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Save your previous idea notes from burning, and slash your old pumpkin sprites [Blackthornprod Jam 1 entry]
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#82.1892.189
THE EXPERIENCE#172.0542.054

Ranked from 37 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (1 edit)

Great! A nice hardcore game with cool pixelart graphics and an interesting mechanic. And i really love this lighting effect. Awesome job! 

Please rate my game, we got pixels, too -

Submitted (5 edits)

Good work  for a week game jam! Music and visuals are pretty atmospheric! Though the only relation to the Game Dev theme is the "idea notes" that you have to collect, I guess. It was confusing without a tutorial at the beginning, figured out to read a description on page. Overall it's a fun little game!

You can watch my playthrough at

Also be sure to rate my game too

Submitted (1 edit)

This game has very unique art. The visuals are impressive. The game mechanics is decent as well. The music matches well with the art. Overall the game feels satisfying. The only issue is that it took me sometime to get used to not using WASD keys.


Pretty cool game, I really like the visual design, but it really needs a tutorial. Also, I found that if I went around in a circle, it was very difficult for the enemies to get me. It would be awesome if you could add more variety, maybe the longer you hold x, the further you charge? Congratulations on a really satisfying and slightly addicting game with great art and good music.


The holding idea sounds great, thanks for a feedback.


This is a nice game, although I found it a bit too easy. It is fun and satisfying but maybe a different enemy type would up the challenge a bit.


The visuals,the music,the gameplay are all fantastic.The gameplay has a nice learning curve,that once when mastered is very satisfying to pull off.The movement is very unique as well.

It's just simply a  awesome game.


Visually stunning, and cool music! The mood is very good! Hard has hell though ;)

Try to ad quick controls tutorial at start to improve accessibility of your game.

Good job!


Yes, I have to add a control tutorial, as you know, currently there is no in-game instruction at all.

Thanks for playing, I'm happy if you liked it.


I really enjoyed this game! The visuals and audio were amazing especially for a game jam. It was super satisfying to dash into a big group of enemies. The controls felt pretty solid as well. If would could try out my entry that would be awesome. Here's the link:


Nice game! It feels really great to dash into a horde of enemys and feeling that impactful responce through camera shakes, real satisfying.


Intresting game, the pc controls are a bit clunky. But the artstyle and presentation is really good


An excellent little game :) !! Well done mate !

The down points for me are having only one health point (too brutal !!!) and having enemies spawn right next to the player which led to unfair deaths.

However there is A LOT to like about this game, it holds so much potential ! Being able to smash your hero into a bunch of enemies feels incredibly satisfying and juicy ! And the pixel art is awesome, it has a real downwell vibe to it ! 

In short, keep up the great work :))) !!


Hi, Thanks for playing! And also for allowing me to resubmit a game to the jam.

For the single health point, it is brutal indeed and can be also confusing. It's only because I wanted to keep the game as simple as possible.
In my previous game, I had a visual warning on the spawning spot before an enemies is spawned. But I didn't get to implement in this one. I definitely should have.

I invested most of the time to polishing visuals and control feeling. Glad if you liked it.

It's a nice point that you mentioned Downwell since this game has a lot of similar aspects from it. Including dithering light, four color palette, three button control scheme, etc.

Thanks for a great feedback!