 3 tries while I was recording the walk-through.

Was your solution similar to my intended solution? Or did you come up with something entirely different, I'd love to know!

Did you try right clicking? If not please give it another go!

It's beautiful, I liked the aesthetics.

Waiting for your next game.

Monke together strong but introduce monke one at a time. It’s a great puzzler, I enjoyed it!


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The mechanics are fun but the levels were hard. I appreciate the clean aesthetics tho. 

Great take on the theme and was fun to play!

I see a potential twin stick shooter. The knife sprite was COOL! 

Great game.

Thanks for the feedback and also for playing my game.

I was planing on adding a few more building materials and levels.

Thank you I'm glad to hear that!

I'm blown away by the art style! Was all that done digitally?

Sonya is very cute... ♥

Also, I was stupid enough to wait on this screen for it get dark and the stars to appear.

Reminded me old games I used to play. The pixel art was spot on as well!


Left click to make clones seems like the obvious change to make.

Great game nonetheless. 

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Best one so far. Clever execution!

Took me about 16mins to beat.

Great Entry! The movement feels good!

The only thing I'd add is a sensitivity slider. But other than that, I liked it a lot.

Interesting take on the theme. Good job!

Thank you for playing my game.

I'll try to make things more clear in my future games, as you pointed out.

Thanks for Hosting the Jam, I had a lot of fun making this.✨